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Objekt {n} [ling.] [listen] object (the element that receives the action of a verb or completes the meaning of a preposition) [listen]

Bei "Er gab mir das Geld" ist "Geld" das Akkusativobjekt und "mir" das Dativobjekt. In 'He gave me the money' the direct object is 'money' and the indirect object is 'me'.

etw. bekommen; erhalten [geh.]; empfangen [poet.]; kriegen [ugs.] {vt} [listen] [listen] [listen] to receive sth.; to get sth. {got; got/gotten [Am.]}; to be given sth.; to be presented with sth.; to be provided with sth.

bekommend; erhaltend; empfangend; kriegend receiving; getting; being given; being presented; being providing [listen] [listen]

bekommen; erhalten; empfangen; gekriegt [listen] [listen] [listen] received; got/gotten; been given; been presented; been provided [listen]

er/sie bekommt; er/sie erhält he/she receives; he/she gets [listen]

ich/er/sie bekam; ich/er/sie erhielt [listen] I/he/she received; I/he/she got [listen] [listen]

wir/sie bekamen; wir/sie erhielten we/they received; we/they got [listen] [listen]

er/sie hat/hatte bekommen; er/sie hat/hatte erhalten he/she has/had received; he/she has/had got; he/she has/had gotten

etw. geschenkt bekommen to receive sth. as a present

seinen Teil von etw. bekommen; etwas von etw. abbekommen [ugs.] to get your share of sth.

nichts davon bekommen; nichts (davon) abbekommen [ugs.] not to get any share of sth.

Ich hoffe, er bekommt, was er verdient.; Er wird hoffentlich seinen gerechten Lohn erhalten. [geh.] I hope he gets/receives his just desserts.

jdn. empfangen; jdn. in Empfang nehmen {vt} [soc.] to receive sb.

empfangend; in Empfang nehmend receiving [listen]

empfangen; in Empfang genommen [listen] received [listen]

er/sie empfängt; er/sie nimmt in Empfang he/she receives [listen]

ich/er/sie empfing; ich/er/sie nahm in Empfang I/he/she received [listen]

er/sie hat/hatte empfangen; er/sie hat/hatte in Empfang genommen he/she has/had received

empfangen werden to be received

Gäste empfangen to receive visitors

Er empfängt keine Besucher. He's not seeing/receiving any visitors.

etw. erhalten; etw. bekommen {vt} to receive sth.

erhaltend; bekommend receiving [listen]

erhalten; bekommen [listen] [listen] received /recd./

ich erhalte; ich bekomme I receive

du erhältst; du bekommst you receive

er/sie erhält he/she receives [listen]

ich/er/sie erhielt I/he/she received [listen]

er/sie hat/hatte erhalten he/she has/had received

kürzlich erhalten recently received

Betrag dankend erhalten. (Rechnungsvermerk) [econ.] Payment received with thanks.; Amount received with thanks. (invoice comment)

mehr Gehalt bekommen to receive a pay increase

niederschlagsarm {adj} [meteo.] [geogr.] low-precipitation; droughty

niederschlagsarme Region low-precipitation region; region that receives little precipitation

niederschlagsärmer sein to have a lower level of precipitation; to receive lower amounts of precipitation

niederschlagsreich {adj} [meteo.] [geogr.] high-precipitation

ein niederschlagsreiches Gebiet a high-precipitation region; a region that receives high/abundant precipitation

niederschlagsreicher sein to have higher levels of precipitation; to receive higher amounts of precipitation
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