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Word division: The·a·ter
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theatre [Br.]; theater [Am.] (for dramatic performances) [listen] [listen] Theater {n} [art]

theatres; theaters [Am.] Theater {pl}

documentary theatre; documentary theater Dokumentartheater {n}; dokumentarisches Theater

youth theatre; youth theater Jugendtheater {n}

state theatre; state theater; regional theatre; regional theater Landestheater {n}

spoken theatre; spoken theater Sprechtheater {n}

national theatre/theater; state theatre/theater [listen] [listen] Staatstheater {n}

improvisational theatre [Br.]; improvisational theater [Am.] Stegreiftheater {n}; Improvisationstheater {n}; Impro-Theater {n}

total theatre/theater [listen] Totaltheater {n}

popular theatre/theater; folk theatre/theater [listen] [listen] Volkstheater {n}

to go to the theatre; to go to the theater [Am.] ins Theater gehen

to be on the stage beim Theater sein

to find work in the theatre am Theater Arbeit finden

theatre of the absurd absurdes Theater

to use a theatre [Br.]/theater [Am.] for performances ein Theater bespielen {vt}

We were at the theatre last night. Wir waren gestern Abend im Theater.

Is there a snack bar at/in the theatre? Gibt es im Theater ein Buffet?

What's on at the theatre tonight? Was spielen sie heute Abend im Theater?; Was wird heute Abend im Theater gespielt?

cinema [Br.]; movies; motion-picture theatre [Br.]; motion-picture theater [Am.]; movie theater [Am.]; bioscope [South Africa] [dated] [listen] Kino {n}; Lichtspielhaus {n} [veraltet]; Lichtspieltheater {n} [veraltet]; Filmtheater {n} [veraltet]; Filmbühne {f} [veraltet]; Cinéma {n} [Schw.] [veraltet] [listen]

cinemas; motion-picture theaters; motion-picture theaters; movie theaters; bioscopes Kinos {pl}; Lichtspielhäuser {pl}; Lichtspieltheater {pl}; Filmtheater {pl}; Filmbühnen {pl}; Cinémas {pl}

art-house cinema; repertory cinema Filmkunstkino {n}; Programmkino {n}

to go to the cinema [Br.]/movie theatre [Am.]; to go the flicks [Br.] [coll.]/pictures [Br.] [dated]/movies [Am.] ins Kino gehen

I took my girl-friend to the flicks/movies. Ich bin mit meiner Freundin ins Kino gegangen.

the country's oldest cinema [Br.]/movie theater [Am.] which is still used for performances das älteste bespielte Kino des Landes

theatre manager [Br.]; theater manager [Am.]; artistic director Theaterintendant {m}; Intendant {m} [art]

theatre managers; theater managers; artistic directors Theaterintendanten {pl}; Intendanten {pl}

general manager; general director Generalintendant {m}

theatre; theater [Am.] [listen] [listen] Schauplatz {m}

satirical theatre [Br.]; satirical theater [Am.] Kleinkunst {f}; Kabarett {n} [art]

theatre stage [Br.]; theater stage [Am.] Theaterbühne {f} [art]

theatre stages; theater stages Theaterbühnen {pl}

side stage; the wings Seitenbühne {f}

backstage Hinterbühne {f}

theatre [Br.] / theater [Am.] scene; theatre/theater landscape [listen] Theaterszene {f}; Theaterlandschaft {f}

the Fringe theatres; the Fringe (theatre) scene (in a city) [Br.] die kleinen Bühnen (einer Stadt)

the independent theatre scene (in a city) die freie Theaterszene (einer Stadt)

theatrical technician; theatre technician [Br.]; theatre tech [Br.]; theater technician [Am.]; theater tech [Am.]; techie [coll.] (theatre) Bühnentechniker {m} (Theater)

theatrical technicians; theatre technicians; theatre teches; theater technicians; theater teches; techies Bühnentechniker {pl}

open-air theatre; open-air theater Freilichtbühne {f}; Freilichttheater {n}

open-air theatres; open-air theaters Freilichtbühnen {pl}; Freilichttheater {pl}

open-air cinema [Br.]; open-air movie theater [Am.] Freilichtkino {n}

open-air cinemas; open-air movie theaters Freilichtkinos {pl}

dinner theater [Am.] Gastronomietheater {n} [art] [cook.]

cellar theatre; cellar theater [Am.] Kellertheater {n}

cellar theatres; cellar theaters Kellertheater {pl}

visit to the cinema [Br.]/movie theater Kinobesuch {m}

cinema revenue; movie theater revenue Kinoeinnahmen {pl} [econ.]

cinema box office [Br.]; theater box office [Am.] Kinokasse {f}; Kinokassa {f} [Ös.]

theatre of war; combat theater [Am.] Kriegsschauplatz {m}

theatres of war Kriegsschauplätze {pl}

amateur theatre [Br.]; amateur theater [Am.] Laientheater {n}; Laienbühne {f}

amateur theatres; amateur theaters Laientheater {pl}; Laienbühnen {pl}

puppet theatre; puppet theater [Am.]; puppet play Marionettentheater {n}

puppet theatres; puppet theaters; puppet plays Marionettentheater {pl}

musical theatre actor [Br.]; musical theater actor [Am.] Musicaldarsteller {m}; Musicaldarstellerin {f}

musical theatre actors; musical theater actors Musicaldarsteller {pl}; Musicaldarstellerinnen {pl}

opera and musical theatre [Br.]; opera and musical theater [Am.] Musiktheater {n} [mus.] (Genre)

theatre; theater [Am.] [listen] [listen] Schauspielhaus {n}

theatres; theaters [Am.] Schauspielhäuser {pl}

adult movie theater; porn cinema [Br.]; porn movie theater [Am.] Sexkino {n}; Pornokino {n}

adult movie theaters; porn cinemas; porn movie theaters Sexkinos {pl}; Pornokinos {pl}

visit to a theatre [Br.]/theater [Am.] Theaterbesuch {m}

theatre business [Br.]; theater business [Am.] Theaterbetrieb {m} (als Kategorie) [art]

theatre operations [Br.]; theater operations [Am.] (at a single house) Theaterbetrieb {m} (an einem einzelnen Haus) [art]

theatre house; theatre [Br.]; theater house; theater [Am.] [listen] [listen] Theaterhaus {n}

theatre houses; theatres; theater houses; theaters Theaterhäuser {pl}

theatre year [Br.]; theater year [Am.] Theaterjahr {n}

theatre years; theater years Theaterjahre {pl}

theatre box office [Br.]; theater box office [Am.] Theaterkasse {f}; Theaterkassa {f} [Ös.]

theatre box offices; theater box offices Theaterkassen {pl}; Theaterkassa {pl}

theatre people; theater people [Am.]; theatre professionals Theaterleute {pl}

theatre professional [Br.]; theater professional [Am.] Theaterschaffender {m}; Bühnenschaffender {m}

variety theatre; variety theater [Am.] Varietétheater {n}

variety theatres; variety theaters [Am.] Varietétheater {pl}

travelling theatre; travelling theater [Am.] Wanderbühne {f}; Wandertheater {n}; Tourneetheater {n}; Thespiskarren {m} [humor.] [art]

travelling theatres; travelling theaters Wanderbühnen {pl}; Wandertheater {pl}; Tourneetheater {pl}; Thespiskarren {pl}

evening of theatre/theater; evening at the theatre/theater; theatrical evening Theaterabend {m}

evenings of theatre/theater; evenings at the theatre/theater; theatrical evenings Theaterabende {pl}

theatre form [Br.]; theater form [Am.]; theatrical form; form of theatre/theater Theaterform {f}

theatre forms; theater forms; theatrical forms; forms of theatre/theater Theaterformen {pl}

image theatre [Br.]; image theater [Am.] Bildertheater {n}

national theatre [Br.]; national theater [Am.] Nationaltheater {n}

operator [listen] Betreiber {m} (einer Anlage/eines Versorgungsnetzes) [listen]

operators Betreiber {pl} [listen]

cinema operator; movie theater operator Kinobetreiber {m}

website operator Betreiber einer Homepage/Internetseite

buffet; snack bar (dining area with a snack counter) [listen] Büfett {n} [Dt.]; Buffet {n} [Ös.] [Schw.] (Speiseraum mit Imbisstheke) [cook.]

theatre snack bar [Br.]; theatre bar [Br.]; theater snack bar [Am.]; theater bar [Am.] Theaterbüfett {n}; Theaterbuffet {n}

festival [listen] Festspiele {pl}; Festival {n} [ugs.] [art]

film festival; filmfest Filmfestspiele {pl}; Filmfestival {n}; Filmschau {f}; Filmtage {pl}

jazz festival Jazzfestival {n}

short film festival Kurzfilmfestival {n}

theatre festival [Br.]; theater festival [Am.] Theaterfestspiele {pl}; Theaterfestival {n}; Theatertage {pl}

intimate play Kammerspiel {n}

intimate theatre; intimate theater [Am.] Kammerspiele {pl}

people /ppl/; folk [Am.]; folks [Am.] [listen] [listen] Leute {pl}; Menschen {pl} [soc.] [listen] [listen]

the common people die einfachen Leute

most people [listen] die meisten Leute; die meisten Menschen

these kind of people solche Leute

youths junge Leute

older people alte Menschen

people of position Leute von Rang

to make sth. public etw. unter die Leute bringen

The cinema / movie theater was filled with people. Das Kino war voller Leute.

name [listen] Name {m} [ling.] [listen]

names Namen {pl}

double name Doppelname {m}

confirmation name Firmname {m} (kath.) [relig.]

boy's name; boy name Jungenname {m} [Norddt.] [Mitteldt.]; Bubenname {m} [Süddt.] [Ös.] [Schw.]

pet name Kosename {m}

girl's name; girl name Mädchenname {m}

sb.'s maiden name jds. lediger Name; jds. Mädchenname

calling name Rufname {m}

ship name; ship's name; name of the ship; vessel's name Schiffsname {m}

baptismal name; Christian name Taufname {m} [relig.]

theatre name; theater name Theatername {m}

first name; forename; given name; prename [obs.] [listen] Vorname {m} [listen]

surname; family name; last name [listen] [listen] [listen] Zuname {m}; Familienname {m}; Nachname {m} [listen]

middle name Zwischennamen {m}; zweiter Vorname {m}; Zweitname {m}

dead name (of a transgender) abgelegter Geburtsname (eines Transgenders)

to give sb./sth. a name; to assign a name to sb./sth. jmd./etw. einen Namen geben

to enter names on a list Namen in eine Liste eintragen

a name to conjure with ein Name, der Wunder wirkt

registered name eingetragener Name

an interest representation worthy of the name eine Interessenvertretung, die diesen Namen verdient

May I have your name? Darf ich nach Ihrem Namen fragen?

The name captures the spirit of our vision/programme. Der Name ist Programm.

After her divorce she continued to bear her ex-husband's family name. Nach ihrer Scheidung führte sie weiterhin den Familiennamen ihres Ex-Mannes.

We reserved two tickets in the name of Viktor. Wir haben zwei Karten auf den Namen Viktor reserviert.

The motor vehicle is registered in my name. Das Kfz ist auf meinen Namen zugelassen.

I arrest you in the name of the law. Ich nehme Sie im Namen des Gesetzes fest.

There have always been crimes that were committed in the name of religion. Es gab immer schon Verbrechen, die im Namen der Religion verübt wurden.

The country is a democracy in name only/alone. Das Land ist nur dem Namen nach eine Demokratie.

These detention centres are actually prisons in all but name. Diese Anhaltezentren sind eigentlich verkappte Gefängnisse.

Their marriage was over in everything but name five years ago. Ihre Ehe war de facto schon vor fünf Jahren am Ende.

That bullet had my name on it. Diese Kugel war für mich bestimmt.

We have a dish with your name on it! Wir haben da etwas gekocht, das genau das Richtige für Euch ist.

audience; audiences [listen] Publikum {n}; Zuschauer {pl}; Zuhörer {pl}; Besucher {pl} [listen] [listen] [listen]

cinema audience; movie audience Kinopublikum {n}

mass audience Massenpublikum {n}

theatre audience; theater audience Theaterpublikum {n}

more general audiences eine breitere Öffentlichkeit

a captive audience ein unfreiwilliges Publikum

to bring the house down; to set the house on fire [fig.] das Publikum begeistern

director (thetre, film, TV) [listen] Regisseur {m}; Regisseurin {f}; Regie {f} (Theater, Film, TV) [listen]

directors Regisseure {pl}; Regisseurinnen {pl}

opera director Opernregisseur {m}

studio director (TV) Studioregisseur {m} (TV)

theatre director [Br.]; theater director [Am.]; stage director Theaterregisseur {m}

soon; upcoming [listen] [listen] demnächst; sobald {adv} [listen] [listen]

The movie is coming soon to your local theater. [Am.]; The movie is soon released. Der Film kommt demnächst ins Kino.

dialectic; dialectical dialektisch {adj} [phil.]

dialectical antinomy dialektische Antinomie

dialectical assertion dialektische Behauptung

dialectical movement dialektische Bewegung

dialectical relation dialektische Beziehung

dialectical inference dialektische Folgerung; dialektischer Schluss

dialectical logic dialektische Logik

dialectical opposition dialektische Opposition

dialectical psychology dialektische Psychologie

dialectical theology dialektische Theologie

dialectic triad; dialectical triad dialektischer Dreisatz

dialectic employment of pure reason; dialectical use of pure reason dialektischer Gebrauch der reinen Vernunft

dialectic appearance; dialectical illusion dialektischer Schein

dialectic leap; dialectical transition dialektischer Sprung

dialectical hyper-empiricism dialektischer Überempirismus

dialectical inference of reason dialektischer Vernunftschluss

dialectical argument dialektisches Argument

dialectical image dialektisches Bild

dialectical thinking dialektisches Denken

dialectical theatre [Br.]; dialectical theater [Am.] dialektisches Theater

to loiter (in a place); to hang about/round [Br.]; to hang around [Am.] (a place) [listen] (an einem Ort) (untätig) herumstehen; dastehen; herumlungern {vi}

loitering; hanging about/round/around [listen] herumstehend; dastehend; herumlungernd

loitered; hung about/round/around [listen] herumgestanden; dagestanden; herumgelungert

After the movie, we had some time left, so we hung around the theater. [Am.] Nach dem Film hatten wir noch Zeit und blieben vor dem Kino.

No loitering on the ice/in the loading zone! Verweilen auf dem Eis/in der Ladezone verboten!

to empty; to empty out [listen] sich leeren {vr}

emptying; emptying out sich leerend

emptied; emptied out sich geleert

The theater emptied (out) quickly after the show. Das Theater leerte sich nach der Vorstellung rasch.

The streets emptied when the rain started. Die Straßen leerten sich, als es zu regnen begann.

The tank empties out in 15 minutes. Der Tank leert sich innerhalb von 15 Minuten.
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