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ladies' heated apartments (in a castle) Kemenate {f} [arch.] [hist.]

exchange of flats [Br.]/apartments [Am.] Wohnungstausch {m}

exchanges of flats/apartments Wohnungstausche {pl}

apartment [listen] Appartement {n}

apartments Appartements {pl}

attic flat [Br.]; attic apartment [Am.] Dachwohnung {f}; Dachgeschosswohnung {f}; Dachgeschoßwohnung {f} [Ös.]; Mansardenwohnung {f}; Mansarde {f} [ugs.] [arch.]

attic flats; attic apartments Dachwohnungen {pl}; Dachgeschosswohnungen {pl}; Dachgeschoßwohnungen {pl}; Mansardenwohnungen {pl}; Mansarden {pl}

three-room apartment; three-room flat [Br.] Dreizimmerwohnung {f}; Dreiraumwohnung {f}

three-room apartments; three-room flats Dreizimmerwohnungen {pl}; Dreiraumwohnungen {pl}

granny flat [Br.]; mother-in-law apartment [Am.] Einliegerwohnung {f} [arch.]

granny flats; mother-in-law apartments Einliegerwohnungen {pl}

apartment [listen] Einzelzimmer {n}

apartments Einzelzimmer {pl}

one-room flat [Br.]; bedsit [Br.]; one-room apartment [Am.]; studio apartment [Am.] Einzimmerwohnung {f}; Einraumwohnung {f}; Einzimmer-Appartement {n}; möbliertes Zimmer {n}; Garçonnière {f} [Ös.]

one-room flats; bedsits; one-room apartments; studio apartments Einzimmerwohnungen {pl}; Einraumwohnungen {pl}; Einzimmer-Appartements {pl}; möblierte Zimmer {pl}; Garçonnièren {pl}

holiday flat [Br.]; holiday let [Br.]; tourist let [Br.]; vacation apartment [Am.]; self-catering flat/apartment Ferienwohnung {f}; Ferienapartment {n}

holiday flats; holiday lets; tourist lets; vacation apartments; self-catering flats/apartments Ferienwohnungen {pl}; Ferienapartments {pl}

serviced holiday flat; serviced vacation apartment Ferienwohnung mit Gästebetreuung

hotel business; hotel trade; hotel industry; hotel sector Hotelgewerbe {n}; Hotelbranche {f}; Hotellerie {f}

business of guest houses, holiday apartments, B&B and other non-hotel accommodations Parahotellerie {f}

basement flat [Br.]; basement apartment [Am.]; garden flat [Br.] Kellerwohnung {f}

basement flats; basement apartments; garden flats Kellerwohnungen {pl}

luxury apartment; luxury flat Luxuswohnung {f}

luxury apartments; luxury flats Luxuswohnungen {pl}

council flat; council house [Br.]; municipal housing unit [Am.]; subsidized apartment [Am.] Sozialwohnung {f}

council flats; council houses; municipal housing units; subsidized apartments Sozialwohnungen {pl}

four-room apartment; four-room flat [Br.] Vierzimmerwohnung {f}; Vierraumwohnung {f}

four-room apartments; four-room flats Vierzimmerwohnungen {pl}; Vierraumwohnungen {pl}

company dwelling; company flat [Br.]; company apartment [Am.] Werkwohnung {f}; Werkswohnung {f}

company dwellings; company flats; company apartments Werkwohnungen {pl}; Werkswohnungen {pl}

shared accommodation; flatshare [Br.]; flat sharing [Br.]; shared apartment [Am.] Wohngemeinschaft {f} /WG/ [soc.]

shared accommodations; flatshares; flat sharings; shared apartments Wohngemeinschaften {pl}

supervised flat-sharing community betreute Wohngemeinschaft

to share a flat with others; to live in a flat-share [Br.] in einer Wohngemeinschaft leben

flat [Br.]; apartment [Am.] /apt./ [listen] Wohnung {f} /Whg./

flats; apartments Wohnungen {pl}

old flat [Br.]; old apartment [Am.] Altbauwohnung {f}

studio flat [Br.]; studio apartment [Am.]; studio [listen] Atelierwohnung {f}

maisonette flat [Br.]; maisonette apartment [Am.]; maisonette Doppeletagenwohnung {f}; Maisonettewohnung {f}; Maisonette {f}

freehold flat [Br.]; cooperative apartment [Am.]; condominium [Am.]; condo [Am.] [coll.] [listen] Eigentumswohnung {f}

ground floor flat [Br.]; ground level apartment [Am.]; first floor apartment [Am.] Erdgeschosswohnung {f}; Erdgeschoßwohnung {f} [Süddt.] [Ös.]

company flat [Br.]; company apartment [Am.] Firmenwohnung {f}

rented flat [Br.]; rented apartment [Am.] gemietete Wohnung {f}; Mietwohnung {f}; Etagenwohnung {f} [Dt.] [ugs.]

small flat; flatlet [Br.]; small apartment; efficiency apartment [Am.] Kleinwohnung {f}

rentable flat [Br.]; flat to rent [Br.]; rentable apartment [Am.]; apartment to rent [Am.] Mietwohnung {f}

rentable flats; flat to rents; rentable apartments; apartments to rent Mietwohnungen {pl}

tenemental flat [Sc.]; tenement [Sc.] [Am.] [listen] kleine/billige Mietwohnung

show flat; showcase flat [Br.]; show apartment [Am.] Musterwohnung {f}

city flat [Br.]; town flat [Br.]; city apartment [Am.]; town apartment [Am.] Stadtwohnung {f}

owner-occupied flat [Br.]; owner-occupied apartment [Am.] vom Eigentümer bewohnte Wohnung

to look for a flat eine Wohnung suchen

key to the flat [Br.]/apartment [Am.]; flat key [Br.]; apartment key [Am.] Wohnungsschlüssel {m}

key to the flat/apartments; flat keys; apartment keys Wohnungsschlüssel {pl}

two-key apartment Zweiparteien-Apartment {n}

two-key apartments Zweiparteien-Apartments {pl}

two-room apartment; two-room flat [Br.] Zweizimmerwohnung {f}; Zweiraumwohnung {f}

two-room apartments; two-room flats Zweizimmerwohnungen {pl}; Zweiraumwohnungen {pl}
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