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public swimming pool; public swimming baths [Br.] [dated]; public baths [Br.] [dated] öffentliches Schwimmbad {n}; Schwimmbad {n}; Bad {n} [ugs.] [listen] [listen]

public swimming pools öffentliche Schwimmbäder {pl}; Schwimmbäder {pl}; Bäder {pl}

indoor swimming pool Hallenbad {n}

bathing; swimming [listen] Baden {n}

swimming-pool infection Badeinfektion {f} [med.]

swimming-pool infections Badeinfektionen {pl}

swimming aid Schwimmhilfe {f}

swimming aids Schwimmhilfen {pl}

swimming aids for babies and toddlers Schwimmhilfen für Babys und Kleinkinder

swimming trunks Badehose {f} [textil.]

swimming trunks Badehosen {pl}

swimming complex Badelandschaft {f}

swimming complexes Badelandschaften {pl}

swimming pond Badesee {m}

swimming ponds Badeseen {pl}

swimming spot; bathing area Badestelle {f}

swimming spots; bathing areas Badestellen {pl}

swimming pond Badeteich {m}; Schwimmteich {m}; Badeweiher {m}

swimming ponds Badeteiche {pl}; Schwimmteiche {pl}; Badeweiher {pl}

swimming frogs (zoological genus) Harlekinfrösche {pl} (Pseudis) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

shrinking frog; paradoxical frog Großer Harlekinfrosch {m}; Paradoxer Frosch {m} (Pseudis paradoxa)

swimming pool Schwimmbecken {n}; Swimmingpool {m}

swimming pools Schwimmbecken {pl}; Swimmingpools {pl}

swimming [listen] Schwimmen {n} [sport]

winter swimming; ice swimming Winterschwimmen {n}; Eisschwimmen {n}

swimming belt Schwimmgürtel {m}

swimming belts Schwimmgürtel {pl}

swimming crabs (zoological family) Schwimmkrabben {pl} (Portunidae) (zoologische Familie) [zool.]

swimming course; swimming class Schwimmkurs {m}

swimming courses; swimming classes Schwimmkurse {pl}

swimming champion Schwimmmeister {m} [sport]

swimming champions Schwimmmeister {pl}

swimming ring Schwimmring {m}

swimming rings Schwimmringe {pl}

swimming layer Schwimmschicht {f}

swimming layers Schwimmschichten {pl}

swimming [listen] der Schwimmsport {m}; das Schwimmen {n} [sport]

swimming stroke Schwimmstil {m} (Technik)

swimming strokes Schwimmstile {pl}

swimming style (of a particular person) Schwimmstil {m} (einer bestimmten Person)

swimming styles Schwimmstile {pl}

swimming lessons; swimming instruction Schwimmunterricht {m} [school] [sport]

swimming bird Schwimmvogel {m} [ornith.]

swimming birds Schwimmvögel {pl}

swimming competition; swimming contest Schwimmwettbewerb {m}; Schwimmwettkampf {m}; Wettschwimmen {n} [ugs.] [sport]

swimming competitions; swimming contests Schwimmwettbewerbe {pl}; Schwimmwettkämpfe {pl}; Wettschwimmen {pl}

public open-air swimming pool; public outdoor swimming pool Freibad {n}; Freischwimmbad {n}; Badi {f} [Schw.] [ugs.]

public open-air swimming pools; public outdoor swimming pools Freibäder {pl}; Freischwimmbäder {pl}

public outdoor swimming area; lido [Br.] Naturfreibad {n}

(one-piece) swimsuit; swimming costume [Br.]; bathing costume [Br.]; bathing suit [Am.] (einteiliger) Badeanzug {m}; Badekleid {n} [Schw.]; Badkleid {n} [Schw.] [textil.]

swimsuits; swimming costumes; bathing costumes; bathing suits Badeanzüge {pl}; Badekleider {pl}; Badkleider {pl}

swimming-pool conjunctivitis Badekonjunktivitis {f} [med.]

landscaped swimming area (in a hotel etc.) Badelandschaft {f} (in einem Hotel usw.)

pool supervisor; swimming supervisor (at the public swimming pool) Bademeister {m}; Schwimmmeister {m} (im Schwimmbad)

pool supervisors; swimming supervisors Bademeister {pl}; Schwimmmeister {pl}

swimmer's ear; swimming-pool otitis Badeotitis {f} [med.]

bathing resort; swimming resort Badeort {m}

bathing resorts; swimming resorts Badeorte {pl}

bathing clothes; bathing gear; bathing things; swimming things Badesachen {pl}; Badezeug {n}

bathing jetty; swimming pier Badesteg {m}

bathing jetties; swimming piers Badestege {pl}

bath towel; swimming towel Badetuch {n}

bath towels Badetücher {pl}

Callinectes swimming crabs (zoological genus) Callinectes-Schwimmkrabben {pl} (Callinectes) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

Atlantic blue crab; Chesapeake blue crab; blue crab Blaue Schwimmkrabbe {f}; Blaukrabbe {f} (Callinectes sapidus)

charybdis swimming crabs (zoological genus) Charybdis-Schwimmkrabben {pl} (Charybdis) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

freestyle swimming Freistil {m}; Freistilschwimmen {n} [sport]

synchronized swimming; water ballet Kunstschwimmen {n} [sport]

Liocarcinus swimming crabs (zoological genus) Liocarcinus-Schwimmkrabben {pl} (Liocarcinus) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

natural swimming pond Naturschwimmteich {m}

natural swimming ponds Naturschwimmteiche {pl}

nekton; necton (actively swimming animals) Nekton {n}; Schwimmwelt {f} [ugs.] (aktiv schwimmende Lebewesen) [biol.]

indoor swimming pool; indoor pool Schwimmhalle {f}; Hallenbad {n}; Hallenschwimmbad {n}; Innenschwimmbad {n}; überdachtes Schwimmbad

indoor swimming pools; indoor pools Schwimmhallen {pl}; Hallenbäder {pl}; Hallenschwimmbäder {pl}; Innenschwimmbäder {pl}; überdachte Schwimmbäder

art of swimming Schwimmkunst {f}

arts of swimming Schwimmkünste {pl}

amphibious tank; swimming tank Schwimmpanzer {m} [mil.]

synchronized swimming; water ballet Synchronschwimmen {n}; Kunstschwimmen {n} [sport]

competition swimming pool Wettkampfschwimmbecken {n} [sport]

competition swimming pools Wettkampfschwimmbecken {pl}

nektonic; nectonic (actively swimming) nektisch; nektonisch {adj} (aktiv schwimmend) [biol.]

dog paddle; doggy paddle (swimming style) Hundepaddeln {n} (Schwimmstil)

to be all in the day's work for sb. für jdn. zum Alltag gehören; Routine sein {v}

Swimming among sharks is all in a day's work for some divers. Für manche Taucher gehört es zum Alltag, zwischen Haien herumzuschwimmen.

I have been doing it for 25 years, so it is all in a day's work. Ich mache das seit 25 Jahren, das ist für mich Routine.

pool attendant (at the public swimming pool) Badewärter {m} (im Schwimmbad)

pool attendants Badewärter {pl}

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