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emergency [listen] Krisensituation {f}; krisenhafte Situation {f}; Krise {f}; Misere {f} [pol.] [soc.] [listen]

emergencies Krisensituationen {pl}; krisenhafte Situationen {pl}; Krisen {pl}; Miseren {pl}

public health emergency of international concern (WHO) besorgniserregende internationale Gesundheitskrise (WHO)

Europe's worst refugee emergency since 1945 die schlimmste Flüchtlingskrise in Europa seit 1945

emergency; emergency case [listen] Notfall {m}; Notlage {f}; Notsituation {f} [listen]

emergencies; emergency cases Notfälle {pl}; Notlagen {pl}; Notsituationen {pl}

medical emergency medizinischer Notfall

a pressing emergency ein akuter Notfall

in case of emergency im Notfall; für den Notfall

in cases of dire emergency im äußersten Notfall

emergency orders Anordnungen für Notfälle

to be in extremis [formal] in einer absoluten Notsituation sein

It's an emergency. Es ist ein Notfall.

This patient is an emergency case! Dies ist ein Notfall!

emergency number Notrufnummer {f}; Notruf {m}; Notfallnummer {f} [soc.] [telco.]

emergency numbers Notrufnummern {pl}; Notfallnummern {pl}

911 [Am.] Notrufnummer in Amerika

to use the police emergency number den Polizeinotruf wählen

to 911 [Am.] einen Notruf tätigen; 911 anrufen (in USA)

emergency escape route; escape route (building regulations) Fluchtweg {m} (Bauordnung)

emergency escape routes; escape route Fluchtwege {pl}

on escape routes auf Fluchtwegen

emergency brake Notbremse {f} [auto] [transp.]

emergency brakes Notbremsen {pl}

to apply the emergency brake die Notbremse ziehen

emergency action plan /EAP/; emergency preparedness plan; emergency plan; contingency plan; emergency response scheme; crisis plan Notfallvorsorgeplan {m}; Notfallplan {m}; Notfallkonzept {n}; Krisenplan {m}

emergency action plans; emergency preparedness plans; emergency plans; contingency plans; emergency response schemes; crisis plans Notfallvorsorgepläne {pl}; Notfallpläne {pl}; Notfallkonzepte {pl}; Krisenpläne {pl}

disaster emergency plan Katastrophenschutzplan {m}

emergency meeting Dringlichkeitssitzung {f} [adm.]

emergency meetings Dringlichkeitssitzungen {pl}

emergency sitting [Br.]; emergency session [Am.] (parlamentarische) Dringlichkeitssitzung {f} [pol.]

emergency sittings; emergency sessions Dringlichkeitssitzungen {pl}

emergency crews Einsatzkräfte {pl}

emergency staircase; fire escape Fluchttreppe {f}; Feuertreppe {f}

emergency staircases; fire escapes Fluchttreppen {pl}; Feuertreppen {pl}

emergency meeting Krisensitzung {f}

emergency meetings Krisensitzungen {pl}

emergency stocks Krisenvorräte {pl}

emergency food aid Lebensmittelsoforthilfe {f} [pol.]

emergency department for ambulance and helicopter arrivals (at a hospital) Liegendnotaufnahmestation {f} (eines Krankenhauses) [med.]

emergency generating unit Netzersatz {m}

emergency [listen] Not...

emergency release valve Notablassventil {n} [techn.]

emergency release valves Notablassventile {pl}

emergency cutout Notabschaltung {f}

emergency shutdown Notabschaltung {f} [techn.] (Kessel)

emergency stop valve Notabsperrventil {n} [mach.]

emergency stop valves Notabsperrventile {pl}

emergency unit Notaggregat {n}

emergency units Notaggregate {pl}

emergency doctor; emergency physician; emergency response physician [Am.] Notarzt {m}; Notärztin {f} [med.]

emergency doctors; emergency physicians; emergency response physicians Notärzte {pl}; Notärztinnen {pl}

emergency physician response vehicle Notarzteinsatzfahrzeug {n} /NEF/; Notarzteinsatzwagen {m} [auto] [med.]

emergency physician response vehicles Notarzteinsatzfahrzeuge {pl}; Notarzteinsatzwagen {pl}

emergency admission Notaufnahme {f} (eines Patienten im Krankenhaus) [med.]

emergency admissions Notaufnahmen {pl}

emergency accommodation centre; emergency accommodation center; transit camp; temporary reception camp Notaufnahmelager {n} (für Flüchtlinge); Flüchtlingscamp {n}

emergency accommodation centres; emergency accommodation centers; transit camps; temporary reception camps Notaufnahmelager {pl}; Flüchtlingscamps {pl}

emergency surfacing Notauftauchen {n} (eines U-Bootes) [mil.] [naut.]

emergency exit Notausgang {m}; Nottüre {f}

emergency exits Notausgänge {pl}; Nottüren {pl}

emergency tripping Notauslösung {f}

emergency trippings Notauslösungen {pl}

emergency stop switch Notausschalter {m}; Nothaltschalter {m}

emergency stop switches Notausschalter {pl}; Nothaltschalter {pl}

emergency exit ladder Notausstiegsleiter {f}

emergency exit ladders Notausstiegsleitern {pl}

emergency push-button Notaustaste {f} [techn.]

emergency push-buttons Notaustasten {pl}

emergency lighting; emergency light; safety lighting Notbeleuchtung {f}; Notlicht {n}

emergency bridge; flying bridge; temporary bridge Notbrücke {f}; Interimsbrücke {f}

emergency bridges; flying bridges; temporary bridges Notbrücken {pl}; Interimsbrücken {pl}

emergency stop; panic stop (motor vehicle, railway) Notbremsung {f}; Nothalt {m} (Kfz, Bahn) [auto]

emergency breaking Notbremsung {f}; Schnellbremsung {f}

emergency vehicle Noteinsatzfahrzeug {n}

emergency vehicles Noteinsatzfahrzeuge {pl}

emergency spray attemperation Noteinspritzung {f} (Kessel) [techn.]

emergency limit switch Notendschalter {m}

emergency limit switches Notendschalter {pl}

emergency release Notentriegelung {f}

emergency service unit Notfalleinheit {f}

emergency responders Notfalleinsatzkräfte {pl}

emergency manual Notfallhandbuch {n}

emergency manuals Notfallhandbücher {pl}

emergency hospital Notfallkrankenhaus {n}; Notfallklinik {f}; Notfallspital {n} [Ös.] [Schw.] [med.]

emergency hospitals Notfallkrankenhäuser {pl}; Notfallkliniken {pl}; Notfallspitale {pl}

emergency ambulance Notfallkrankenwagen {m}

emergency drill Notfallausbildung {f}; Ausbildung {f} für den Notfall

emergency lighting Notfallbeleuchtung {f}

emergency diagnostics Notfalldiagnostik {f} [med.]

emergency service; out-of-hours service [Br.] Notfalldienst {m}; Notdienst {m}

GP out-of-hours service [Br.] hausärztlicher Notdienst [med.]

emergency procedure; emergency measure; emergency action Notfallmaßnahme {f}

emergency procedures; emergency measures; emergency actions Notfallmaßnahmen {pl}

emergency medicine Notfallmedizin {f} [med.]

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