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specialists Fachleute {pl}

specialized group; group of specialists; functional group Fachgruppe {f} [adm.]

specialized groups; groups of specialists; functional groups Fachgruppen {pl}

demolition specialist Abbruchspezialist {m} [constr.]

demolition specialists Abbruchspezialisten {pl}

eye specialist; eye doctor; ophthalmologist Augenarzt {m}; Augenärztin {f}; Ophthalmologe {m} [med.]

eye specialists; eye doctors; ophthalmologists Augenärzte {pl}; Augenärztinnen {pl}; Ophthalmologen {pl}

home improvement professional; home improvement specialist Ausbaufachmann {m}

home improvement professionals; home improvement specialists Ausbaufachleute {pl}

rail travel specialist Bahnreisespezialist {m}

rail travel specialists Bahnreisespezialisten {pl}

stock exchange specialist; trading specialist Börsenfachmann {n}; Börsefachmann {n} [Ös.] [fin.]

stock exchange specialists; trading specialists Börsenfachmänner {pl}; Börsefachmänner {pl}

to be the preserve of sb. jds. Domäne sein; jdm. vorbehalten sein {v} [soc.]

to be a male/female preserve eine Männerdomäne/Frauendomäne sein

to be no longer the preserve of men keine Männerdomäne mehr sein

to be by no means the preserve of specialists keineswegs nur Fachleuten vorbehalten sein

nutrition specialist Ernährungsfachmann {m}; Ernährungsfachfrau {f}

nutrition specialists Ernährungsfachmänner {pl}; Ernährungsfachfrauen {pl}

concrete flooring specialist Estrichleger {m} [constr.]

concrete flooring specialists Estrichleger {pl}

specialist (in) [listen] Facharzt {m}; Fachärztin {f} (für)

specialists Fachärzte {pl}; Fachärztinnen {pl}

one-track specialist Fachidiot {m}; Fachidiotin {f} [ugs.]

one-track specialists Fachidioten {pl}; Fachidiotinnen {pl}

IT specialist [listen] Fachinformatiker {m}; Fachinformatikerin {f}

IT specialists Fachinformatiker {pl}; Fachinformatikerinnen {pl}

skilled employee; professional; specialist [listen] [listen] Fachkraft {f} [adm.]

skilled employees; skilled personnel; professionals; specialists Fachkräfte {pl}; Fachpersonal {n}

health promotion professional Fachkraft für Gesundheitsförderung

skilled electrician; qualified electrician Elektrofachkraft {f}

expert; specialist [listen] [listen] Fachmann {m}; Fachfrau {f}; Experte {m}; Expertin {f} (oft fälschlich: Fachexperte) [listen]

experts; specialists Fachmänner {pl}; Fachfrauen {pl}; Experten {pl}; Expertinnen {pl}

computer specialist; computer expert Computerfachmann {m}

energy expert Energieexperte {m}

public heath expert; health expert; health care expert; health care specialist; specialist in the healthcare sector Gesundheitsfachmann {m}; Gesundheitsexperte {m}

literary expert Literaturfachmann {m}

economic expert Wirtschaftsexperte {m}

to be an expert on the subject Experte auf dem Gebiet sein

subject specialist Fachreferent {m}; Fachreferentin {f}

subject specialists Fachreferenten {pl}; Fachreferentinnen {pl}

specialist in forensic medicine; forensic pathologist Gerichtsmediziner {m}; Gerichtsmedizinerin {f}

specialists in forensic medicine; forensic pathologists Gerichtsmediziner {pl}; Gerichtsmedizinerinnen {pl}

glazier; glazing and mirror specialist [listen] Glaser {m}; Glaserin {f}

glaziers; glazing and mirror specialists Glaser {pl}; Glaserinnen {pl}

internist; specialist for internal medicine Internist {m}; Internistin {f}; Facharzt {m} für innere Medizin [med.]

internists; specialists for internal medicine Internisten {pl}; Internistinnen {pl}; Fachärzte {pl} für innere Medizin

cardiologist; heart specialist Kardiologe {m}; Kardiologin {f}; Herzspezialist {m}; Herzspezialistin {f} [med.]

cardiologists; heart specialists Kardiologen {pl}; Kardiologinnen {pl}; Herzspezialisten {pl}; Herzspezialistinnen {pl}

respiratory physician; specialist in respiratory medicine; pulmonologist; lung/pulmonary specialist; respirologist [Can.] [listen] Lungenfacharzt {m}; Lungenspezialist {m}; Pneumologe {m} [med.]

respiratory physicians; specialist in respiratory medicines; pulmonologists; lung/pulmonary specialists; respirologists Lungenfachärzte {pl}; Lungenspezialisten {pl}; Pneumologen {pl}

marketing specialist Marketingfachmann {m}; Marketingfachfrau {f}; Marketingspezialist {m}; Marketingspezialistin {f}

marketing specialists Marketingfachmänner {pl}; Marketingfachfrauen {pl}; Marketingspezialisten {pl}; Marketingspezialistinnen {pl}

ear specialist Ohrenarzt {m}; Ohrenärztin {f} [med.]

ear specialists Ohrenärzte {pl}; Ohrenärztinnen {pl}

ear, nose and throat specialist; ENT specialist; otolaryngologist; otorhinolaryngologist Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Facharzt {m}; Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Fachärztin {f}; HNO-Arzt {m}; HNO-Ärztin {f} [med.]

ear, nose and throat specialists; ENT specialists; otolaryngologists; otorhinolaryngologists Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Fachärzte {pl}; Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Fachärztinnen {pl}; HNO-Ärzte {pl}; HNO-Ärztinnen {pl}

specialist; expert [listen] [listen] Spezialist {m}; Spezialistin {f}

specialists; experts Spezialisten {pl}; Spezialistinnen {pl}

specialist for numeric solutions Spezialist für numerische Lösungen

to specialize in; to specialise in [Br.] Spezialist sein in

sport medicine specialist Sportmediziner {m}; Sportmedizinerin {f} [med.]

sport medicine specialists Sportmediziner {pl}; Sportmedizinerinnen {pl}

certified tax specialist; chartered tax specialist [Br.] [Austr.] Steuerfachwirt {m}; Steuerfachwirtin {f} [Dt.] [fin.]

certified tax specialists; chartered tax specialists Steuerfachwirte {pl}; Steuerfachwirtinnen {pl}

advertising specialist Werbespezialist {m}; Werbespezialistin {f}

advertising specialists Werbespezialisten {pl}; Werbespezialistinnen {pl}

valuation specialist Wertermittlungsspezialist {m}; Wertermittlungsspezialistin {f}

valuation specialists Wertermittlungsspezialisten {pl}; Wertermittlungsspezialistinnen {pl}
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