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Doppelhaus {n} pair of semi-detached houses; pair of semis [coll.]; duplex [Am.]

Doppelhäuser {pl} pairs of semi-detached houses; pairs of semis

Häuserblock {m}; Karree {n} block of houses; block [listen]

Häuserblöcke {pl}; Häuserblocks {pl} blocks of houses

Häusergruppe {f} (Raumplanung) cluster of houses; clump of houses (spatial planning)

Häusergruppen {pl} clusters of houses; clumps of houses

Häuserreihe {f}; Häuserzeile {f}; Häuserfront {f} row of houses

Häuserreihen {pl}; Häuserzeilen {pl}; Häuserfronten {pl} rows of houses

Reihenhaussiedlung {f} estate of terraced houses

Reihenhaussiedlungen {pl} estates of terraced houses

Straßenzug {m} street of houses; street [listen]

Straßenzüge {pl} streets of houses; streets

Buchhandelserscheinungen {pl} publications from publishing houses

Plattenbausiedlung {f} prefab estate; estate of prefabricated houses

absolut sicher sein {v} to be as safe as houses [fig.]

Häuser aneinanderbauen {vt} to build houses on to each other

Wer im Glashaus sitzt, sollte nicht mit Steinen werfen. [übtr.] People (who live) in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones. [fig.]

Abbruchhaus {n} condemned house

Abbruchhäuser {pl} condemned houses

Abferkelstall {m} (Schweinezucht) [agr.] farrowing house (pig breeding)

Abferkelställe {pl} farrowing houses

Abrisshaus {n} tear-down (building); demolished house

Abrisshäuser {pl} tear-downs; demolished houses

Affenhaus {n} (im Zoo) ape house

Affenhäuser {pl} ape houses

Akzeptbank {f}; Wechselbank {f} [fin.] acceptance bank; acceptance/accepting [Br.] house; acceptance corporation [listen]

Akzeptbanken {pl}; Wechselbanken {pl} acceptance banks; acceptance/accepting houses; acceptance corporations

Alpengasthof {m} alpine guest house

Alpengasthöfe {pl} alpine guest houses

Armenhaus {n} poorhouse; poor house; almshouse

Armenhäuser {pl} poorhouses; poor houses; almshouses

Aufzuchtstall {m} (Viehzucht) [agr.] rearing house; maternity (livestock farming) [listen]

Aufzuchtställe {pl} rearing houses

Ferkelaufzuchtstall {m} piglet rearing house

Auktionshaus {n} auction house; auctioneers

Auktionshäuser {pl} auction houses

Ausbauhaus {n} [constr.] bare-bones house; starter house

Ausbauhäuser {pl} bare-bones houses; starter houses

Badekaue {f} [min.] wash house

Badekauen {pl} wash houses

Bahnbetriebshof {m} [Dt.]; Betriebshof {m} [Dt.]; Bahnbetriebswerk {n} /Bw./ [Dt.]; Betriebswerk {n} /Bw/ [Dt.]; Zugförderungsstelle {f} /Zfst./ [Ös.]; Lokomotivremise {f}; Lokremise {f} [ugs.]; Lokomotivhalle {f}; Lokhalle {f} [ugs.]; Lokomotivschuppen {m}; Lokschuppen {m} [ugs.]; Lokomotivdepot {n} [Schw.] (Bahn) motive power depot; locomotive depot; engine house; engine shed [former name] (railway)

Bahnbetriebshöfe {pl}; Betriebshöfe {pl}; Bahnbetriebswerke {pl}; Betriebswerke {pl}; Zugförderungsstellen {pl}; Lokomotivremisen {pl}; Lokremisen {pl}; Lokomotivhallen {pl}; Lokhallen {pl}; Lokomotivschuppen {pl}; Lokschuppen {pl}; Lokomotivdepots {pl} motive power depots; locomotive depots; engine houses; engine sheds

Bahnwärterhaus {n}; Schrankenwärterhaus {n}; Schrankenposten {m} (Bahn) crossing-keeper's house (railway)

Bahnwärterhäuser {pl}; Schrankenwärterhäuser {pl}; Schrankenposten {pl} crossing-keeper's houses

Banknotendruckerei {f} [print] banknote printing house; bill printing house [Am.]

Banknotendruckereien {pl} banknote printing houses; bill printing houses

Baumhaus {n} tree house

Baumhäuser {pl} tree houses

Beinhaus {n}; Ossarium {n}; Karner {m} [Süddt.] [Ös.] charnel house; charnel; ossuary

Beinhäuser {pl}; Ossarien {pl}; Karner {pl} charnel houses; charnels; ossuaries

Bienenhaus {n} bee house

Bienenhäuser {pl} bee houses

Bierbrauerei {f}; Brauerei {f}; Brauhaus {n} brewery; brewing house

Bierbrauereien {pl}; Brauereien {pl}; Brauhäuser {pl} breweries; brewing houses

kleine Brauerei mit Ausschank micro-brewery

Bierschänke {f}; Bierschenke {f}; Bierstube {f} alehouse; ale house

Bierschänken {pl}; Bierschenken {pl}; Bierstuben {pl} alehouses; ale houses

Blockhaus {n}; Bohlenhaus {n} [arch.] log house; log home; log lodge

Blockhäuser {pl}; Bohlenhäuser {pl} log houses; log homes; log lodges

Bootshaus {n} boat house; boathouse

Bootshäuser {pl} boat houses; boathouses

Bordell {n}; Freudenhaus {n}; einschlägiges Etablissement {n}; Puff {m} [ugs.]; Puff {n} [Bayr.] [Ös.] [Schw.] [ugs.] brothel; bordello [Am.]; house of ill repute; whorehouse [coll.] [listen]

Bordelle {pl}; Freudenhäuser {pl}; einschlägige Etablissements {pl}; Puffs {pl} brothels; bordellos; houses of ill repute; whorehouses

Brecherhaus {n}; Brechergebäude {n} [techn.] crusher house; crusher building

Brecherhäuser {pl}; Brechergebäude {pl} crusher houses; crusher buildings

Brokerhaus {n}; Maklerhaus {n} brokerage house

Brokerhäuser {pl}; Maklerhäuser {pl} brokerage houses

Brutraum {m} [agr.] brooder house

Bruträume {pl} brooder houses

Café {n}; Kaffeehaus {n} [Ös.] [cook.] coffee house; coffee shop; coffee bar; café

Cafés {pl}; Kaffeehäuser {pl} coffee houses; coffee shops; coffee bars; cafés

Katzencafé {n} cat café

Doppelhaushälfte {f} [arch.] semi-detached house; semi [coll.]; half of a duplex [Am.]; duplex-half [Am.] [listen]

Doppelhaushälften {pl} semi-detached houses; semis; halves of a duplex; duplex-halves

Druckerei {f} [print] print shop; printshop; print works; printing house; printing business; printer's; printery

Druckereien {pl} print shops; printshops; printing works; printing houses; printeries

Kattundruckerei {f} print shop for calico

Einfamilienhaus {n} one-family house; single-family house

Einfamilienhäuser {pl} one-family houses; single-family houses

freistehendes Einfamilienhaus; Einzelhaus {n} detached house

Erbe {m}; Erbin {f} (in einem Adelsgeschlecht) [pol.] [soc.] [listen] heir; heiress (in a noble dynasty)

Thronerbe {m}; Kronprinz {m} (in einem Herrscherhaus) heir to the throne; heir apparent (in a ruling house) [listen]

Thronerbin {f}; Kronprinzessin {f} (in einem Herrscherhaus) heiress to the throne; heiress apparent (in a ruling house)

Erbprinz {m} (in Fürstenhäusern) heir apparent (in princely houses)

Erbprinzessin {f} (in Fürstenhäusern) heiress apparent (in princely houses)

voraussichtlicher Thronerbe (in einem Herrscherhaus) heir presumtive (in a ruling house)

voraussichtliche Thronerbin (in einem Herrscherhaus) heiress presumtive (in a ruling house)

voraussichtlicher Erbe eines Adelstitels (in Fürstenhäusern) heir presumtive (in princely houses)

voraussichtliche Erbin eines Adelstitels (in Fürstenhäusern) heiress presumtive (in princely houses)

Erbe/Erbin aus einer Seitenlinie heir/heiress collateral [listen]

Fachwerkhaus {n}; Riegelhaus {n} [Schw.]; Rieghaus {n} [Schw.] [arch.] half-timber house; half-timbered house; tudor house [Br.]

Fachwerkhäuser {pl}; Riegelhäuser {pl}; Rieghäuser {pl} half-timber houses; half-timbered houses; tudor houses

Fährhaus {n} ferry house

Fährhäuser {pl} ferry houses

Fertigteilhaus {n}; Fertighaus {n} [constr.] prefabricated house; prefab house

Fertigteilhäuser {pl}; Fertighäuser {pl} prefabricated houses; prefabs

Fremdenpension {f}; Pension {f} boarding house

Fremdenpensionen {pl}; Pensionen {pl} boarding houses

Frühstückspension {f} bed-and-breakfast boarding house; bed and breakfast

in Pension wohnen; in Pension geben to board out

in Pension nehmen to board [listen]

Fürstenhaus {n} dynasty; royal line; royal house

Fürstenhäuser {pl} dynasties; royal lines; royal houses

Gästehaus {n}; Pension {f} guest house; guest-house

Gästehäuser {pl}; Pensionen {pl} guest houses; guest-houses

Gebetshaus {n} [relig.] house of prayer

Gebetshäuser {pl} houses of prayer

Geburtshaus {n} birth house; house where ... was born

Geburtshäuser {pl} birth houses; houses where ... was born

Gerätehaus {n} appliance room; tool house

Gerätehäuser {pl} appliance rooms; tool houses

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