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37 results for Stahlbau
Word division: Stahl·bau
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Stahlbau {m} [constr.] structural steel engineering

Anschlusswinkel {m}; Stoßwinkel {m}; Beiwinkel {m} (Stahlbau) [constr.] connection angle; lug angle; splicing angle (structural steel engineering)

Ausfachungsstab {m} (Stahlbau) [constr.] strut member; member (structural steel engineering) [listen]

etw. mit Bindeblechen verbinden (Stahlbau) {vt} [constr.] to batten sth.; to join sth. with batten plates (structural steel engineering)

mit Bindeblechen zusammengesetzte Stütze {f} (Stahlbau) [constr.] battened stanchion (structural steel engineering)

Horizontalverband {m}; waagrechter Windverband {m} (Stahlbau) [constr.] horizontal wind brace; horizontal wind bracing; horizontal sway bracing (structural steel engineering)

Kopfplatte {f}; Deckflachstahl {m} (Stahlbau) [constr.] boom member plate (structural steel engineering) [Br.]

Nietrisslinie {f}; Wurzellinie {f} (Stahlbau) [constr.] centre line of rivet holes [Br.]; centerline of rivet holes [Am.] (structural steel engineering)

Pendellager {n}; Pendelwiege {f} (Stahlbau) [constr.] tumbler bearing; swing bolster (structural steel engineering)

Pfettenaufhängung {f} (Stahlbau) [constr.] sag bar (structural steel construction)

Querverstrebung {f} (Stahlbau) [constr.] transverse bracing; crosstie; crossties (structural steel engineering)

Ständerfachwerk {n} (Stahlbau) [constr.] vertical truss; fink truss, Belgian truss; French truss (structural steel engineering)

Trägerrost {m}; Kreuzwerk {n} (Stahlbau) [constr.] grillage; grid (structural steel engineering) [listen]

Traverse {f} (Stahlbau) [constr.] equalizer; equaliser [Br.] (structural steel engineering)

Vollwandbinder {m} (Stahlbau) [constr.] solid web truss (structural steel engineering)

Wassersack {m} (Stahlbau) [constr.] water pocket (structural steel engineering)

Windverband {m}; Windverstrebung {f}; Windversteifung {f} [constr.] (Stahlbau) wind brace; wind bracing; sway bracing (structural steel engineering)

Wurzelmaß {n} (Stahlbau) [constr.] backgauge; distance from outside of angle to rivet centre (steel structure)

Wurzelmaß {n}; Anreißmaß {n} (Stahlbau) [constr.] tracing dimension (structural steel engineering)

geständert (Bau); aufgeständert (Stahlbau) {adj} [constr.] spandrel-braced; elevated [listen]

vollwandig {adj} (Stahlbau) [constr.] solid-web (structural steel engineering)

Bauwerk {n}; Bau {m}; Baute {f} [Schw.] [adm.]; Konstruktion {f} [constr.] [techn.] [listen] [listen] [listen] structure; construction [listen] [listen]

Bauwerke {pl}; Bauten {pl}; Konstruktionen {pl} structures; constructions

Blechkonstruktion {f} fabricated steel sheet structure; steel sheet construction

Dachkonstruktion {f} [constr.] roof structure; roof construction

Dachkonstruktion {f} aus Holz timber roof construction

Säulenbauwerk {n}; Säulenbau {m} columniation

Stahlbau {m}; Stahlkonstruktion {f} steel structure; steel construction; structural steel work

Unterwasserbauwerk {n}; Unterwasserbau {m} underwater structure/construction; subaqueous structure/construction

Befestigungslasche {f} (Stahlbau) [constr.] mounting strap/plate/link; fixing strap/plate/link (structural steel engineering) [listen] [listen]

Befestigungslaschen {pl} mounting straps/plates/links; fixing straps/plates/links [listen] [listen]

Befestigungswinkel {m}; Haltewinkel {m} (Stahlbau) [constr.] mounting bracket; fixing bracket; fixing angle; clip angle (structural steel engineering)

Befestigungswinkel {pl}; Haltewinkel {pl} mounting brackets; fixing brackets; fixing angles; clip angles

Bindeblech {n} (Stahlbau) [constr.] batten plate; tie plate (structural steel engineering)

Bindebleche {pl} batten plates; tie plates

Bockstütze {f}; Biese {f}; Litzenbesatz {m}; Vorstoß {m} (Stahlbau) [constr.] [listen] lean-to strut (structural steel engineering)

Bockstützen {pl}; Biesen {pl}; Litzenbesätze {pl}; Vorstöße {pl} lean-to struts

Druckplatte {f} (Stahlbau) [constr.] compression plate (structural steel engineering)

Druckplatten {pl} compression plates

Eckwinkel {m}; Saumwinkel {m} (Stahlbau) [constr.] corner angle; angle bracket (structural steel engineering)

Eckwinkel {pl}; Saumwinkel {pl} corner angles; angle brackets

Fachwand {f} (Stahlbau) [constr.] framework wall (structural steel engineering)

Fachwände {pl} framework walls

Gitterpfette {f} (Stahlbau) [constr.] lattice purlin; trellis purlin (structural steel engineering)

Gitterpfetten {pl} lattice purlins; trellis purlins

Gurtplatte {f}; Lamelle {f} (Stahlbau) [constr.] boom plate [Br.]; chord plate [Am.] (structural steel engineering)

Gurtplatten {pl}; Lamellen {pl} boom plates; chord plates

Pendelstütze {f} (Stahlbau) [constr.] articulated column; pendulum/rocking/socketed stanchion; pendulum/rocking/socketed pier; hinged pier/pillar (structural steel engineering) [listen]

Pendelstützen {pl} articulated columns; pendulum/rocking/socketed stanchions; pendulum/rocking/socketed piers; hinged piers/pillars

Schubanker {m} (Stahlbau) [constr.] shear connector (structural steel engineering)

Schubanker {pl} shear connectors

(metallener) Tragbalken {m}; Träger {m} (Stahlbau) [constr.] [listen] girder (structural steel engineering) [listen]

Tragbalken {pl}; Träger {pl} [listen] girders

Dreieckträger {m} triangular girder; triangulated girder

Hauptträger {m} main girder

Kopfträger {m} stringer

versteifter Träger trussed girder

Zwischenträger {m} secondary girder

Vollwandbogen {m} (Stahlbau) [constr.] solid web arch (structural steel engineering)

Vollwandbögen {pl} solid webs

Vollwandträger {m}; Blechträger {m} (Stahlbau) [constr.] solid web girder (structural steel engineering)

Vollwandträger {pl}; Blechträger {pl} solid web girders

(beidseitig) eingespannt {adj} [constr.] restrained; fixed [listen] [listen]

eingespannter Bogen (Stahlbau) rigid [arch.] (steel construction) [listen]

eingespanntes Gewölbe [arch.] sprung arch

beiderseits eingespannter Balken constrained beam; fixed beam

nicht eingespanntes Stabende (Stahlbau) free end (steel construction)
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