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mobile phone [Br.]; mobile; cellular phone [Am.]; cell phone [Am.]; cellphone [Am.]; handphone [SE Asia] [listen] [listen] Mobiltelefon {n}; Funktelefon {n}; Mobilfunktelefon {n}; Handy {n} [telco.] [listen] [listen]

mobile phones; mobiles; cellular phones; cell phones; cellphones; handphones Mobiltelefone {pl}; Funktelefone {pl}; Mobilfunktelefone {pl}; Handys {pl}

camera phone; camera mobile phone [Br.]; photo mobile [Br.]; camera cell phone [Am.]; photo cellphone [Am.]; cellphone camera [Am.] Fotohandy {n}

throwaway phone; burn phone [coll.]; burner phone [coll.] Wegwerfhandy {n}

to cell phone [listen] mit dem Handy anrufen; mobil telefonieren

motorists who use mobile phones while driving Handytelefonierer {pl} am Steuer

multimedia handheld telephone multimediales Handy

mobile phone strap [Br.]; cellphone strap [Am.] Handygurt {m} [telco.]

mobile phone straps; cellphone straps Handygurte {pl}

mobile phone fascia [Br.]; cellphone fascia [Am.]; fascia; facia [Br.] Handyschale {f}

mobile phone fascias; cellphone fascias; fascias; facias Handyschalen {pl}

satellite phone; sat phone [coll.]; satellite mobile [Br.]; satellite cellphone [Am.] Satellitentelefon {n}; Satellitenhandy {n} [ugs.] [telco.]

satellite phones; sat phones; satellite mobiles; satellite cellphones Satellitentelefone {pl}; Satellitenhandys {pl}

computer virus Computervirus {n}; Computervirus {m} [ugs.] [comp.]

computer viruses Computerviren {pl}

boot sector virus; boot virus Bootsektorvirus {n}; Bootvirus {n}

mobile phone virus [Br.]; cellphone virus [Am.] Handyvirus {n}

tower; mast [Br.]; pylon [Br.] (in compounds) (support structure) [listen] [listen] Mast {m} (Tragwerk) [constr.]

towers; masts; pylons Masten {pl}

antenna mast; aerial mast [Br.] Antennenmast {m}

concrete mast; concrete pylon Betonmast {m}

tripod mast Dreibeinmast {m}

dead-end tower; terminal tower; anchor tower, anchor mast; anchor pylon; end pole Endmast {m}; Abspannmast {m}

lattice tower; lattice mast; lattice pylon Gittermast {m}

transmission tower; power tower; transmission mast; power mast; electricity pylon; power pylon; power pole Hochspannungsmast {m}; Strommast {m}; Freileitungsmast [electr.]

wooden mast; wooden pylon Holzmast {m}

line tower [Br.]; line mast [Br.]; line pylon [Br.]; line pole [Br.]; utility tower [Am.]; utility pole [Am.] Leitungsmast {m} [electr.] [telco.]

mobile phone tower [Br.]; mobile phone mast [Br.]; cellphone tower [Am.] Mobilfunkmast {m}; Handymast {m} [telco.]

H-frame tower; anchor portal Portalmast {m}

catenary tower; catenary mast; catenary pylon; railway pole [Br.] (railway) Oberleitungsmast {m}; Fahrleitungsmast {m} (Bahn)

radio transmitter tower; radio tower; transmitter tower; radio transmitter mast; radio mast; transmitter mast Sendemast {m}; Funkmast {m}

lattice steel tower; lattice steel mast; lattice steel pylon Stahlgittermast {m}

tubular steel tower; tubular steel mast; tubular steel pylon; tubular steel pole Strahlrohrmast {m}

telephone tower; telegraph tower; telephone mast; telegraph mast; telephone pylon; telegraph pylon; telephone pole; telegraph pole; telegraph post Telefonmast {m}; Telegraphenmast {m} [veraltet] [telco.]

suspension tower; suspension mast; suspension pylon Tragmast {m}

transposition tower; transposition mast; transposition pylon; transposition pole Verdrillungsmast {m}; Verdrillmast {m}

keyboard; keys [listen] Tastatur {f} [listen]

keyboards Tastaturen {pl}

alphanumeric keyboard alphanumerische Tastatur

one-screen keyboard Bildschirmtastatur {f}

Braille keyboard Braille-Tastatur {f}

qwerty keyboard englische Tastatur

(virtual) mobile phone keypad [Br.]; (virtual) cellphone keypad [Am.]; smartphone keypad Handytastatur {f}; Smartphonetastatur {f} (Bildschirmtastatur)

frozen keyboard nicht mehr reagierende Tastatur

to imagine sth. isn't there; to imagine sth. without sth. sich etw. (aus etw.) wegdenken {vr}

Everyday life can no longer be imagined without the mobile phone [Br.]/cellphone [Am.]. Das Mobiltelefon ist aus dem Alltag nicht mehr wegzudenken.

The Internet is a source of information that has become indispensable. Das Internet ist eine nicht mehr wegzudenkende Informationsquelle.
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