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154 results for theatre
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theatre production; production [listen] Theaterproduktion {f}; Produktion {f} [listen]

theatre productions; productions Theaterproduktionen {pl}; Produktionen {pl}

theatre [Br.]; theater [Am.] (for dramatic performances) [listen] [listen] Theater {n} [art]

theatres; theaters [Am.] Theater {pl}

documentary theatre; documentary theater Dokumentartheater {n}; dokumentarisches Theater

youth theatre; youth theater Jugendtheater {n}

state theatre; state theater; regional theatre; regional theater Landestheater {n}

pantomime theatre; pantomime theater Pantomimetheater {n}

spoken theatre; spoken theater Sprechtheater {n}

national theatre/theater; state theatre/theater [listen] [listen] Staatstheater {n}

improvisational theatre [Br.]; improvisational theater [Am.] Stegreiftheater {n}; Improvisationstheater {n}; Impro-Theater {n}

total theatre/theater [listen] Totaltheater {n}

popular theatre/theater; folk theatre/theater [listen] [listen] Volkstheater {n}

to go to the theatre; to go to the theater [Am.] ins Theater gehen

to be on the stage beim Theater sein

to find work in the theatre am Theater Arbeit finden

theatre of the absurd absurdes Theater

to use a theatre [Br.]/theater [Am.] for performances ein Theater bespielen {vt}

We were at the theatre last night. Wir waren gestern Abend im Theater.

Is there a snack bar at/in the theatre? Gibt es im Theater ein Buffet?

What's on at the theatre tonight? Was spielen sie heute Abend im Theater?; Was wird heute Abend im Theater gespielt?

cinema [Br.]; movies; motion-picture theatre [Br.]; motion-picture theater [Am.]; movie theater [Am.]; bioscope [South Africa] [dated] [listen] Kino {n}; Lichtspielhaus {n} [veraltet]; Lichtspieltheater {n} [veraltet]; Filmtheater {n} [veraltet]; Filmbühne {f} [veraltet]; Cinéma {n} [Schw.] [veraltet] [listen]

cinemas; motion-picture theaters; motion-picture theaters; movie theaters; bioscopes Kinos {pl}; Lichtspielhäuser {pl}; Lichtspieltheater {pl}; Filmtheater {pl}; Filmbühnen {pl}; Cinémas {pl}

art-house cinema; repertory cinema Filmkunstkino {n}; Programmkino {n}

the country's oldest cinema [Br.]/movie theater [Am.] which is still used for performances das älteste bespielte Kino des Landes

to go to the cinema [Br.]/movie theatre [Am.]; to go the flicks [Br.] [coll.]/pictures [Br.] [dated]/movies [Am.] ins Kino gehen

to come to cinema screens [Br.] / movie screens [Am.]; to hit cinema screens [Br.] / movie screens [Am.]; to hit the screen; to be released theatrically (of a film) ins Kino kommen; in die Kinos kommen (Film)

to come to our screens (of a film) in die heimischen Kinos kommen (Film)

I took my girl-friend to the flicks/movies. Ich bin mit meiner Freundin ins Kino gegangen.

Coming shortly to your screens. Demnächst in Ihrem Kino.

What's on at the cinema? [Br.]; What's on at the movies? [Am.] Was läuft im Kino?; Was spielen sie im Kino?

theatre manager [Br.]; theater manager [Am.]; artistic director Theaterintendant {m}; Intendant {m} [art]

theatre managers; theater managers; artistic directors Theaterintendanten {pl}; Intendanten {pl}

general manager; general director Generalintendant {m}

theatre; theater [Am.] [listen] [listen] Schauplatz {m}

satirical theatre [Br.]; satirical theater [Am.] Kleinkunst {f}; Kabarett {n} [art]

theatre; theater [Am.] [listen] [listen] Schauspielhaus {n}

theatres; theaters [Am.] Schauspielhäuser {pl}

theatre stage [Br.]; theater stage [Am.] Theaterbühne {f} [art]

theatre stages; theater stages Theaterbühnen {pl}

side stage; the wings Seitenbühne {f}

backstage Hinterbühne {f}

theatre [Br.] / theater [Am.] scene; theatre/theater landscape [listen] Theaterszene {f}; Theaterlandschaft {f}

the Fringe theatres; the Fringe (theatre) scene (in a city) [Br.] die kleinen Bühnen (einer Stadt)

the independent theatre scene (in a city) die freie Theaterszene (einer Stadt)

theatre company policy; theater company policy Ensemblepolitik {f} (eines Theaters)

theatre of war; combat theater [Am.] Kriegsschauplatz {m}

theatres of war Kriegsschauplätze {pl}

theatre sister [Br.]; operating-room nurse [Am.] Operationsschwester {f}; OP-Schwester {f}

theatre sisters; operating-room nurses Operationsschwestern {pl}; OP-Schwestern {pl}

theatre style Stuhlreihen {pl}

theatre business [Br.]; theater business [Am.] Theaterbetrieb {m} (als Kategorie) [art]

theatre operations [Br.]; theater operations [Am.] (at a single house) Theaterbetrieb {m} (an einem einzelnen Haus) [art]

theatre house; theatre [Br.]; theater house; theater [Am.] [listen] [listen] Theaterhaus {n}

theatre houses; theatres; theater houses; theaters Theaterhäuser {pl}

theatre general director Theaterintendant {m}; Theaterintendantin {f}

theatre general directors Theaterintendanten {pl}; Theaterintendantinnen {pl}

theatre year [Br.]; theater year [Am.] Theaterjahr {n}

theatre years; theater years Theaterjahre {pl}

theatre ticket Theaterkarte {f}

theatre tickets Theaterkarten {pl}

theatre box office [Br.]; theater box office [Am.] Theaterkasse {f}; Theaterkassa {f} [Ös.]

theatre box offices; theater box offices Theaterkassen {pl}; Theaterkassa {pl}

theatre critic; drama critic Theaterkritiker {m}

theatre culture Theaterkultur {f} [art]

the European theatre cultures die europäischen Theaterkulturen

theatre people; theater people [Am.]; theatre professionals Theaterleute {pl}

theatre professional [Br.]; theater professional [Am.] Theaterschaffender {m}; Bühnenschaffender {m}

theatre text [Br.]; theater text [Am.] Theatertext {m}

theatre texts; theater texts Theatertexte {pl}

theatre curtain Theatervorhang {m}

theatre curtains Theatervorhänge {pl}

theatre studies; theatrology Theaterwissenschaft {f}

theatre institute Theaterinstitut {n}

theatre institutes Theaterinstitute {pl}

theatre form [Br.]; theater form [Am.]; theatrical form; form of theatre/theater Theaterform {f}

theatre forms; theater forms; theatrical forms; forms of theatre/theater Theaterformen {pl}

theatre maker Theatermacher {m}; Theatermacherin {f}

theatre makers Theatermacher {pl}

agitprop theatre Agitproptheater {n}

agitprop theatres Agitproptheater {pl}

props buyer; props procurer; production buyer; set decoration buyer (theatre, film, TV) Außenrequisiteur {m}; Außenrequisite {f} (Theater, Film, TV) [art]

set decoration (theatre, film, TV) Ausstattung {f} (Theater, Film, TV) [art] [listen]

stage architecture (theatre) Bühnenbau {m} (Theater) [art]

theatrical technician; theatre technician [Br.]; theatre tech [Br.]; theater technician [Am.]; theater tech [Am.]; techie [coll.] (theatre) Bühnentechniker {m} (Theater)

theatrical technicians; theatre technicians; theatre teches; theater technicians; theater teches; techies Bühnentechniker {pl}

set builder (theatre; film, TV) Dekorationsbauer {m}; Mann {m} für die Baubühne; Baubühne {f} (Theater; Film, TV) [art]

German Theatre and Orchestra Association Deutscher Bühnenverein {m} [Dt.]

transfer from / to the operating theatre Einschleusen {n} in den / Ausschleusen {n} aus dem Operationssaal [med.]

festival hall; festival theatre Festhalle {f}; Festspielhaus {n}

festival halls; festival theatres Festhallen {pl}; Festspielhäuser {pl}

turkey [Am.] [coll.] (film, theatre) [listen] Flop {m} (Film, Theater)

open-air theatre; open-air theater Freilichtbühne {f}; Freilichttheater {n}

open-air theatres; open-air theaters Freilichtbühnen {pl}; Freilichttheater {pl}

picture-frame stage (theatre) Guckkastenbühne {f} (Theater) [art] [hist.]

court theatre; royal theatre Hoftheater {n} [hist.]

court theatres; royal theatres Hoftheater {pl}

trouser role (theatre) Hosenrolle {f} (Theater; Musiktheater) [art]

satirical show; satirical theatre performance Kabarettprogramm {n}

satirical shows; satirical theatre performances Kabarettprogramme {pl}

box office opening hours (theatre, cinema etc.) Kassenöffnungszeiten {pl}; Kassaöffnungszeiten {pl} [Ös.] [Schw.] (Theater, Kino usw.)

cellar theatre; cellar theater [Am.] Kellertheater {n}

cellar theatres; cellar theaters Kellertheater {pl}

theatre-style [Br.]/threater-style [Am.] seating arrangement/floorplan Kinobestuhlung {f}

cabaret theatre; satirical theatre Kleinkunstbühne {f}; Kabarettbühne {f}; Kabarett-Theater {n} [art]

cabaret theatres; satirical theatres Kleinkunstbühnen {pl}; Kabarettbühnen {pl}; Kabarett-Theater {pl}

piece of scenery (theatre, film, TV) Kulissenteil {m} (Theater, Film, TV) [art]

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