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anxiety complex Angstkomplex {m}

anxiety complexes Angstkomplexe {pl}

swimming complex Badelandschaft {f}

swimming complexes Badelandschaften {pl}

(high-rise) concrete hotel block/complex Bettenburg {f}; Bettenbunker {m} [pej.]

concrete hotel blocks/complexes Bettenburgen {pl}; Bettenbunker {pl}

office complex Bürokomplex {m}

office complexes Bürokomplexe {pl}

castle complex; castle [listen] Burganlage {f} [hist.]

castle complexes; castles Burganlagen {pl}

shopping centre [Br.]; shopping center [Am.]; shopping mall [Am.]; mall [Am.]; shopping complex [listen] Einkaufszentrum {n}; Einkaufskomplex {m}

shopping centres; shopping centers; shopping malls; malls; shopping complexes Einkaufszentren {pl}; Einkaufskomplexe {pl}

at/in the shopping centre [Br.]; at/in the mall [Am.] im Einkaufszentrum

manufacturing complex; industrial unit Fabriksanlage {f}; Fabrikanlage {f}

manufacturing complexes; industrial units Fabriksanlagen {pl}; Fabrikanlagen {pl}

leisure facility; leisure centre [Br.]; amenities centre [Br.]; leisure complex; recreation center [Am.] Freizeitanlage {f}; Freizeitzentrum {n}

leisure facilities; leisure centres; amenities centres; leisure complexes; recreation centers Freizeitanlagen {pl}; Freizeitzentren {pl}

complex of buildings Gebäudekomplex {m}

complexes of buildings Gebäudekomplexe {pl}

compound [listen] eingezäunter oder umwallter Gebäudekomplex; Residenz

castration complex Kastrationskomplex {m}

castration complexes Kastrationskomplexe {pl}

complex Komplex {m}

complexes Komplexe {pl}

coordination complex Koordinationsverbindung {f}; Komplexverbindung {f} [chem.]

coordination complexes Koordinationsverbindungen {pl}; Komplexverbindungen {pl}

inferiority complex Minderwertigkeitskomplex {m}

inferiority complexes Minderwertigkeitskomplexe {pl}

mire system; mire complex; bog complex Moorsystem {n}; Moorkomplex {m}

mire systems; mire complexes; bog complexes Moorsysteme {pl}; Moorkomplexe {pl}

rocket launch complex; launching complex; launching facilities (astronautics) Raketenstartplatz {m}; Startplatz {m}; Raketenstartanlage {f} (Raumfahrt)

rocket launch complexes; launching complexes; launching facilities Raketenstartplätze {pl}; Startplätze {pl}; Raketenstartanlagen {pl}

social housing complex [Br.]; council housing estate [Br.]; council estate [Br.] Sozialwohnanlage {f}; Gemeindebau {m} [Ös.] [constr.]

social housing complexes; council housing estates; council estates Sozialwohnanlagen {pl}; Gemeindebauten {pl}

residential complex; housing estate Wohnhausanlage {f}; Wohnanlage {f}

residential complexes; housing estates Wohnhausanlagen {pl}; Wohnanlagen {pl}

retirement complex; retirement community; residence for the elderly Seniorenwohnanlage {f}

large residential complex; large-scale housing estate Großwohnanlage {f}

residential building complex Wohnhauskomplex {m}

residential building complexes Wohnhauskomplexe {pl}

housing estate; residential complex Wohnkomplex {m}

housing estates; residential complexes Wohnkomplexe {pl}

construction complex Baukomplex {m} [constr.]

construction complexes Baukomplexe {pl}

holiday complex; holiday resort [Br.]; vacation resort [Am.] Ferienanlage {f}

holiday complexes; holiday resorts; vacation resorts Ferienanlagen {pl}

intrusive complex Intrusivkomplex {m}

intrusive complexes Intrusivkomplexe {pl}
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