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23 results for grids
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gully grid; waste grating Ablaufgitter {n}; Ablaufrost {n}

gully grids; waste gratings Ablaufgitter {pl}; Ablaufroste {pl}

outlet grid Auslassgitter {n}

outlet grids Auslassgitter {pl}

tree grille; tree grid [Br.]; tree grate [Am.] Baumscheibengitter {n}; Baumscheibenrost {m}; Gitterrost {m} für Baumscheiben

tree grilles; tree grids; tree grates Baumscheibengitter {pl}; Baumscheibenroste {pl}; Gitterroste {pl} für Baumscheiben

concrete tree grille; concrete tree grid [Br.]; concrete tree grate [Am.] Baumscheibenabdeckung {f} aus Beton; Betonbaumscheibe {f} [ugs.]

ventilation grid Belüftungsgitter {n}

ventilation grids Belüftungsgitter {pl}

gridiron; grid [listen] Bratrost {m}; Rost {m} [listen]

gridirons; grids Bratroste {pl}; Roste {pl}

electricity supply grid; electricity grid; electric power grid; electric/electrical grid; power grid; the mains [Br.] [listen] Elektrizitätsversorgungsnetz {n}; Energieversorgungsnetz {n}; Stromnetz {n}; Netz {n} [ugs.] [electr.] [listen]

electricity supply grids; electricity grids; electric power grids; electric/electrical grids; power grids Elektrizitätsversorgungsnetze {pl}; Energieversorgungsnetze {pl}; Stromnetze {pl}; Netze {pl}

intercepting grid Fanggitter {n} [telco.]

intercepting grids Fanggitter {pl}

grid [listen] Gitter {n} [listen]

grids Gitter {pl} [listen]

moving grids bewegliche Gitter

wooden grille; wooden grid Holzgitter {n}

wooden grilles; wooden grids Holzgitter {pl}

cost grid Kostenraster {n} [econ.]

cost grids Kostenraster {pl}

grid connection; connection to the electric grid; mains connection; power connection; electrical service connection Netzanbindung {f}; Netzanschluss {m}; Stromanschluss {m} [electr.]

grid connections; connection to the electric grids; mains connections; power connections; electrical service connections Netzanbindungen {pl}; Netzanschlüsse {pl}; Stromanschlüsse {pl}

ceiling grid Rasterdecke {f}

ceiling grids Rasterdecken {pl}

lath floor; floor grid Rostfußboden {m}; Lattenrost {m} [constr.]

lath floors; floor grids Rostfußböden {pl}; Lattenroste {pl}

screen grid Schirmgitter {n}

screen grids Schirmgitter {pl}

weft grid Schusswächtergitter {n} [textil.]

weft grids Schusswächtergitter {pl}

protective grid Schutzgitter {n}

protective grids Schutzgitter {pl}

lead frame; stamping grid; punching scrap; stamping residue Stanzgitter {n} [mach.]

lead frames; stamping grids; punching scraps; stamping residues Stanzgitter {pl}

supporting structure; support structure; statical structure; load-bearing structure Stützkonstruktion {f}; Stützgerüst {n}; Tragekonstruktion {f}; Tragewerk {n}; Tragwerk {n}; Traggerüst {n} [constr.]

supporting structures; support structures; statical structures; load-bearing structures Stützkonstruktionen {pl}; Stützgerüste {pl}; Tragekonstruktionen {pl}; Tragewerke {pl}; Tragwerke {pl}; Traggerüste {pl}

steel-plate structure aus Stahlblech geformtes Tragwerk

plane framework; plane frame ebenes Tragwerk

rectilinear frame with square modular grids geradliniges Tragwerk mit quadratischen Gittereinheiten

frame-like bearing structure rahmenartiges Tragwerk

space structure/framework/frame, spatial framework räumliches Tragwerk

two-dimensional framework zweidimensionales Tragwerk

to nog/brick a framework; to fill a framework with bricks ein Tragwerk/Tragskelett ausmauern

transmission grid; transmission network Übertragungsnetz {n}

transmission grids; transmission networks Übertragungsnetze {pl}

heat grid Wärmenetz {n}; Beheizungsnetz {n}

heat grids Wärmenetze {pl}; Beheizungsnetze {pl}

weather protection grid; weather protection grill Wetterschutzgitter {n}

weather protection grids; weather protection grills Wetterschutzgitter {pl}

bioindicator grid Bioindikatornetz {n} [biochem.]

bioindicator grids Bioindikatornetze {pl}

weld press grid Schweißpressrost {n} [techn.]

weld press grids Schweißpressroste {pl}
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