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sampling; taking samples; collection of laboratory specimens [listen] Probenentnahme {f}; Probennahme {f}; Beprobung {f}; Bemusterung {f}

samplings; collections of laboratory specimens Probenentnahmen {pl}; Probennahmen {pl}; Beprobungen {pl}; Bemusterungen {pl}

initial sampling; first sampling Erstbemusterung {f}

resampling neue Probenahme

macroscopic sampling makroskopische Bemusterung

test material; test specimens Untersuchungsmaterial {n}; Untersuchungsgut {n} [sci.]

microbiological swab; swab; swab specimen mikrobiologischer Abstrich {m}; Abstrich {m}; Abstrichprobe {f} [med.]

microbiological swabs; swabs; swab specimens mikrobiologische Abstriche {pl}; Abstriche {pl}; Abstrichproben {pl}

mouth swab; oral swab; buccal swab Mundhöhlenabstrich {m}

nose and throat swab; nasopharyngeal swab Nasen-Rachenabstrich {m}; Abstrich aus dem Nasen- und Rachenraum; Nasopharyngeal-Abstrich

to take a mouth swab; to take an oral swab einen Mundhöhlenabstrich machen

biopsy specimen; biopsy sample; biopsy piece Biopsieprobe {f}; Biopsat {n} (durch Biopsie entnommenes Gewebe) [med.]

biopsy specimens; biopsy samples; biopsy pieces Biopsieproben {pl}; Biopsate {pl}

specimen [listen] Exemplar {n} [bot.] [zool.] [listen]

specimens Exemplare {pl}

topiary specimen; topiary Formgehölz {n} [agr.]

topiary specimens; topiaries Formgehölze {pl}

specimen of a handwriting Handschriftenprobe {f}

specimens of handwriting Handschriftenproben {pl}

laboratory specimen; specimen [listen] Laborpräparat {n}; Präparat {n}; Objekt {n} (präparierte Probe) [biol.] [listen]

laboratory specimens; specimens Laborpräparate {pl}; Präparate {pl}; Objekte {pl}

biological specimen; biospecimen biologisches Präparat

fluid-preserved speciem; wet specimen Nasspräparat {n}; Feuchtpräparat {n}

dry specimen Trockenpräparat {n}

spirit preparation Spirituspräparat {n}

test piece; test item; test specimen; sample [listen] Probekörper {m}; Prüfling {m}

test pieces; test items; test specimens; samples [listen] Probekörper {pl}; Prüflinge {pl}

test specimen; test sample; sample piece; sample [listen] Probestück {n}; Probegut {n}; Probe {f}; Stichprobe {f}; Messprobe {f}; Prüfkörper {m} [sci.] [techn.]

test specimens; test samples; sample pieces; samples [listen] Probestücke {pl}; Probegüter {pl}; Proben {pl}; Stichproben {pl}; Messproben {pl}; Prüfkörper {pl}

analytical sample; analysis sample Analyseprobe {f}

sample of the soil Bodenprobe {f}

sample of bending work Biegeprobe {f}

rock sample Gesteinsprobe {f}

subsurface sample; deep sample Tiefenprobe {f}

disturbed sample gestörte Probe

oriented specimen orientierte Probe

contaminated sample verunreinigte Probe

testpiece; test specimen Prüfstück {n}

testpieces; test specimens Prüfstücke {pl}

average article run length mittlere Zahl der Prüfstücke

shop window dummy; display dummy; display specimen; mannequin (in the shop window) Schaufensterpuppe {f}; Schaufensterattrappe {f}

shop window dummies; display dummies; display specimens; mannequins Schaufensterpuppen {pl}; Schaufensterattrappen {pl}

polished specimen Schliffstück {n}

polished specimens Schliffstücke {pl}

punch biopsy specimen; core needle biopsy specimen Stanzbiopsat {n} [med.]

punch biopsy specimens; core needle biopsy specimens Stanzbiopsate {pl}

urine specimen Urinprobe {f} [med.]

urine specimens Urinproben {pl}

commercial sample; sample; specimen [listen] [listen] Warenprobe {f}; Probe {f}; Warenmuster {n}; Muster {n} [econ.] [listen]

commercial samples; samples; specimens [listen] Warenproben {pl}; Proben {pl}; Warenmuster {pl}; Muster {pl} [listen]

sample accompanying the offer Angebotsmuster {n}

Free sample.; Sample not for sale. Unverkäufliches Muster.

standard specimen; standard test piece genormte Probe {f}; Standardprobe {f} [techn.]

standard specimens; standard test pieces genormte Proben {pl}; Standardproben {pl}

saliva sample; saliva specimen Speichelprobe {f}

saliva samples; saliva specimens Speichelproben {pl}
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