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11 results for telefonieren
Word division: Te·le·fo·nie·ren
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telefonieren {vi} [telco.] [listen] to make a phone call; to call [Am.]; to phone; to ring (up) [Br.]; to telephone [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen]

telefonierend calling; phoning; ringing [listen]

telefoniert called; phoned; rung [listen]

er/sie telefoniert he/she calls; he/she phones; he/she rings

ich/er/sie telefonierte I/he/she called; I/he/she phoned; I/he/she rang [listen] [listen]

er/sie hat/hatte telefoniert he/she has/had called; he/she has/had phoned; he/she has/had rung

mit jdm. telefonieren to speak to sb. on the phone; to call sb.; to ring sb.

miteinander telefonieren to speak to each other on the phone

Wir haben vorhin (miteinander) telefoniert. We spoke earlier on the phone.

Telefonieren {n} telephoning

jdn. anrufen; jdn. anläuten [Westös.] {vt}; jdm. anläuten [Schw.]; jdm. telefonieren [Schw.]; jdn. anbimmeln [ugs.]; anklingeln [ugs.] {vt} [telco.] to telephone sb.; to phone sb.; to ring sb. {rang; rung} [Br.]; to ring upsb. [Br.]; to bell sb. [Br.]; to call sb. [Am.]; to call upsb. [Am.]; to cooee sb. [Austr.]; to give sb. a ring [Br.]/bell [Br.] [coll.]/call [Am.]/buzz [coll.]

anrufend; anläutend; telefonierend; anbimmelnd; anklingelnd telephoning; phoning; ringing; ringing up; belling; calling; calling up; cooeing; giving a ring/bell/call/buzz [listen]

angerufen; angeläutet; telefoniert; angebimmelt; angeklingelt telephoned; phoned; rung; rung up; belled; called; called up; cooeyed; given a ring/bell/call/buzz [listen]

ruft an rings; phones; calls; cooees

rief an rang; phoned; called; cooeyed [listen] [listen]

jdn. anrufen; jdm. telefonieren [Schw.] to give sb. a ring; to ring sb. up [Br.]; to give sb. a buzz [coll.]

Ich rufe dich an. I'll give you a buzz. [coll.] [listen]

Gestern abend habe ich meine Mutter angerufen. I rang my mum last night.

Erst als sie anrief, wurde mir das klar. It was only when she rang up that I realized it.

mit jdm. über das Internet telefonieren; mit jdm. skypen [ugs.] {vi} [comp.] to converse with sb. over the Internet; to call sb. over the Internet; to skype with sb.

über das Internet telefonieren; skypen [ugs.]; voipen [ugs.] [selten] {vi} [comp.] to phone over the Internet; to make phone calls over the Internet; to voip [coll.]

(beim Telefonieren) jdn. weiterverbinden {vt} [telco.] to put throughsb.; to connect sb.

Billigtarif {m} [econ.] reduced tariff; cheap rate; low-cost fare [transp.]

Billigtarife {pl} reduced tariffs; cheap rates; low-cost fares

zum Billigtarif reisen/telefonieren to travel/make phone calls on the cheap

Mobiltelefon {n}; Funktelefon {n}; Mobilfunktelefon {n}; Handy {n} [telco.] [listen] [listen] mobile phone [Br.]; mobile; cellular phone [Am.]; cell phone [Am.]; cellphone [Am.]; handphone [SE Asia] [listen] [listen]

Mobiltelefone {pl}; Funktelefone {pl}; Mobilfunktelefone {pl}; Handys {pl} mobile phones; mobiles; cellular phones; cell phones; cellphones; handphones

Fotohandy {n} camera phone; camera mobile phone [Br.]; photo mobile [Br.]; camera cell phone [Am.]; photo cellphone [Am.]; cellphone camera [Am.]

Wegwerfhandy {n} throwaway phone; burn phone [coll.]; burner phone [coll.]

mit dem Handy anrufen; mobil telefonieren to cell phone [listen]

Handytelefonierer {pl} am Steuer motorists who use mobile phones while driving

multimediales Handy multimedia handheld telephone

Telefonie {f}; Telefonwesen {n}; Fernsprechwesen {n} [veraltend] [telco.] telephony

Computertelefonie {f} computer telephony

Digitaltelefonie {f} digital telephony

Festnetztelefonie {f} fixed-network telephony

Internettelefonie {f}; Telefonieren {n} über das Internet; Skypen {n} [ugs.] voice over IP /VoIP/; skyping [coll.]

Mobiltelefonie {f} mobile telephony

Radiotelefonie {f} radio telephony

Trägerfrequenztelefonie {f} carrier telephony

Trägertelefonie {f} (Trägerunterdrückung in den Gesprächspausen) quiescent carrier telephony

Videotelefonie {f} video telephony

computergestützte Telefonie computer telephony integration /CTI/

jdn. aufregen; ganz kribbelig machen {vt} (Sache) to irritate sb. (of a thing)

aufregend; ganz kribbelig machend [listen] irritating

aufgeregt; ganz kribbelig gemacht [listen] irritated

Was mich so aufregt, ist seine Arroganz. It's his arrogance that really irritates me.

Es regt mich auf, wenn die Leute in der Bibliothek mit dem Handy telefonieren. It irritates me when there are people talking on their mobile phone in the library.

Ich ärgere mich deswegen über mich selbst. I'm irritated at myself for this.

kostenlos; gebührenfrei; entgeltfrei [adm.] {adv} at no charge; free of charge; free of costs; for free [coll.]; toll-free [Am.] [listen]

kostenlos / gebührenfrei telefonieren können to be able to call for free / free of charge / toll-free
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