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Word division: Mo·bi·le
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mobile phone [Br.]; mobile; cellular phone [Am.]; cell phone [Am.]; cellphone [Am.]; handphone [SE Asia] [listen] [listen] Mobiltelefon {n}; Funktelefon {n}; Mobilfunktelefon {n}; Handy {n} [telco.] [listen] [listen]

mobile phones; mobiles; cellular phones; cell phones; cellphones; handphones Mobiltelefone {pl}; Funktelefone {pl}; Mobilfunktelefone {pl}; Handys {pl}

camera phone; camera mobile phone [Br.]; photo mobile [Br.]; camera cell phone [Am.]; photo cellphone [Am.]; cellphone camera [Am.] Fotohandy {n}

throwaway phone; burn phone [coll.]; burner phone [coll.] Wegwerfhandy {n}

to cell phone [listen] mit dem Handy anrufen; mobil telefonieren

motorists who use mobile phones while driving Handytelefonierer {pl} am Steuer

multimedia handheld telephone multimediales Handy

mobile network; mobile phone system [Br.]; cell phone network [Am.]; cell phone system [Am.]; cellular network [Am.] [coll.] Mobilfunknetz {n} [telco.]

mobile networks; mobile phone systems; cell phone networks; cell phone systems; cellular networks Mobilfunknetze {pl}

public land mobile network /PLMN/ öffentliches terrestrisches Mobilfunknetz

public satellite mobile network /PSMN/ öffentliches satellitengestützes Mobilfunknetz

third-generation mobile network; 3G mobile network Mobilfunknetz der dritten Generation

fifth-generation mobile network; 5G mobile network Mobilfunknetz der fünften Generation

mobile crane; lorry-mounted crane [Br.]; crane lorry [Br.]; truck-mounted crane [Am.]; crane truck [Am.] Fahrzeugkran {m}; Autokran {m}; Pneukran {m} [Schw.]; Kranwagen {m} [auto]

mobile cranes; lorry-mounted cranes; crane lorries; truck-mounted cranes; crane trucks Fahrzeugkrane {pl}; Autokrane {pl}; Pneukrane {pl}; Kranwagen {pl}

mobile crane with telescoping boom Teleskopmobilkran {m}; Auto-Teleskopkran {m}

mobile [listen] beweglich {adj} (in seiner Stellung veränderbar) [med.]

of limited mobility begrenzt beweglich; beschränkt beweglich

hypermobile übermäßig beweglich

mobile [listen] mobil; beweglich; fahrbar {adj}

more mobile mobiler

most mobile am mobilsten

mobile station roaming number /MSRN/ Aufenthaltsrufnummer {f} (in einem Mobilnetz) [telco.]

mobile station roaming numbers Aufenthaltsrufnummern {pl}

mobile location registration Einbuchen {n} des Mobiltelefonstandorts [telco.]

mobile squad Einsatzhundertschaft {f} (Polizei)

mobile squads Einsatzhundertschaften {pl}

mobile library; traveling library Fahrbibliothek {f}; mobile Bibliothek {f}; Autobücherei {f}

mobile libraries; traveling libraries Fahrbibliotheken {pl}; mobile Bibliotheken {pl}; Autobüchereien {pl}

mobile net planning Funknetzplanung {f}

mobile phone faceplate [Br.]; cell phone faceplate [Am.] Handy-Oberschale {f} [telco.]

mobile phone strap [Br.]; cellphone strap [Am.] Handygurt {m} [telco.]

mobile phone straps; cellphone straps Handygurte {pl}

mobile soft cover; mobile soft case Handyhülle {f} [telco.]

mobile soft covers; mobile soft cases Handyhüllen {pl}

mobile phone fascia [Br.]; cellphone fascia [Am.]; fascia; facia [Br.] Handyschale {f}

mobile phone fascias; cellphone fascias; fascias; facias Handyschalen {pl}

mobile phone sock; mobile sock; cell phone sock Handysocke {f} [telco.]

mobile phone socks; mobile socks; cell phone socks Handysocken {pl}

mobile flood barrier mobile Hochwasserschutzwand {f}

mobile flood barriers mobile Hochwasserschutzwände {pl}

mobile radio; cellular radio; mobile telephone (system) Mobilfunk {m}

mobile services switching centre [Br.]/center [Am.]; mobile switching centre [Br.]/center [Am.] /MSC/ Mobilfunk-Vermittlungsstelle {f} [telco.]

mobile services switching centres/centers; mobile switching centres/centers Mobilfunk-Vermittlungsstellen {pl}

mobile phone industry [Br.]; cell phone industry [Am.] Mobilfunkbranche {f} [econ.]

mobile phone reception [Br.]; mobile network reception [Br.]; cell phone reception [Am.]; cellular phone reception [Am.] Mobilfunkempfang {m} [telco.]

mobile communications market; mobile market; mobile phone market [Br.]; cell phone market [Am.] Mobilfunkmarkt {m}; Handymarkt {m} [econ.]

consolidation of the mobile communications market Konsolidierung des Mobilfunkmarktes

mobile network operator Mobilfunknetzbetreiber {m}; Mobilfunkbetreiber {m}; Mobilfunkanbieter {m} [telco.]

mobile network operators Mobilfunknetzbetreiber {pl}; Mobilfunkbetreiber {pl}; Mobilfunkanbieter {pl}

mobile phone number; mobile telephone number; mobile number; cell phone number Mobilfunknummer {f}; Handynummer {f}; Handytelefonnummer {f} [telco.]

mobile phone numbers; mobile telephone numbers; mobile numbers; cell phone numbers Mobilfunknummern {pl}; Handynummern {pl}; Handytelefonnummern {pl}

mobile communication system; mobile telephone system Mobilfunksystem {n} [telco.]

mobile communication systems; mobile telephone systems Mobilfunksysteme {pl}

mobile unit Mobilgerät {n}; mobiles Gerät [techn.]

mobile units Mobilgeräte {pl}; mobile Geräte

mobile device; handheld Mobilgerät {n}; mobiles Endgerät {n} [comp.]

mobile devices; handhelds Mobilgeräte {pl}; mobile Endgeräte {pl}

mobile home [Am.] Mobilheim {n}; fahrbares Haus [constr.]

mobile homes Mobilheime {pl}; fahrbare Häuser

mobile phone line Mobilanschluss {m} [telco.]

mobile phone lines Mobilanschlüsse {pl}

mobile Mobile {n}

mobile communications Mobilkommunikation {f}

mobile processor Mobilprozessor {m} [comp.]

mobile processors Mobilprozessoren {pl}

mobile station Mobilstation {f}

mobile stations Mobilstationen {pl}

mobile satellite services /MSS/ Satelliten-Mobilfunk {m} [telco.]

mobile unit; production truck; outside broadcasting van; OB van; scanner Übertragungswagen {m}; Ü-Wagen {m}

mobile units; production trucks; outside broadcasting vans; OB vans; scanners Übertragungswagen {pl}; Übertragungswägen {pl} [Süddt.] [Ös.] [Schw.]; Ü-Wagen {pl}; Ü-Wägen {pl} [Süddt.] [Ös.] [Schw.]

mobile shop Verkaufswagen {m}

mobile shops Verkaufswagen {pl}

mobile number; mobile phone number [Br.]; cell phone number [Am.]; cell number [Am.] [coll.] Handynummer {f}; Mobiltelefonnummer {f}; Mobilrufnummer {f}; Mobilnummer {f} [telco.]

mobile numbers; mobile phone numbers; cell phone numbers; cell numbers Handynummern {pl}; Mobiltelefonnummern {pl}; Mobilrufnummern {pl}; Mobilnummern {pl}

upwardly mobile; emerging; aspirational [Br.] [listen] aufstrebend {adj} [econ.] [soc.]

upwardly mobile immigrant groups aufstrebende Einwanderergruppen

an upwardly mobile industry eine aufstrebende Branche

emerging markets aufstrebende Märkte {pl}

book mobile Bücherwagen {m}

digital mobile radio /DMR/ Digitalfunk {m} [telco.]

checking-in (mobile telephone) Einbuchen {n} (Mobiltelefon) [telco.]

epidemiological field team; mobile field team epidemiologische Ermittlungsgruppe {f} [med.]

outbreak field team Ursachenermittlungsgruppe {f}; Ausbruchsgruppe {f}

field hospital; combat support hospital [Am.]; mobile army surgical hospital /MASH/ [Am.] Feldlazarett {n} [med.] [mil.]

field hospitals; combat support hospitals; mobile army surgical hospitals Feldlazarette {pl}

cell allocation /CA/ (in a mobile network) Funkzellenzuteilung {f} (im Mobilfunknetz) [telco.]

voucher mobile/(tele)phone; pay-as-you-go mobile/(tele)phone; pay-as-you-talk mobile/(tele)phone; pre-pay mobile phone; pre-paid handset [listen] Guthabenhandy {n}; Guthabentelefon {n}; Prepaid-Handy {n}; Prepaid-Telefon {n}; Wertkartenhandy {n} [Ös.]; Wertkartentelefon {n} [Ös.] [telco.]

voucher mobiles/(tele)phones; pay-as-you-go mobiles/(tele)phones; pay-as-you-talk mobiles/(tele)phones; pre-pay mobile phones; pre-paid handsets [listen] Guthabenhandys {pl}; Guthabentelefone {pl}; Prepaid-Handys {pl}; Prepaid-Telefone {pl}; Wertkartenhandys {pl}; Wertkartentelefone {pl}

international mobile equipment identity /IMEI/ Internationale Mobilfunkgerätekennung {f} [telco.]

flip mobile (phone); clamshell mobile (phone); flip/clamshell phone Klapphandy {n} [telco.]

flip mobiles; clamshell mobiles; flip/clamshell phones Klapphandys {pl}

Global System for Mobile communications /GSM/ Mobilfunkstandard {m}; einheitliches System für Mobilkommunikation [telco.]

sound induction system (for mobile simultaneous interpreting) Personenführungsanlage {f} (zum mobilen Simultandolmetschen) (Audio)

satellite phone; sat phone [coll.]; satellite mobile [Br.]; satellite cellphone [Am.] Satellitentelefon {n}; Satellitenhandy {n} [ugs.] [telco.]

satellite phones; sat phones; satellite mobiles; satellite cellphones Satellitentelefone {pl}; Satellitenhandys {pl}

slide mobile (phone); slide phone Schiebehandy {n} [telco.]

slide mobiles; slide phones Schiebehandys {pl}

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