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expert; specialist [listen] [listen] Fachmann {m}; Fachfrau {f}; Experte {m}; Expertin {f} (oft fälschlich: Fachexperte) [listen]

experts; specialists Fachmänner {pl}; Fachfrauen {pl}; Experten {pl}; Expertinnen {pl}

computer specialist; computer expert Computerfachmann {m}; Computerexperte {m}

energy expert Energieexperte {m}

public heath expert; health expert; health care expert; health care specialist; specialist in the healthcare sector Gesundheitsfachmann {m}; Gesundheitsexperte {m}

literary expert Literaturfachmann {m}

military expert Militärexperte {f}

economic expert Wirtschaftsexperte {m}

to be an expert on the subject Experte auf dem Gebiet sein

specialist; expert [listen] [listen] Spezialist {m}; Spezialistin {f}

specialists; experts Spezialisten {pl}; Spezialistinnen {pl}

specialist for numeric solutions Spezialist für numerische Lösungen

to specialize in; to specialise in [Br.] Spezialist sein in

specialist; professional [listen] [listen] fachlich {adj} [listen]

specialist knowledge fachliches Wissen; Fachwissen {n}

references to professional sources fachliche Bezüge

specialist; specialistic [listen] fachspezifisch {adj}

specialist; technical [listen] [listen] fachsprachlich {adj} [ling.]

specialist lawyer; specialist solicitor [Br.] Fachanwalt {m}; Fachanwältin {f} [jur.]

specialist lawyers; specialist solicitors Fachanwälte {pl}; Fachanwältinnen {pl}

environmental lawyer Fachanwalt für Umweltrecht

specialist (in) [listen] Facharzt {m}; Fachärztin {f} (für)

specialists Fachärzte {pl}; Fachärztinnen {pl}

specialist book; specialist publication Fachbuch {n}

specialist books; specialist publications Fachbücher {pl}

specialist discipline Fachdisziplin {f}

specialist disciplines Fachdisziplinen {pl}

specialist subject teacher Fachlehrer {m}; Fachlehrerin {f}

specialist subject teachers Fachlehrer {pl}; Fachlehrerinnen {pl}

specialist literature; technical literature Fachliteratur {f}

specialist publications Fachpresse {f}

specialist text; technical text Fachtext {m}

specialist texts; technical texts Fachtexte {pl}

specialist dictionary Fachwörterbuch {n}

specialist dictionaries Fachwörterbücher {pl}

specialist in forensic medicine; forensic pathologist Gerichtsmediziner {m}; Gerichtsmedizinerin {f}; Rechtsmediziner {m}; Rechtsmedizinerin {f} [med.]

specialists in forensic medicine; forensic pathologists Gerichtsmediziner {pl}; Gerichtsmedizinerinnen {pl}; Rechtsmediziner {pl}; Rechtsmedizinerinnen {pl}

specialist in Middle Eastern and oriental studies Orientalist {m}; Orientalistin {f}

specialist in Middle Eastern and oriental studies Orientalisten {pl}; Orientalistinnen {pl}

specialist shop Spezialgeschäft {n}

specialist publishing house Fachverlag {m}

specialist clinic; special clinic Fachklinik {f} [med.]

specialist company Fachbetrieb {m}

specialised company [Br.]; specialized company Fachbetrieb {m}

specialist publisher Fachverlag {m}

specialist community Fachgemeinschaft {f}

medical community medizinische Fachgemeinschaft

specialist planner Fachplaner {m}

specialist planners Fachplaner {pl}

skilled employee; professional; specialist [listen] [listen] Fachkraft {f} [adm.]

skilled employees; skilled personnel; professionals; specialists Fachkräfte {pl}; Fachpersonal {n}

health promotion professional Fachkraft für Gesundheitsförderung

skilled electrician; qualified electrician Elektrofachkraft {f}

high-quality professionals; quality professionals gut ausgebildete Fachkräfte; hochqualifizierte Fachleute

professional journal; professional magazine; periodical; specialist journal Fachzeitschrift {f}; Fachmagazin {n}; Fachblatt {n}; Fachjournal {n}

professional journals; professional magazines; periodicals; specialist journals Fachzeitschriften {pl}; Fachmagazine {pl}; Fachblätter {pl}; Fachjournale {pl}

a medical journal eine medizinische Fachzeitschrift

demolition specialist Abbruchspezialist {m} [constr.]

demolition specialists Abbruchspezialisten {pl}

English specialist; Anglicist Anglist {m}; Anglistin {f}

eye specialist; eye doctor; ophthalmologist Augenarzt {m}; Augenärztin {f}; Ophthalmologe {m} [med.]

eye specialists; eye doctors; ophthalmologists Augenärzte {pl}; Augenärztinnen {pl}; Ophthalmologen {pl}

home improvement professional; home improvement specialist Ausbaufachmann {m}

home improvement professionals; home improvement specialists Ausbaufachleute {pl}

rail travel specialist Bahnreisespezialist {m}

rail travel specialists Bahnreisespezialisten {pl}

inpatient physician; general (or specialist) practitioner who also looks after patients in a hospital Belegarzt {m}; Belegärztin {f} [med.]

stock exchange specialist; trading specialist Börsenfachmann {n}; Börsefachmann {n} [Ös.] [fin.]

stock exchange specialists; trading specialists Börsenfachmänner {pl}; Börsefachmänner {pl}

nutrition specialist Ernährungsfachmann {m}; Ernährungsfachfrau {f}

nutrition specialists Ernährungsfachmänner {pl}; Ernährungsfachfrauen {pl}

concrete flooring specialist Estrichleger {m} [constr.]

concrete flooring specialists Estrichleger {pl}

team of experts; expert team; team of specialist; specialist team Expertenteam {n}; Spezialistenteam {n}

teams of experts; expert teams; teams of specialist; specialist teams Expertenteams {pl}; Spezialistenteams {pl}

certificate of specialist dentist in oral surgery Facharztdiplom {n} für Mundchirurgie; fachzahnärztliche Anerkennung für Mundchirurgie [stud.] [adm.]

certificate of specialist dentist in orthodontics Facharztdiplom {n} für Kieferorthopädie; fachzahnärztliche Anerkennung für Kieferorthopädie [stud.] [adm.]

certificate of completion of specialist medical training Facharztdiplom {n}; fachärztliche Anerkennung {f} [stud.]

expert advice; specialist advice; professional advice Fachberatung {f} (fachliche Ratschläge)

one-track specialist Fachidiot {m}; Fachidiotin {f} [ugs.]

one-track specialists Fachidioten {pl}; Fachidiotinnen {pl}

IT specialist [listen] Fachinformatiker {m}; Fachinformatikerin {f}

IT specialists Fachinformatiker {pl}; Fachinformatikerinnen {pl}

subject specialist Fachreferent {m}; Fachreferentin {f}

subject specialists Fachreferenten {pl}; Fachreferentinnen {pl}

usage of specialist terminology Fachsprachlichkeit {f} [ling.]

glazier; glazing and mirror specialist [listen] Glaser {m}; Glaserin {f}

glaziers; glazing and mirror specialists Glaser {pl}; Glaserinnen {pl}

internist; specialist for internal medicine Internist {m}; Internistin {f}; Facharzt {m} für innere Medizin [med.]

internists; specialists for internal medicine Internisten {pl}; Internistinnen {pl}; Fachärzte {pl} für innere Medizin

cardiologist; heart specialist Kardiologe {m}; Kardiologin {f}; Herzspezialist {m}; Herzspezialistin {f} [med.]

cardiologists; heart specialists Kardiologen {pl}; Kardiologinnen {pl}; Herzspezialisten {pl}; Herzspezialistinnen {pl}

subject specialist Lektor {m}

respiratory physician; specialist in respiratory medicine; pulmonologist; lung/pulmonary specialist; respirologist [Can.] [listen] Lungenfacharzt {m}; Lungenspezialist {m}; Pneumologe {m} [med.]

respiratory physicians; specialist in respiratory medicines; pulmonologists; lung/pulmonary specialists; respirologists Lungenfachärzte {pl}; Lungenspezialisten {pl}; Pneumologen {pl}

marketing specialist Marketingfachmann {m}; Marketingfachfrau {f}; Marketingspezialist {m}; Marketingspezialistin {f}

marketing specialists Marketingfachmänner {pl}; Marketingfachfrauen {pl}; Marketingspezialisten {pl}; Marketingspezialistinnen {pl}

nose specialist; rhinologist Nasenfacharzt {m}; Nasenarzt {m}; Rhinologe {m} [med.]

nose specialists; rhinologists Nasenfachärzte {pl}; Nasenärzte {pl}; Rhinologen {pl}

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