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Studies (at a university) Studium {n} (eines Fachgebiets); ...wissenschaften {pl}; ...kunde {f}; ...istik {f}; ...ologie {f} (Studienfach) [stud.] [listen]

Arctic Studies Studium der Arktis

Ancient Studies Altertumswissenschaften {pl}

American Studies Amerikanistik {f}

English Studies; Language and Literary Studies of English; (Studies of) English language and literature; English philology Anglistik {f}; Englische Philologie {f}

Asian Studies Asianistik {f}

Chinese Studies; sinology Chinawissenschaften {pl}; Chinakunde {f}; Sinologie {f}

Esperanto Studies; esperantology Esperantophilologie {f}; Esperantistik {f}

German Studies; Language and Literary Studies of German; (Studies of) German language and literature; German philology Germanistik {f}; Deutsche Philologie {f}

Japanese Studies; Language and Literary Studies of Japanese; (Studies of) Japanese language and literature; Japanese philology Japanistik {f}; Japanische Philologie {f}

Japan Studies; japanology Japanwissenschaften {pl}; Japankunde {f}; Japanologie {f}

Oriental Studies Orientalistik {f}

East European Studies Osteuropawissenschaften {pl}; Osteuropakunde {f}

Romance Studies; (Studies of) Romance languages and literature; Romance philology Romanistik {f}; Romanische Philologie {f}

Slavic Studies; Slavonic Studies; (Studies of) Slavic languages and literature; Slavic philology; Slavonic philology Slawistik {f}; Slawische Philologie {f}

Vietnam Studies; Vietnamese Studies Vietnamwissenschaften {pl}; Vietnamkunde {f}; Vietnamistik {f}

course of study; course of studies; studies; study course; study path; degree programme [Br.]; degree program [Am.] [listen] Studiengang {m}; Studium {n} [stud.] [listen] [listen]

Bachelor's course; Bachelor's studies (often wrongly: bachelor course, bachelor studies) Bakkalaureatsstudiengang {m}; Bachelorstudiengang {m}; Bakkalaureatsstudium {n}; Bachelorstudium {n}

Master's course; Master's studies (often wrongly: master course, master studies) Masterstudiengang {m}; Masterstudium {n}; Magisterstudium {n}

doctoral course; doctoral studies; Ph.D. studies; DPhil studies Doktoratsstudiengang {m}; Doktoratsstudium {n}

autonomous course of study eigenständiger Studiengang

dual study programmes/programs; dual courses duale Studiengänge {pl}

free-admission courses of studies; free-admission degree programmes/programs; degree programmes/programs with unrestricted admission zulassungsfreie Studiengänge

paedagogy [Br.]; pedagogy [Am.]; (theory of) education; educational studies; educational theory [listen] [listen] Pädagogik {f}; Erziehungswissenschaft {f}; Erziehungswissenschaften {pl} [listen]

early childhood education /ECE/; nursery education Frühpädagogik {f}; Kleinkindpädagogik {f}; Elementarpädagogik {f}; Vorschulpädagogik {f}

kindergarten education Kindergartenpädagogik {f}

theatre paedagogy; theatre education [Br.]; theatrical pedagogy Theaterpädagogik {f}

African studies Afrikanistik {f}

alpine garden (for high alpine studies) Alpengarten {m} (für Hochgebirgsstudien) [bot.]

antiquarianism; antiquarian studies Altertumskunde {f}; Altertumswissenschaft {f} [stud.]

Ancient Oriental studies Altorientalistik {f} [stud.]

Arabic studies {pl} Arabistik {f}

Asian studies Asienwissenschaften {pl}

East Asian studies Ostasienwissenschaften {pl}

business administration; industrial management; business studies Betriebswirtschaftslehre {f} /BWL/

Bible studies; biblical studies Bibelstudium {n}; Bibelstudien {pl} [relig.]

permafrost studies; geocryology Bodenfrostkunde {f} [geogr.] [phys.]

complementary studies Ergänzungsstudium {n} [stud.]

complementary studies Ergänzungsstudien {pl}

European studies Europawissenschaften {pl}

film studies Filmwissenschaft {f} [stud.]

foundation course; stage studies; basic study; basic studies Grundstudium {n} [stud.]

completion of basic studies Abschluss des Grundstudiums

main course; stage II studies Hauptstudium {n} [stud.]

Indo-European studies Indogermanistik {f}; indogermanische Sprachwissenschaft {f} [stud.]

Islamic studies Islamkunde {f}; Islamwissenschaft {f}; Islamistik {f} [stud.]

study of avalanches; avalanche studies Lawinenkunde {f}

literary studies; literature (subject of study) [listen] Literaturwissenschaft {f}; Literaturwissenschaften {pl} (Studienfach) [stud.]

specialist in Middle Eastern and oriental studies Orientalist {m}; Orientalistin {f}

specialist in Middle Eastern and oriental studies Orientalisten {pl}; Orientalistinnen {pl}

communication science; communication studies Publizistikwissenschaft {f}; Publizistik {f} [stud.]

source studies Quellenkunde {f} [sci.] [hist.]

regional studies Regionalstudien {pl}

religious studies; religious science Religionswissenschaft {f}

comparative religious science vergleichende Religionswissenschaft

sensory studies (field of research) Sinnesgeschichte {f} (Forschungsrichtung)

social studies Sozialkunde {f}; Gesellschaftslehre {f}

social education studies; social education Sozialpädagogik {f}; soziale Arbeit {f} [stud.]

beginning of studies; start of the study Studienbeginn {m}; Studienstart {m} [stud.]

area of studies Studienbereich {m}

areas of studies Studienbereiche {pl}

director of studies Studiendirektor {m}; Studiendirektorin {f}; Studienleiter {m}; Studienleiterin {f}

directors of studies Studiendirektoren {pl}; Studiendirektorinnen {pl}; Studienleiter {pl}; Studienleiterinnen {pl}

academic success; success in his/her studies; academic accomplishment Studienerfolg {m} [stud.]

human-animal studies; anthrozoology Studium {n} der Mensch-Tier-Beziehung; Anthrozoologie {f}

sociological technology studies Techniksoziologie {f}

partial studies; study component Teilstudium {n} [stud.]

part-time studies Teilzeitstudium {n} [stud.]

theatre studies; theatrology Theaterwissenschaft {f}

Tibetan studies Tibetologie {f}

translatology; translation studies Translationswissenschaft {f}; Translatologie {f}; Übersetzungswissenschaft {f} [ling.]

environmental research; environmental studies Umweltforschung {f} [envir.]

folklife studies Volkskunde {f}; Folkloristik {f} [sci.]

business studies; economics [listen] Wirtschaftslehre {f}; Betriebslehre {f}

additional studies Zusatzstudium {n} [stud.]

theological studies Theologiestudium {n} [stud.]

media studies Medienwissenschaft {f} [stud.]

second course of studies Zweitstudium {n} [stud.]

'Symphonic Studies' (by Schumann / work title) "Symphonische Etüden" (von Schumann / Werktitel) [mus.]

market study Absatzstudie {f}

market studies Absatzstudien {pl}

study from the nude Aktstudie {f}

studies from the nude Aktstudien {pl}

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