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22 results for cocktail | cocktail
Word division: Cock·tail
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cocktail lounge (within a hotel, restaurant, airport) Bar {f} (im Hotel, Restaurant, auf dem Flughafen) [cook.]

cocktail [listen] Cocktail {m} [cook.]

cocktails Cocktails {pl}

Virgin cocktail; mocktail alkoholfreier Cocktail

gimlet Cocktail aus Gin, Wodka und Limettensaft

cocktail cherry Cocktailkirsche {f} [cook.]

cocktail cherries Cocktailkirschen {pl}

cocktail cherry for decoration Belegkirsche {f}

maraschino cherry Maraschinokirsche {f}

cocktail glass Cocktailglas {n} [cook.]

cocktail glasses Cocktailgläser {pl}

hurricane cocktail glass; hurricane glass; squall cocktail glass; squall glass geschwungenes Cocktailglas

cocktail measuring cup; measuring jigger cup; cocktail jigger; bar jigger Cocktailmessbecher {m}; Barmaß {n}

cocktail measuring cups; measuring jigger cups; cocktail jiggers; bar jiggers Cocktailmessbecher {pl}; Barmaße {pl}

cocktail umbrella Cocktailschirmchen {n}

cocktail umbrellas Cocktailschirmchen {pl}

cocktail stick Cocktailspieß {m}

cocktail sticks Cocktailspieße {pl}

cocktail tomato Cocktailtomate {f} [cook.]

cocktail tomatoes Cocktailtomaten {pl}

cocktail gherkin; small gherkin; cornichon kleine Gewürzgurke {f}; Cornichon {n}; kleines Gurkerl {n} [Ös.] [cook.]

bar strainer; cocktail strainer; strainer Abseiher {m}; Barsieb {n} [cook.]

bar strainers; cocktail strainers; strainers Abseiher {pl}; Barsiebe {pl}

sidecar (cocktail) Beiwagen {m} (Cocktail) [cook.]

bottle bomb; petrol bomb; Molotov cocktail bomb; Molotov cocktail Brandflasche {f}; Benzinbombe {f}; Molotowcocktail {m}; Molli {m} [ugs.] [mil.]

bottle bombs; petrol bombs; Molotov cocktail bombs; Molotov cocktails Brandflaschen {pl}; Benzinbomben {pl}; Molotowcocktails {pl}; Mollis {pl}

shrimp cocktail Krabbencocktail {m}; Shrimpscocktail {m} [cook.]

shaker; cocktail shaker Schüttelbecher {m}; Mixbecher {m} [cook.]

shakers; cocktail shakers Schüttelbecher {pl}; Mixbecher {pl}

squid cocktail Tintenfisch-Cocktail {m} [cook.]

margarita (cocktail made of tequila, triple sec, and lime juice) Margarita {m,f} (Cocktail aus Tequila, Triple Sec und Limettensaft) [cook.]

daiquiri (cocktail) Daiquiri {m} (Cocktail) [cook.]

Manhattan (cocktail) Manhattan {m} (Cocktail) [cook.]

caipirinha (cocktail) Caipirinha {m} (Cocktail) [cook.]

dinner dress Abendkleid {n}

dinner-cum-cocktail-dress Abend- und Cocktailkleid {n}

carcharhinus sharks (zoological genus) Carcharhinus-Haie {pl} (Carcharhinus) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

copper shark; narrowtooth shark; cocktail shark; bronze whaler shark; bronze whaler; bronzie [coll.] Bronzehai {m}; Kupferhai {m} (Carcharhinus brachyurus)

swizzle stick Getränkerührstab {m}; Rührstäbchen {n} [cook.]

swizzle sticks Getränkerührstäbe {pl}; Rührstäbchen {pl}

cocktail stirrer Cocktailrührer {m}
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