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visiting consultants ward (at a hospital) Belegstation {f} (im Krankenhaus) [med.]

engineering services firm; engineering consultancy services; firm of consulting engineers; (independent) engineering consultants Ingenieurbüro {n}

engineering services firms; engineering consultancy services; firms of consulting engineers; engineering consultants Ingenieurbüros {pl}

tax consultancy; firm of tax consultants; tax consultants (bureau); tax counsellors Steuerberatungskanzlei {f}; Steuerberatungsfirma {f}

consultant [listen] Berater {m}; Beraterin {f} [listen]

consultants Berater {pl}; Beraterinnen {pl} [listen]

marketing consultant Absatzberater {m} [econ.]

waste disposal consultant; waste consultant Entsorgungsberater {m}; Abfallberater {m} [envir.]

printing consultant Berater für Druckangelegenheiten

consulting physician [Br.]; consultant [Br.]; attending physician [Am.] [listen] Chefarzt {m} [Dt.] [Schw.]; Primararzt {m} [Ös.]; Primarius {m} [Ös.]; Primar {m} [Ös.] [med.]

consulting physicians; consultants; attending physicians Chefärzte {pl}; Primarärzte {pl}; Primaria {pl}; Primare {pl}

psychiatric consultant; consultant psychiatrist Chefarzt für Psychiatrie

technical adviser; consultant [listen] Fachberater {m}

technical advisers; consultants Fachberater {pl}

consultant; advisor [listen] [listen] Fachreferent {m}; Fachreferentin {f}; Kundenberater {f}; Kundenberaterin {f}; Berater {m}; Beraterin {f} [listen]

consultants; advisors Fachreferenten {pl}; Fachreferentinnen {pl}; Kundenberater {pl}; Kundenberaterinnen {pl}; Berater {pl}; Beraterinnen {pl} [listen]

financial adviser/advisor [Am.]; financial consultant; investment adviser/advisor [listen] [listen] Finanzberater {m}; Finanzberaterin {f}; Vermögensberater {m}; Vermögensberaterin {f}; Anlageberater {m}; Anlageberaterin {f}

financial advisers/advisors; financial consultants; investment advisers/advisors [listen] [listen] Finanzberater {pl}; Finanzberaterinnen {pl}; Vermögensberater {pl}; Vermögensberaterinnen {pl}; Anlageberater {pl}; Anlageberaterinnen {pl}

home loan consultant Hypothekenberater {m}; Hypothekenberaterin {f} [fin.]

home loan consultants Hypothekenberater {pl}; Hypothekenberaterinnen {pl}

image consultant Imageberater {m}; Imageberaterin {f}

image consultants Imageberater {pl}; Imageberaterinnen {pl}

customer consultant Kundenberater {m}; Kundenberaterin {f}

customer consultants Kundenberater {pl}; Kundenberaterinnen {pl}

media consultant Medienberater {m}; Medienberaterin {f}

media consultants Medienberater {pl}; Medienberaterinnen {pl}

personnel consultant Personalberater {m}; Personalberaterin {f}

personnel consultants Personalberater {pl}; Personalberaterinnen {pl}

political adviser; policy consultant Politikberater {m}; Politikberaterin {f}

political advisers; policy consultants Politikberater {pl}; Politikberaterinnen {pl}

travel consultant Reiseberater {m}; Reiseberaterin {f}

travel consultants Reiseberater {pl}; Reiseberaterinnen {pl}

young travel consultant junger Reiseberater; Expedient {m}; Expi {m} [slang]

firearms consultant Schusswaffensachverständiger {m}

firearms consultants Schusswaffensachverständige {pl}

tax consultant; tax adviser; tax advisor; tax practitioner [Br.]; tax preparer [Am.] Steuerberater {m}; Steuerberaterin {f} [listen]

tax consultants; tax advisers; tax advisors; tax practitioners; tax preparers Steuerberater {pl}; Steuerberaterinnen {pl} [listen]

lactation consultant; breastfeeding counsellor/consultant Stillberaterin {f} [med.]

lactation consultants; breastfeeding counsellors/consultants Stillberaterinnen {pl}

system analyst; systems consultant Systemanalytiker {m}; Systemanalytikerin {f}; Systemberater {m}; Systemberaterin {f}

system analysts; systems consultants Systemanalytiker {pl}; Systemanalytikerinnen {pl}; Systemberater {pl}; Systemberaterinnen {pl}

management consultant Unternehmensberater {m}; Unternehmensberaterin {f} [econ.]

management consultants Unternehmensberater {pl}; Unternehmensberaterinnen {pl}

insurance consultant Versicherungsberater {m}; Versicherungsberaterin {f}; Versicherungsbetreuer {m}; Versicherungsbetreuerin {f}; Berater {m} in Versicherungsangelegenheiten

insurance consultants Versicherungsberater {pl}; Versicherungsberaterinnen {pl}; Versicherungsbetreuer {pl}; Versicherungsbetreuerinnen {pl}; Berater {pl} in Versicherungsangelegenheiten

advertising consultant Werbeberater {m}; Werbeberaterin {f}

advertising consultants Werbeberater {pl}; Werbeberaterinnen {pl}

business consultant Wirtschaftsberater {m}; Wirtschaftsberaterin {f}

business consultants Wirtschaftsberater {pl}; Wirtschaftsberaterinnen {pl}

to latch on to sth. (develop a strong interest in sth.) sich begeistert einer Sache zuwenden; auf etw. anspringen; auf etw. aufspringen; auf etw. abfahren [ugs.] {v}

He latched on to instrumental music as a way to relax. Er hat sich der Instrumentalmusik zur Entspannung zugewandt.

Many companies have latched on to the trend of using management consultants. Viele Firmen sind auf den Trend aufgesprungen, sich Unternehmensberater zu holen.

She always latches on to the latest craze. Sie fährt immer auf den letzten Schrei ab.

recruitment consultant Personalberater {m}; Personalberaterin {f} [econ.]

recruitment consultants Personalberater; Personalberaterinnen {pl}

bank advisor; bank consultant; banking consultant Bankberater {m}; Bankberaterin {f} [fin.]

bank advisors; bank consultants; banking consultants Bankberater {pl}; Bankberaterinnen {pl}
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