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twilight phases Dämmerungsphasen {pl} [geogr.] [phys.]

civil twilight bürgerliche Dämmerung; zivile Dämmerung

nautical twilight nautische Dämmerung

astronomical twilight astronomische Dämmerung

in phases; in stages schubweise {adv} [med.]

concept of phases; phase conception Phasenkonzept {n}

degradation/downgrade stage; degenerate phase (in a succession) [listen] Abbauphase {f}; Abbaustadium {n} [biol.] [chem.]

degradation/downgrade stages; degenerate phases [listen] Abbauphasen {pl}; Abbaustadien {pl}

alert phase; state of alert Alarmstufe {f}

alert phases; states of alert Alarmstufen {pl}

initial phase; first phase; early stage; running-in phase; starting period Anfangsphase {f}; Anfangsstadium {n}; Anlaufphase {f}

initial phases; first phases; early stages; running-in phases; starting periods Anfangsphasen {pl}; Anfangsstadien {pl}; Anlaufphasen {pl}

in the early stages im Anfangsstadium

The project did not progress beyond the early stage. Das Projekt ist in über das Anfangsstadium nicht hinausgekommen.

building phase Aufbauphase {f}

building phases Aufbauphasen {pl}

expansion phase; phase of expansion; expansion stage Ausdehnungsphase {f}; Expansionsphase {f}

expansion phases; phases of expansion; expansion stages Ausdehnungsphasen {pl}; Expansionsphasen {pl}

stage/phase of construction; construction stage/phase; job section [listen] Bauabschnitt {m}; Ausbaustufe {f}; Baustufe {f}; Bauphase {f} [constr.]

stages/phases of construction; construction stages/phases; job sections [listen] Bauabschnitte {pl}; Ausbaustufen {pl}; Baustufen {pl}; Bauphasen {pl}

construction phase Bauphase {f} [constr.]

construction phases Bauphasen {pl}

construction process; construction phase Bauprozess {m}

construction processes; construction phases Bauprozesse {pl}

ebb phase; ebb period Ebbephase {f}; Ebbphase {f} [geogr.] [phys.]

ebb phases; ebb periods Ebbephasen {pl}; Ebbphasen {pl}

introductory phase; introduction phase; launch period; rollout phase Einführungsphase {f}

introductory phases; introduction phases; launch periods; rollout phases Einführungsphasen {pl}

initial training phase; initial teaching phase Einschulungsphase {f}; Anlernphase {f} [school]

initial training phases; initial teaching phases Einschulungsphasen {pl}; Anlernphasen {pl}

final stage; terminal stage; terminal phase; final phase Endstadium {n}; Endphase {f}; Endstufe {f}

final stages; terminal stages; terminal phases; final phases Endstadien {pl}; Endphasen {pl}; Endstufen {pl}

relaxation phase Entspannungsphase {f}

relaxation phases Entspannungsphasen {pl}

phase of development Entwicklungsphase {f}

phases of development Entwicklungsphasen {pl}

experience phase Erlebnisphase {f}

experience phases Erlebnisphasen {pl}

excitement phase Erregungsphase {f} [psych.] [med.]

excitement phases Erregungsphasen {pl}

main phase Hauptphase {f}

main phases Hauptphasen {pl}

convergence phase Konvergenzphase {f}

convergence phases Konvergenzphasen {pl}

interlinking; interlinkage; linking Kopplung {f} [electr.]

interlinkage of phases Phasenkopplung {f}

serving phase; work stage Leistungsphase {f}

serving phases; work stages Leistungsphasen {pl}

phase of the moon Mondphase {f}

phases of the moon Mondphasen {pl}

rebuilding phase Neuordnungsphase {f}; Umbruchphase {f}

rebuilding phases Neuordnungsphasen {pl}; Umbruchphasen {pl}

distress phase Notstufe {f} [aviat.]

distress phases Notstufen {pl}

orgasmic phase Orgasmusphase {f} [psych.] [med.]

orgasmic phases Orgasmusphasen {pl}

phase [listen] Phase {f}; Zustand {m}; Stadium {n}; Abschnitt {m} [listen] [listen]

phases Phasen {pl}; Zustände {pl}; Stadien {pl}; Abschnitte {pl}

in / during this phase in dieser Phase

phased in Phasen

liquid phase flüssiger Zustand; flüssige Phase

mobile phase mobile Phase

sensitive period sensitive Phase [biol.]

intermediate phase Zwischenphase {f}

to be still in the experimental phase noch im Versuchsstadium / in der Erprobungsphase sein

She's going through a difficult phase. Sie macht gerade eine schwierige Phase durch.

We're entering a new phase in international relations. Wir treten in den internationalen Beziehungen in ein neue Phase ein.

When she was in her teens she went through a phase of only ever wearing black. Als Halbwüchsige hatte sie eine Phase, wo sie immer nur schwarz trug.

He's in the final phase of treatment now. Er ist jetzt in der Endphase der Behandlung.

phase [listen] Phase {f} [electr.]

phases Phasen {pl}

lagging phase nacheilende Phase

pilot stage; pilot period; experimental phase Pilotphase {f}

pilot stages; pilot periods; experimental phases Pilotphasen {pl}

design phase Planungsstufe {f}

design phases Planungsstufen {pl}

plateau phase Plateauphase {f} [psych.] [med.]

plateau phases Plateauphasen {pl}

(software) construction phase Programmentwicklungsphase {f} [comp.]

construction phases Programmentwicklungsphasen {pl}

project phase; stage of a project Projektphase {f}

project phases; stages of a project Projektphasen {pl}

in/during the second project phase in/während der zweiten Projektphase

recessional phase Rezessionsphase {f} [econ.]

recessional phases Rezessionsphasen {pl}

resolution phase Rückbildungsphase {f} [psych.] [med.]

resolution phases Rückbildungsphasen {pl}

resting phase Ruhephase {f}

resting phases Ruhephasen {pl}

sleep stage; sleep phase Schlafphase {f} [med.]

sleep stages; sleep phases Schlafphasen {pl}

self-study phase; self-instruction phase Selbstlernphase {f}

self-study phases; self-instruction phases Selbstlernphasen {pl}

safety programme; security programme [Br.]; safety program; security program [Am.] Sicherheitsprogramm {n}

safety programmes; security programmes; safety programs; security programs Sicherheitsprogramme {pl}

all phases of the health and safety program alle Phasen des Gesundheits- und Sicherheitsprogramms

testing period; test phase Testphase {f}

testing periods; test phases Testphasen {pl}

dream phase; dream stage Traumphase {f}; Traumstadium {n} [psych.]

dream phases; dream stages Traumphasen {pl}; Traumstadien {pl}

separation phase Trennphase {f} [chem.]

separation phases Trennphasen {pl}

defiant phase Trotzphase {f}

defiant phases Trotzphasen {pl}

transitional phase; interim phase Übergangsphase {f}

transitional phases; interim phases Übergangsphasen {pl}

reversed phase Umkehrphase {f}

reversed phases Umkehrphasen {pl}

acidogenesis phase Versäuerungsphase {f} [chem.]

acidogenesis phases Versäuerungsphasen {pl}

preparation phase; preparation stage Vorbereitungsphase {f}; Vorbereitungsstadium {n}

preparation phases; preparation stages Vorbereitungsphasen {pl}; Vorbereitungsstadien {pl}

preliminary phase Vorstadium {n}

preliminary phases Vorstadien {pl}

growth phase; growth period; period of growth Wachstumsphase {f}; Wachstumsperiode {f} [biol.]

growth phases; growth periods; periods of growth Wachstumsphasen {pl}; Wachstumsperioden {pl}

logarithmic growth phase; log phase exponentielle Wachstumsphase; logarithmische Wachstumsperiode

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