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17 results for physicians
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licensing regulations for physicians Approbationsordnung {f} für Ärzte [adm.] [med.]

National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Germany) Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung {f} /KBV/

(Regional) Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Germany) Kassenärztliche Vereinigung {f} /KV/

resident physician Anstaltsarzt {m} [med.]

resident physicians Anstaltsärzte {pl}

occupational health physician; company doctor Arbeitsmediziner {m}; Arbeitsmedizinerin {f}; Werksarzt {m}; Werksärztin {f}; Betriebsarzt {m}; Betriebsärztin {f}

occupational health physicians; company doctors Arbeitsmediziner {pl}; Arbeitsmedizinerinnen {pl}; Werksärzte {pl}; Werksärztinnen {pl}; Betriebsärzte {pl}; Betriebsärztinnen {pl}

medical doctor /M.D./; doctor; medic [coll.]; physician [listen] [listen] Arzt {m}; Doktor {m} [ugs.] [listen]

medical doctors; doctors; medics; physicians Ärzte {pl}; Doktoren {pl}

female doctor; lady doctor [rare] Ärztin {f}; Frau Doktor [listen]

railway doctor; railway medical officer [Br.]; railroad doctor [Am.] Bahnarzt {m}

camp doctor; camp medical officer [Br.] Lagerarzt {m}

the attending physician; the attending doctor der behandelnde Arzt

physician in private practice; registered doctor with his/her own practice niedergelassener Arzt

to go to the doctor; to go to the doctor's zum Arzt gehen

foundation house officer /FHO/ [Br.]; house officer [Br.]; houseman [Br.]; resident physician [Am.]; resident [Am.] [listen] Arzt im Praktikum (AiP); Turnusarzt {m} [Ös.]

pre-registration house officer [Br.]; intern [Am.]; first-year resident [Am.] [listen] Arzt im ersten Praktikumsjahr; Turnusarzt im ersten Jahr [Ös.]

doctor-in-training Arzt in der Ausbildung

doctor in charge; physician in charge Dienst habender Arzt; behandelnder Arzt

doctor-to-be angehender Arzt

senior house officer /SHO/ [Br.]; resident [Am.] [listen] Jungassistent {m}

registrar [Br.]; fellow [Am.] [listen] [listen] Altassistent {m}

We sent for the doctor. Wir ließen den Arzt kommen.

Can you recommend a good family doctor? Kannst du mir einen guten Hausarzt empfehlen?

He has been to see the doctor. Er war beim Arzt.

physician at a spa; balneologist Bäderarzt {m}; Bäderärztin {f} [med.]

physicians at a spa; balneologists Bäderärzte {pl}; Bäderärztinnen {pl}

head physician; chief physician Chefarzt {m}; Primararzt {m} [Ös.]

head physicians; chief physicians Chefärzte {pl}; Primarärzte {pl}

nutritional physician Ernährungsmediziner {m} [med.]

nutritional physicians Ernährungsmediziner {pl}

aeromedical physician; flight surgeon [Am.] Flugmediziner {m}; Flugarzt {m}; Fliegerarzt {m} [ugs.] [aviat.] [med.]

aeromedical physicians; flight surgeons Flugmediziner {pl}; Flugärzte {pl}; Fliegerärzte {pl}

family doctor; family physician Hausarzt {m}; Hausärztin {f} [med.]

family doctors; family physicians Hausärzte {pl}; Hausärztinnen {pl}

hospital-based physician; hospital physician Krankenhausarzt {m}; Krankenhausärztin {f}; Spitalsarzt {m} [Ös.] [Schw.] [med.]

hospital-based physicians; hospital physicians Krankenhausärzte {pl}; Krankenhausärztinnen {pl}; Spitalsärzte {pl}

respiratory physician; specialist in respiratory medicine; pulmonologist; lung/pulmonary specialist; respirologist [Can.] [listen] Lungenfacharzt {m}; Lungenspezialist {m}; Pneumologe {m} [med.]

respiratory physicians; specialist in respiratory medicines; pulmonologists; lung/pulmonary specialists; respirologists Lungenfachärzte {pl}; Lungenspezialisten {pl}; Pneumologen {pl}

emergency doctor; emergency physician; emergency response physician [Am.] Notarzt {m}; Notärztin {f} [med.]

emergency doctors; emergency physicians; emergency response physicians Notärzte {pl}; Notärztinnen {pl}

nuclear physician Nuklearmediziner {m}; Nuklearmedizinerin {f} [med.]

nuclear physicians Nuklearmediziner {pl}; Nuklearmedizinerinnen {pl}

sports physician Sportarzt {m}; Sportärztin {f} [med.] [sport]

sports physicians Sportärzte {pl}; Sportärztinnen {pl}

ward physician Stationsarzt {m}

ward physicians Stationsärzte {pl}
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