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nucleus [listen] Kern {m} [listen]

nuclei Kerne {pl}

nucleus colony; bee nuc; nuc (beekeeping) Brutableger {m}; Ableger {m} (Bienenzucht) [agr.]

nucleus [listen] Keimzelle {f} [übtr.]

nuclei Keimzellen {pl}

nucleus of condensation; condensation nucleus; condensation centre [Br.]/center [Am.]; condensation germ Kondensationskern {m}; Kondensationskeim {m} [meteo.]

nuclei of condensation; condensation nuclei; condensation centres/centers; condensation germs Kondensationskerne {pl}; Kondensationskeime {pl}

nucleus of crystallization Kristallisationskeim {m} [min.]

nucleuss of crystallization Kristallisationskeime {pl}

cell nucleus; nucleus; cytoblast; endoblast; karyoblast; karyon [listen] Zellkern {m}; Nukleus {m} [biol.]

cell nuclei; nuclei; nucleuses; cytoblasts; endoblasts; karyoblasts; karyons Zellkerne {pl}

diploid nucleus; amphykarion diploider Zellkern

macronucleus großer Zellkern

micronucleus kleiner Zellkern

atomic nucleus; nucleus [listen] Atomkern {m} [phys.]

atomic nuclei; nuclei Atomkerne {pl}

centrosphere core of the earth; central core (of the earth); earth's nucleus; earth's core Erdkern {m} [geol.]

galactic centre [Br.]/center [Am.]; centre [Br.]/center [Am.] of a/the galaxy; core of a/the galaxy; nucleus of a/the galaxy Galaxiezentrum {n} [astron.]

nuclear wave function; wave function of the nucleus Kernwellenfunktion {f} [phys.]

amygdaloid body; amygdaloid nucleus Mandelkern {m}; Amygdale {n} (Corpus amygdaloideum) [anat.]

superior olivary nucleus oberer Olivenkern {m} [anat.]

inferior olivary nucleus unterer Olivenkern {m}

purine nucleus Purinkern {m} [biochem.]

degeneration of the cell nucleus; karyopyknosis; pyknosis Schrumpfung {f} des Zellkerns; Degeneration {f} des Zellkerns; Karyopyknose {f}; Pyknose {f} [biol.]

trigeminal nucleus Trigeminusnervenkern {m}; Trigeminuskern {m} [anat.]

cell nucleus inclusion body; intranuclear intrusion body Zellkerneinschlusskörper {m} [biol.]

galactic nucleus galaktischer Kern {m} [astron.]

suprachiasmatic nucleus /SCN/ suprachiasmatischer Nucleus {m}; nucleus suprachiasmaticus {m} /SCN/ [anat.]

craton; cratogen(ic areal); continental nucleus Kraton {n} [geol.]

oocyte Eimutterzelle {f}; Oozyte {f}; Oozyt {m} [biol.]

oocytes Eimutterzellen {pl}; Oozyten {pl}

oocyte nucleus Eizellenkern {m}; Oozytennukleus {m}

initial letter; initial [listen] Initialbuchstabe {m}; Initiale {f}; Initial {n}; Unziale {f} (vergrößerter Anfangsbuchstabe als Kapitalanfang) [print]

historiated initial (picture in the empty nucleus of the initial representing a scene from the text) historisierte Initiale (szenische Darstellung aus dem Text im Leerraum der Initiale)

nucleolus; nocleole [rare] (structure within the nucleus) Kernkörperchen {n}; Zellkörperchen {n} (im Zellkern); Nukleolus {m}; Nukleole {f} [biol.]

nucleoli Kernkörperchen {pl}; Zellkörperchen {pl}; Nukleoli {pl}; Nukleolen {pl}

Russell bodies (in plasma cells) Russell'sche Zellkörperchen (in Plasmazellen)

cell [listen] Zelle {f} [biol.] [listen]

cells Zellen {pl}

adventitial cell; Rouget's cell; pericyte Adventitialzelle {f}; Rouget'sche Zelle; Perizyt {m}

alpha cell Alphazelle {f}

Alzheimer cell Alzheimer'sche Zelle

amaeboid cell amöboide Zelle

caterpillar cell; Anichkov cell Anitschkow'sche Zelle

argentaffine cell argentaffine Zelle

association cell; amacrine cell; brachine cell; shortine cell Assoziationszelle {f}; Amakrinzelle {f}; amakrine Zelle {f}

socket-forming cell; tormogen cell Balgzelle {f}; tormogene Zelle

flagellate cell begeißelte Zelle

acid cell; parietal cell; oxyphilic cell; oxyntic cell Belegzelle {f}; Parietalzelle {f}; salzsäureproduzierende Zelle; säureproduzierende Zelle

Cajal's cell Cajal'sche Zelle

enterochromaffin cell enterochromaffine Zelle

bloated cell fettig degenerierte Zelle

lipophage fettverzehrende Zelle

xanthocyte gelb pigmentierte Zelle

companion cell; satellite cell Geleitzelle {f}

cell of Hansen Hansen'sche Zelle

Hortega cell Hortega'sche Zelle

hyperchromatic cell hyperchromatische Zelle

immunocompetent cell immunokompetente Zelle

immune cell; immunologically competent cell; immunocyte Immunzelle {f}; immunologisch kompetente Zelle; Immunozyt {m}

juvenile cell jugendliche Zelle

keratinocyte keratinproduzierende Zelle

cells without a nucleus; non-nucleated cell; akaryote cell; akaryote; akaryocyte kernlose Zelle; Zelle ohne Kern

small cell kleine Zelle

osteogenic cell Knochenbildungszelle {f}; osteogene Zelle

myeloid cell Knochenmarkzelle {f}; myeloische Zelle

body cell; somatic cell Körperzelle {f}; somatische Zelle

morular cell of Mott Mott'sche Zelle

pigmented cell pigmentierte Zelle

pigmentophore pigmenttragende Zelle

pigment cell; chromatophore; naevus cell; melanocyte; melanoblast Pigmentzelle {f}; pigmentbildende Zelle; melaninbildende Zelle; Melanozyt {m}

plant cell Pflanzenzelle {f}

producer cell Produzentenzelle {f}

Purkinje cell Purkinje'sche Zelle

Reed-Sternberg cell Reed-Sternberg'sche Zelle

reticuloendothelial cell Retikulumzelle {f}; Retikuloendothelzelle {f}; retikuloendotheliale Zelle

mucoserous cell schleimig-seröse Zelle; mukoseröse Zelle; seromuköse Zelle

Sertoli cell Sertoli'sche Zelle

animal cell tierische Zelle

consumer cell Verbraucherzelle {f}

water-clear cell wasserhelle Zelle

polymophonuclear cell; polymorphocyte Zelle mit vielgestaltigem Kern; polymorphkernige Zelle; Polymorphozyt {m}

to orbit around sth. um etw. kreisen {vi} [phys.]

orbiting kreisend

orbited gekreist

Electrons obrit around the atom's nucleus. Elektronen kreisen um den Atomkern.

stationary [listen] stillstehend; stehend; ruhend {adj} [techn.]

to be stationary stillstehen; stehen; ruhen [listen]

stationary figure/image/pattern (cathode ray tube) [listen] stehende Figur (Kathodenstrahlröhre)

stationary oscillation; vibration [listen] stehende Schwingung

stationary wave; standing wave stehende Welle; Stehwelle {f} [phys.] [telco.]

stationary/static nucleus; nucleus at rest (nuclear engineering) [listen] ruhender Kern (Kerntechnik)

stationary traffic ruhender Verkehr [auto]

when stationary im Stand

to remain stationary (in seiner Stellung) verharren; sich nicht bewegen

Turn off your engine when stationary. Drehen Sie im Stand den Motor ab. [auto]

eukaryote (organism with a nucleus and a cell membrane) Eukaryot {m} (Lebewesen mit Zellkern und -membran) [biol.]

eukaryotes Eukaryoten {pl}

deuteron (nucleus of deuterium) Deuteron {n} (Atomkern von Deuterium) [chem.]

deuterons {pl} Deuteronen {pl}
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