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118 results for hotel | hotel
Word division: Ho·tel
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hotel [listen] Hotel {n}

hotels Hotels {pl}

bed-and-breakfast hotel Hotel garni {n}

Alpine hotel Alpenhotel {n}

boutique hotel Boutiquehotel {n} (kleines, exklusives Hotel)

adults-only hotel (reines) Erwachsenenhotel {n}

romantic hotel Romantikhotel {n}

hotel with meeting facilities; hotel with workshop facilities Seminarhotel {n}

flotel schwimmendes Hotel

to be the best hotel locally das erste / beste Haus am Platz sein

hotel [listen] Hotelbetrieb {m}; Hotel {n}

fleabag motel [Am.]; fleabag hotel [Am.]; fleabag [Am.] [coll.] (seedy/dilapidated hotel or rooming house) Drecksbude {f}; Bruchbude {f}; Drecksloch {n}; Rattenloch {n}; Loch {n} [ugs.] (schäbige Absteige) [listen]

fleabag motels; fleabag hotels; fleabags Drecksbuden {pl}; Bruchbuden {pl}; Dreckslöcher {pl}; Rattenlöcher {pl}; Löcher {pl}

hotel room Hotelzimmer {n}

hotel rooms Hotelzimmer {pl}

day-use room Tageszimmer {n}

hotel and restaurant services; hotel and restaurant industry; hospitality industry Gaststätten- und Beherbergungsgewerbe {n}; Gastgewerbe {n}

hotel bar Hotelbar {f}

hotel trade Hotelfach {n}

hotel guide Hotelführer {m}

hotel guides Hotelführer {pl}

hotel guest Hotelgast {m}

hotel grounds Hotelgelände {n}

hotel business; hotel trade; hotel industry; hotel sector Hotelgewerbe {n}; Hotelbranche {f}; Hotellerie {f}

business of guest houses, holiday apartments, B&B and other non-hotel accommodations Parahotellerie {f}

hotel voucher Hotelgutschein {m}

hotel vouchers Hotelgutscheine {pl}

hotel chain; hotel group Hotelkette {f} [econ.]

hotel chains; hotel groups Hotelketten {pl}

hotel management Hotelleitung {f}; Hoteldirektion {f}

hotel information service Hotelnachweis {m}

hotel bill Hotelrechnung {f}

hotel bills Hotelrechnungen {pl}

hotel ship; floating hotel Hotelschiff {n}; schwimmendes Hotel {n} [naut.]

hotel ships; floating hotels Hotelschiffe {pl}; schwimmende Hotels {pl}

hotel reception; front-desk; reception desk Rezeption {f}; Hotelrezeption {f}

Pleae go to the front desk to collect your keys. Gehen Sie bitte zur Rezeption, um Ihre Schlüssel abzuholen.

hotel costs Hotelkosten {f}

hotel employee; hotel staff member Hotelangestellter {m}; Hotelangestellte {f}

hotel complex; hotel facilities Hotelanlage {f}

luxury hotel Luxushotel {n}

luxury hotels Luxushotels {pl}

They're staying in a luxury hotel with a view of the ocean. Sie wohnen in einem Luxushotel mit (einem) Blick auf das Meer.

suite; hotel suite (of rooms) [listen] Suite {f}; Hotelsuite {f} (Zimmer)

suites; hotel suites Suiten {pl}; Hotelsuiten {pl}

bridal suite Hochzeitssuite {f}

to register; to book in [Br.]; to check in [Am.] (at a hotel); to book into a hotel [Br.] [listen] sich eintragen {vr}; einchecken [ugs.] {vi} (in einem Hotel)

registering; booking in; checking in; booking into a hotel sich eintragend; eincheckend

registered; booked in; checked in; booked into a hotel [listen] sich eingetragen; eingecheckt

checkout (hotel) Abreiseformalitäten {pl}; Auschecken {n} (Hotel)

landscaped swimming area (in a hotel etc.) Badelandschaft {f} (in einem Hotel usw.)

station hotel Bahnhofshotel {n}

station hotels Bahnhofshotels {pl}

cocktail lounge (within a hotel, restaurant, airport) Bar {f} (im Hotel, Restaurant, auf dem Flughafen) [cook.]

(high-rise) concrete hotel block/complex Bettenburg {f}; Bettenbunker {m} [pej.]

concrete hotel blocks/complexes Bettenburgen {pl}; Bettenbunker {pl}

five-star hotel Fünf-Sterne-Hotel {n}

five-star hotels Fünf-Sterne-Hotels {pl}

paging (hotel) Gästeruf {m} (Hotel)

boots (menial worker in a hotel) [Br.] [listen] Hausknecht {m} (in einem Hotel) [hist.]

school of hotel management Hotelfachschule {f}

schools of hotel management Hotelfachschulen {pl}

insect nesting box; insect house; insect hotel; insect condo [coll.]; bug home [coll.] Insekten-Nisthilfe {f}; Insektenhaus {n}; Insektenkasten {m}; Insektenhotel {n}; Insektenquartier {n}; Nützlingshotel {n} [zool.]

insect nesting boxes; insect houses; insect hotels; insect condos; bug homes Insekten-Nisthilfen {pl}; Insektenhäuser {pl}; Insektenkästen {pl}; Insektenhotels {pl}; Insektenquartiere {pl}; Nützlingshotels {pl}

(hotel) complimentary toiletries; courtesy toiletries Körperpflegeset {n} (als Hotelservice)

high-class hotel; posh accommodation [Br.]; upmarket hotel [Br.] Nobelhotel {n}; Nobelherberge {f}

high-class hotels; posh accommodations; upmarket hotels Nobelhotels {pl}; Nobelherbergen {pl}

seaside hotel; beach hotel Strandhotel {n}

seaside hotels; beach hotels Strandhotels {pl}

love hotel; no-tell motel [Am.] [coll.] (where rooms can be hired by the hour by amorous couples) Stundenhotel {n}

love hotels; no-tell motels Stundenhotels {pl}

four-star hotel Vier-Sterne-Hotel {n}

four-star hotels Vier-Sterne-Hotels {pl}

four star hotel Viersternehotel {n}; Viersternehaus {n}

spa facilities (of a hotel etc.) Wellnessbereich {m} (eines Hotels etc.)

residential hotel Wohnhotel {n}

residential hotels Wohnhotels {pl}

high-rise hotel Wolkenkratzerhotel {n}

room reservation; room booking; booking of a room; hotel reservation Zimmerreservierung {f}; Hotelreservierung {f}

a well-run hotel ein gut geführtes Hotel

belonging to the hotel; belonging to the firm hauseigen {adj}

non-residents of the hotel [Br.] hausfremde Personen {pl} (Hotelgewerbe)

conference hotel Tagungshotel {n}

health resort hotel; spa hotel Kurhotel {n}

health resort hotels; spa hotels Kurhotels {pl}

booking; reservation (travelling; accommodation) [listen] [listen] Buchen {n}; Buchung {f}; Reservierung {f}; Vorbestellung {f} (Reisen, Unterkunft) [listen] [listen]

bookings; reservations Buchungen {pl}; Reservierungen {pl}; Vorbestellungen {pl}

flight booking; flight reservation Flugbuchung {f}

hotel booking; hotel reservation Hotelbuchung {f}

travel booking; travel reservation Reisebuchung {f}

no-show (client) Kunde, der eine Buchung nicht in Anspruch nimmt

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