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consulting engineers; engineering office Ingenieurbüro {n}

engineering offices Ingenieurbüros {pl}

the engineers die Pioniertruppe {f}; die Pioniere {pl} [mil.]

Corps of Engineers [Am.] Pionierkorps {n} der U.S. Army

demolition engineer Abbruchtechniker {m} [constr.]

demolition engineers Abbruchtechniker {pl}

alarm and security system engineer Alarm- und Sicherheitsanlagenbauer {m}

alarm and security system engineers Alarm- und Sicherheitsanlagenbauer {pl}

application engineer; applications engineer Anwendungstechniker {m}; Anwendungstechnikerin {f}

application engineers; applications engineers Anwendungstechniker {pl}; Anwendungstechnikerinnen {pl}

road surface engineer Asphaltbauer {m}

road surface engineers Asphaltbauer {pl}

field engineer Außendiensttechniker {m}

field engineers Außendiensttechniker {pl}

civil engineer /CE/ Bauingenieur {m}; Bauingenieurin {f} [listen]

civil engineers Bauingenieure {pl}; Bauingenieurinnen {pl}

structural engineer; architectural engineer [listen] [listen] Bauingenieur {m}; Bauingenieurin {f} (Hochbau) [listen]

structural designer; structural engineer (engaged in statical calculations) [listen] Baustatiker {m}; Statiker {m}; Tragwerksplaner {m} [constr.]

structural designers; structural engineers Baustatiker {pl}; Statiker {pl}; Tragwerksplaner {pl}

lighting engineer Beleuchtungstechniker {m}; Beleuchtungsingenieur {m}

lighting engineers Beleuchtungstechniker {pl}; Beleuchtungsingenieure {pl}

public address system engineer; PAS engineer Beschallungsingenieur {m}

public address system engineers; PAS engineers Beschallungsingenieure {pl}

production engineer Betriebsingenieur {m}

production engineers Betriebsingenieure {pl}

video engineer (film, TV, radio) Bildingenieur {m} (Film, TV, Radio)

video engineers Bildingenieure {pl}

chemical engineer; chemical technician Chemietechniker {m}; Chemotechniker {m}; Chemieingenieur {m}

chemical engineers; chemical technicians Chemietechniker {pl}; Chemotechniker {pl}; Chemieingenieure {pl}

chemical process engineer Chemikant {m} [Dt.]; Chemieverfahrenstechniker {m} [Ös.]; Chemie- und Pharmatechnologe {m} [Schw.]

chemical process engineers Chemikanten {pl}; Chemieverfahrenstechniker {pl}; Chemie- und Pharmatechnologen {pl}

computer engineer; IT engineer Computertechniker {m}; EDV-Techniker {m}; IT-Techniker {m} [comp.]

computer engineers; IT engineers Computertechniker {pl}; EDV-Techniker {pl}; IT-Techniker {pl}

data protection official /DPO/; data protection officer /DPO/; data security engineer; data protection registrar; commissioner for data protection Datenschutzbeauftragter {m}; Datenschutzbeauftragte {f} /DSB/; Datenschutzverantwortlicher {m}

data protection officials; data protection officers; data security engineers; data protection registrars; commissioners for data protection Datenschutzbeauftragten {pl}; Datenschutzbeauftragte {pl}; Datenschutzverantwortlicher {pl}

Federal Commissioner for Data Protection Bundesdatenschutzbeauftragte {m,f}; Bundesdatenschutzbeauftragter

European Data Protection Supervisor /EDPS/ Europäischer Datenschutzbeauftragter

graduate engineer Diplomingenieur {m}; Diplomingenieurin {f} /Dipl.-Ing./

graduate engineers Diplomingenieure {pl}; Diplomingenieurinnen {pl}

electrical engineer; electrical engineering technician [listen] Elektroingenieur {m}; Elektroingenieurin {f}; Elektrotechniker {m}; Elektrotechnikerin {f}

electrical engineers; electrical engineering technicians Elektroingenieure {pl}; Elektroingenieurinnen {pl}; Elektrotechniker {pl}; Elektrotechnikerinnen {pl}

electrical machine engineer Elektromaschinenbauer {m} [techn.]

electrical machine engineers Elektromaschinenbauer {pl}

designing engineer Entwicklungsingenieur {m}; Entwicklungsingenieurin {f}

designing engineers Entwicklungsingenieure {pl}; Entwicklungsingenieurinnen {pl}

precision mechanic; precision engineer Feinmechaniker {m}; Feinmechanikerin {f}

precision mechanics; precision engineers Feinmechaniker {pl}; Feinmechanikerinnen {pl}

precision engineer Feinwerkmechaniker {m}; Feinwerkmechanikerin {f}

precision engineers Feinwerkmechaniker {pl}; Feinwerkmechanikerinnen {pl}

heating and plumbing engineer Heizungs- und Wasserinstallateur {m}

heating and plumbing engineers Heizungs- und Wasserinstallateure {pl}

heating engineer Heizungsmonteur {m}; Heizungsmonteurin {f}

heating engineers Heizungsmonteure {pl}; Heizungsmonteurinnen {pl}

structural engineer [listen] Hochbauingenieur {m}; Hochbauingenieurin {f}

structural engineers Hochbauingenieure {pl}; Hochbauingenieurinnen {pl}

commissioning engineer Inbetriebnahmeingenieur {m}

commissioning engineers Inbetriebnahmeingenieure {pl}

engineer (with university degree) /eng./ Ingenieur {m}; Ingenieurin {f} /Ing./ [listen]

engineers Ingenieure {pl}; Ingenieurinnen {pl}

assembly engineer Montageingenieur {m}

project engineer Projektingenieur {m}

consulting engineer beratender Ingenieur

lead engineer; chief engineer leitender Ingenieur

refrigeration mechanic; refrigeration engineer Kälteanlagenbauer {m} [techn.]

refrigeration mechanics; refrigeration engineers Kälteanlagenbauer {pl}

refrigeration engineer Kältetechniker {m}; Kältetechnikerin {f}; Kälteingenieur {m}; Kälteingenieurin {f}

refrigeration engineers Kältetechniker {pl}; Kältetechnikerinnen {pl}; Kälteingenieuren {pl}; Kälteingenieurinnen {pl}

boiler design engineer Kesselkonstrukteur {m}

boiler design engineers Kesselkonstrukteure {pl}

design engineer; draftsman; draughtsman [Br.] Konstrukteur {m}

design engineers; draftsmans; draughtsmans Konstrukteure {pl}

design engineer Konstruktionsingenieur; Konstruktionsingenieurin {f}

design engineers Konstruktionsingenieur; Konstruktionsingenieurinnen {pl}

laboratory engineer Laboringenieur {m}; Laboringenieurin {f}

laboratory engineers Laboringenieure {pl}; Laboringenieurinnen {pl}

train driver; locomotive driver [Br.]; locomotive operator [Br.]; engine driver [Br.] [becoming dated]; train operator [Am.]; railroad engineer [Am.], locomotive engineer [Am.] (railway) [listen] Lokomotivführer {m}; Lokführer {m}; Triebwagenführer {m}; Triebfahrzeugführer {m}; Zugsführer {m} [Ös.]; Triebfahrzeugführender {m} [Schw.] (Bahn)

train drivers; locomotive drivers; locomotive operators; engine drivers; train operators; railroad engineer, locomotive engineers Lokomotivführer {pl}; Lokführer {pl}; Triebwagenführer {pl}; Triebfahrzeugführer {pl}; Zugsführer {pl}; Triebfahrzeugführende {pl}

head driver Aufsichtslokführer {m}; Lehrlokführer {m}

electric stock driver Führer eines elektrischen Triebfahrzeugs; E-Lokführer

main-line driver Streckenlokomotivführer {m}; Streckenlokführer {m}

apprentice driver; learner driver; traction trainee (railway) Triebfahrzeugführeranwärter {m}; Hilfslokführer {m}

ventilation engineer; ventilation technician Lüftungstechniker {m}; Lüftungstechnikerin {f}

ventilation engineers; ventilation technicians Lüftungstechniker {pl}; Lüftungstechnikerinnen {pl}

mechanical engineer [listen] Maschinenbauingenieur {m}; Maschinenbauingenieurin {f} [listen]

mechanical engineers Maschinenbauingenieure {pl}; Maschinenbauingenieurinnen {pl}

general mechanical engineer Maschinenbaumechaniker {m}; Maschinenbaumechanikerin {f}

general mechanical engineers Maschinenbaumechaniker {pl}; Maschinenbaumechanikerinnen {pl}

engine operator/driver/man; stationary engineer [Am.]; engineer [Am.] [listen] [listen] Maschinenführer {m}; Maschinist {m} [mach.]

engine operators/drivers/men; stationary engineers; engineers [listen] Maschinenführer {pl}; Maschinisten {pl}

mechanical engineer; mechanic; mechanic installer; engine fitter [listen] [listen] [listen] Maschinenschlosser {m}; Maschinenmonteur {m}

mechanical engineers; mechanics; mechanic installers; engine fitters Maschinenschlosser {pl}; Maschinenmonteure {pl}

mechatronics system engineer Mechatroniker {m}; Mechatronikerin {f}

mechatronics system engineers Mechatroniker {pl}; Mechatronikerinnen {pl}

mechatronics for medical equipment Mechatroniker für Medizingerätetechnik

senior site engineer; senior site manager Oberbauleiter {m}; Oberbauleiterin {f} [constr.]

senior site engineers; senior site managers Oberbauleiter {pl}; Oberbauleiterinnen {pl}

roadside recovery technician; roadside assistance technician; motor vehicle breakdown engineer; breakdown engineer; breakdown patrolman [Br.] [dated] (of an automobile association etc.) Pannenfahrer {m}; Straßenwachtfahrer {m} [Dt.] (eines Automobilklubs usw.)

roadside recovery technicians; roadside assistance technicians; motor vehicle breakdown engineers; breakdown engineers; breakdown patrolmen Pannenfahrer {pl}; Straßenwachtfahrer {pl}

test engineer Prüfingenieur {m}; Prüfingenieurin {f}

test engineers Prüfingenieure {pl}; Prüfingenieurinnen {pl}

radio engineer Radiotechniker {m}

radio engineers Radiotechniker {pl}

rocket engineer Raketeningenieur {m}

rocket engineers Raketeningenieure {pl}

space engineer Raumfahrtingenieur {m}

space engineers Raumfahrtingenieure {pl}

methods engineer Refa-Ingenieur {m}; Refa-Ingenieurin {f}

methods engineers Refa-Ingenieure {pl}; Refa-Ingenieurinnen {pl}

repairman; repairer [Br.]; engineer [Br.] [listen] Reparaturtechniker {m}; Techniker {m} [ugs.]; Mechaniker {m} [listen] [listen]

repairmen; repairers; engineers Reparaturtechniker {pl}; Techniker {pl}; Mechaniker {pl} [listen] [listen]

pipeline engineer Rohrleitungspionier {m}; Pipeline-Pionier {m} [mil.]

pipeline engineers Rohrleitungspioniere {pl}; Pipeline-Pioniere {pl}

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