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wooden support; lining; timbering [listen] Ausbau {m}; Verbauung {f}; Zimmerung {f} [min.] [listen]

pulling of the drilling string Ausbau des Bohrstrangs

permanent support endgültiger Ausbau

abandoned support verlorener Ausbau

temporary support vorläufiger Ausbau

blockheaded; boneheaded; fatheaded; loggerheaded; thick-skulled; wooden-headed [coll.] dumm {adj} [listen]

wooden sill; timber sill (water engineering) Holzschwelle {f} (Wasserbau)

wooden sills; timber sills Holzschwellen {pl}

log sill Rundholzschwelle {f}

wooden hut Baracke {f}

wooden huts Baracken {pl}

wooden pen Bretterverschlag {m}; Verschlag {m}; Koben {m}; Kofen [Norddt.]; Kobel {m} [Bayr.] [Ös.] [agr.]

pig pen Schweinekoben; Schweinekofen; Schweinekobel

wooden leg; peg leg Holzbein {n}

wooden legs; peg legs Holzbeine {pl}

wooden picture tiles Holzbildplättchen {pl}

wooden truss Holzbinder {m} [constr.]

wooden bridge Holzbrücke {f}

wooden bridges Holzbrücken {pl}

wooden dowel; wooden plug; peg [listen] Holzdübel {m}

wooden dowels; wooden plugs; pegs Holzdübel {pl}

wooden window Holzfenster {n}

wooden windows Holzfenster {pl}

wooden scaffolding Holzgerüst {n} [constr.]

wooden scaffoldings Holzgerüste {pl}

wooden grille; wooden grid Holzgitter {n}

wooden grilles; wooden grids Holzgitter {pl}

wooden house [Br.]; frame house [Am.] Holzhaus {n}

wooden houses; frame houses Holzhäuser {pl}

wooden crib dam; log crib dam; stone crib dam (water engineering) Holzkastensperre {f}; Steinkastensperre {f} (Wasserbau)

wooden crib dams; log crib dams; stone crib dams Holzkastensperren {pl}; Steinkastensperren {pl}

wooden wedge Holzkeil {m}

wooden wedges Holzkeile {pl}

wooden box; wooden case Holzkiste {f}; Holzkasten {m}

wooden boxes; wooden cases Holzkisten {pl}; Holzkästen {pl}

wooden spoon Holzlöffel {m} [cook.]

wooden spoons Holzlöffel {pl}

wooden bracket Holzlasche {f}

wooden brackets Holzlaschen {pl}

wooden gauge Holzlehre {f}

wooden gauges Holzlehren {pl}

wooden nail; wooden peg; tree-nail Holznagel {m}; hölzerner Nagel

wooden nails; wooden pegs; tree-nails Holznägel {pl}

wooden framework Holzriegelwerk {n}

wooden shoe; clog [listen] Holzschuh {m}; Pantine {f} [Norddt.]

wooden shoes; clogs Holzschuhe {pl}; Pantinen {pl}

wooden spatula Holzspachtel {m}

wooden wallboard Holzständerwand {f} [constr.]

wooden chair Holzstuhl {m}

wooden chairs Holzstühle {pl}

wooden shed Holzverschlag {m}

wooden sheds Holzverschläge {pl}

wooden composite Holzwerkstoff {m}

wooden mallet; mallet Klopfholz {n} [techn.]

wooden spoon Kochlöffel {m} [cook.]

wooden spoons Kochlöffel {pl}

wooden open-framed cart Leiterwagen {m}; Leiterwägeli {n} [Schw.] [agr.]

wooden open-framed carts Leiterwagen {pl}; Leiterwägelis {pl}

wooden cleaner Reinigungsholz {n}

wooden staircase; wooden stairs Stiege {f}; Holztreppe {f}

wooden [listen] hölzern {adj}; aus Holz

wooden frame Holzrahmen {m} (Bilderrahmen)

wooden frame (construction) Holzrahmen {m} (bei Möbeln, Häusern etc.)

wooden board; plank Holzbrett {n}

wooden board; planks Holzbretter {pl}

wooden ceiling Holzdecke {f}

wooden figure Holzfigur {f}

wooden table Holztisch {m}

wooden tables Holztische {pl}

wooden frame Holzgestell {n}

wooden stand Holzgestell {n}

wooden articles Holzwaren {pl}

wooden bowl Holzschale {f}

batten; wooden slat; slat (carpentry) Holzlatte {f}; Latte {f} (Tischlerei) [constr.]

battens; wooden slats; slats Holzlatten {pl}; Latten {pl}

wood stick; wooden stick; wooden chopstick Holzstäbchen {n}

wood sticks; wooden sticks; wooden chopsticks Holzstäbchen {pl}

timber cladding; wooden cladding Holzverkleidung {f}; Holzfassade {f} [constr.]

timber claddings Holzverkleidungen {pl}; Holzfassaden {pl}

light wooden box; small box Kistchen {n}

light wooden boxes; small boxes Kistchen {pl}

strip; wooden strip; wood lath; wood batten [listen] Leiste {f}; Holzleiste {f}; schmale Holzlatte {f} [listen]

strips; wooden strips; wood laths; wood battens Leisten {pl}; Holzleisten {pl}; schmale Holzlatten {pl}

plank-bed; wooden bed Pritsche {f} (Holzliege)

plank-beds; wooden beds Pritschen {pl}

soapbox car; soapbox; gravity racer; gambo [Wales]; gambow [Wales] (a child's homemade cart with a wooden frame and without engine) Seifenkiste {f} (selbstgebasteltes Kinderfahrzeug mit Holzgestell und ohne Motor)

area of woodland; wooden area [Br.]; forested area [Am.] Waldstück {n}

areas of woodland; wooden areas; forested areas Waldstücke {pl}

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