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association /assoc./; union [listen] Vereinigung {f}; Verband {m}; Interessenverband {m}; Verein {m}; Verbindung {f}; Gesellschaft {f}; Union {f} [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen]

associations; unions Vereinigungen {pl}; Verbände {pl}; Interessenverbände {pl}; Vereine {pl}; Verbindungen {pl}; Gesellschaften {pl}; Unionen {pl} [listen]

purchasing association Einkaufsverband {m} [econ.]

purchasing associations Einkaufsverbände {pl}

association of producers; manufacturers' association Herstellerverband {m} [econ.]

associations of producers; manufacturers' associations Herstellerverbände {pl}

regional association; state association Landesverband {m}

association of individuals; association of persons Personenvereinigung {f}

state union Staatenbund {m}; Staatsunion {f}

central association Zentralverband {m}

association [listen] Verbindung {f}; Kontakt {m}; Zusammenarbeit {f} [listen] [listen] [listen]

business association geschäftlicher Kontakt; geschäftliche Zusammenarbeit

association (labour law) [listen] Koalition {f} (Arbeitsrecht)

associations Koalitionen {pl}

association [listen] Verein {m} [listen]

associations Vereine {pl}

cultural association Kulturverein {m}

artistic association Künstlerverein {m}

registered society; registered association eingetragener Verein /e. V./

Federal association Bundesverband {m}; Bundesvereinigung {f}

Federal associations Bundesverbände {pl}; Bundesvereinigungen {pl}

Association of German Book Traders Börsenverein {m} des deutschen Buchhandels

Association of Southeast Asian Nations /ASEAN/ Vereinigung südostasiatischer Staaten /ASEAN/ [pol.] [econ.]

association [listen] Assoziation {f} (zwischen zwei Kategorien) [statist.]

associations Assoziationen {pl}

partial association partielle Assoziation

association of shareholders Aktionärsvereinigung {f}

associations of shareholders Aktionärsvereinigungen {pl}

association analysis Assoziationsanalyse {f}

association analyses Assoziationsanalysen {pl}

association test; associative experiment Assoziationsversuch {m}; Assoziationstest {m}; Assoziationsexperiment {n} [psych.]

association tests; associative experiments Assoziationsversuche {pl}; Assoziationstests {pl}; Assoziationsexperimente {pl}

association treaty Assoziationsvertrag {m}

association treaties Assoziationsverträge {pl}

association agreement Assoziierungsabkommen {n} [pol.]

association agreements Assoziierungsabkommen {pl}

association advertising Gemeinschaftswerbung {f}

association mark Verbandszeichen {n}

association marks Verbandszeichen {pl}

association magazine; organization's periodical; journal of ... Verbandszeitschrift {f}; Vereinsmagazin {n}

association magazines; organization's periodicals; journals of ... Verbandszeitschriften {pl}; Vereinsmagazine {pl}

association of voters Wählervereinigung {f}; Wählerinitiative {f} [pol.]

associations of voters Wählervereinigungen {pl}; Wählerinitiativen {pl}

association number term Zuordnungsbegriff {m}

association number Zuordnungsnummer {f}

association number table Zuordnungsnummerntabelle {f}

association of refugees or displaced persons from the same country or region Landsmannschaft {f}

associations of refugees or displaced persons from the same country or regions Landsmannschaften {pl}

association work Verbandsarbeit {f}

association agreement Assoziationsabkommen {n} [pol.]

association agreements Assoziationsabkommen {pl}

plant association; plant community; plant society Pflanzengemeinschaft {f}; Pflanzengesellschaft {f} [bot.]

permanent community Dauergesellschaft {f}

rock crevice plant community Felsspaltengesellschaft {f}; Felsspaltenflur {f}

elfin community; krummholz community Krummholzgesellschaft {f}; Knieholzgesellschaft {f}

plant association of pavement joints Pflasterritzengesellschaft {f}; Pflasterfugengesellschaft {f}

ruderal community Ruderalgesellschaft {f}

climax association; climax community; climax society Schlussgesellschaft {f}; Klimaxgesellschaft {f}

initial plant association; initial plant community; initial plant society Vorgesellschaft {f}; Initialgesellschaft {f}

initial pioneers association / community / society of alpine belt Vorpostengesellschaft {f}

automobile association Automobilclub {m}; Automobilklub {m}

General German Automobile Association Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club /ADAC/

Royal Automobile Club [Br.] /RAC/; Automobile Association [Br.] /AA/ britischer Automobilclub

American Automobile Association [Am.] /AAA/ amerikanischer Automobilclub

Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle & Touring Club Österreichischer Automobil-, Motorrad- und Touring Club /ÖAMTC/

Touring Club Switzerland Touring Club Schweiz /TCS/

Standards Institution; Standards Association Normungsinstitut {n}; Normungsorganisation {f} [adm.]

German Standards Institute Deutsches Institut für Normung /DIN/

American National Standards Institute /ANSI/ (formerly: American Standards Association /ASA/) amerikanisches Normungsinstitut

British Standards Institution /BSI/ britisches Normungsinstitut

Canadian Standards Association /CSA/ kanadisches Normungsinstitut

rail association; railway assocation [Br.]; railroad association [Am.]; rail union; railway union [Br.]; railroad union [Am.] Eisenbahnverband {m}

rail associations; railway assocations; railroad associations; rail unions; railway unions; railroad unions Eisenbahnverbände {pl}

Union of African Railways /UAC/ afrikanischer Eisenbahnverband

Arab Union of Railways /UACF/ arabischer Eisenbahnverband

Football Association [Br.] /FA/ Fußballverband {m}

German Football Association Deutscher Fußballbund /DFB/

Union of European Football Associations /UEFA/ Europäischer Fußballverband

International Football Federation /FIFA/ Welt-Fußballverband

Youth Hostel Association /YHA/ Jugendherbergsverband {m}

Youth Hostel Associations Jugendherbergsverbände {pl}

International Youth Hostel Federation /IYHF/ Internationaler Jugendherbergsverband

German Youth Hostel Association Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk /DJH/

mycorrhizal association; mycorrhiza Pilz-Wurzelsymbiose {f}; Pilzwurzel {f}; Mykorrhiza [myc.]

mycorrhizas; mycorrhizae Mykorrhizen {pl}; Mykorrhizae {pl}

ectomycorrhiza Ektomykorrhiza {f}

endomycorrhiza Endomykorrhiza {f}

bar association Rechtsanwaltskammer {f}; Anwaltskammer {f}; Anwaltsverband {m} [jur.] [pol.]

bar associations Rechtsanwaltskammern {pl}; Anwaltskammern {pl}; Anwaltsverbände {pl}

American Bar Association /A.B.A./ amerikanische Anwaltskammer

coefficient of similarity; measure of similarity; similarity measure; measure of association Ähnlichkeitskoeffizient {m} [statist.]

similarity measure; measure of similarity; coefficient of similarity; measure of association Ähnlichkeitsmaß {n} [statist.]

Alpinist association Alpenverein {m}

Alpinist associations Alpenvereine {pl}

workers' association Arbeiterverein {m}

workers' associations Arbeitervereine {pl}

president of the Association of German Employers Arbeitgeberpräsident {m} [Dt.]

employers' association; federation of employers Arbeitgeberverband {m}

employers' associations; federations of employers Arbeitgeberverbände {pl}

Medical Association; Medical Board; General Medical Council [Br.] Ärztekammer {f}

the Medical Association's professional code of conduct die Berufsordnung der Ärztekammer

coefficient of association Assoziationskoeffizient {m} [statist.]

ATLAS network (association of European police special forces units) ATLAS-Verbund {m}; ATLAS-Gruppe {f} (Vereinigung europäischer Polizeispezialeinheiten)

automobile club; automobile association; motoring association Autofahrerclub {m} [auto]

automobile clubs; automobile associations; motoring associations Autofahrerclubs {pl}

farmers' association Bauernverband {m}

farmers' associations Bauernverbände {pl}

contributions to the building society [Br.] / savings and loan association [Am.] Bausparbeiträge {pl} [fin.]

building society [Br.]; savings and loan association [Am.] Bausparkasse {f} [fin.]

building societies; savings and loan associations Bausparkassen {pl}

agent of building society [Br.]/savings and loan association [Am.] Bausparkassenvertreter {m}

agents of building society/savings and loan association Bausparkassenvertreter {pl}

employer's liability insurance association (gewerbliche) Berufsgenossenschaft {f} [Dt.]

employer's liability insurance associations Berufsgenossenschaften {pl}

professional association; trade association Berufsgenossenschaft {f}

professional associations; trade associations Berufsgenossenschaften {pl}

professional association; professional organization; professional body Berufsverband {m}; Berufsvereinigung {f}; Berufsorganisation {f}; Fachschaft {f}

professional associations; professional organizations; professional bodies Berufsverbände {pl}; Berufsvereinigungen {pl}; Berufsorganisationen {pl}; Fachschaften {pl}

artificial insemination association (livestock farming) Besamungsverband {m} (Viehzucht) [adm.] [agr.]

library association Bibliotheksverband {m}

library associations Bibliotheksverbände {pl}

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