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Word division: Al·ter·na·ti·ve
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alternative; alternate [Am.] [listen] [listen] alternativ; Alternativ...; abweichend; andere {adj} [listen] [listen] [listen]

alternative methods alternative Methoden

alternative payee abweichender Zahlungsempfänger

an alternative route; an alternate route [Am.] eine andere Route, eine Alternativroute

on alternate days jeden zweiten Tag

alternate keypad mode alternative numerische Tastenblockbelegung [comp.]

to have alternative plans / alternate plans [Am.] andere Pläne haben

to land at an alternative / alternate airport [Am.] auf einem anderen Flughafen landen

alternative; alternative choice; option [listen] [listen] Alternative {f}

alternatives Alternativen {pl}

alt-milks Milchalternativen {pl}

the alt-left die linke Alternative [pol.]

to be available as an alternative (of a thing) sich als Alternative anbieten (Sache)

alternative; option [listen] [listen] Variante {f} (die zur Wahl steht) [listen]

alternatives; options [listen] Varianten {pl}

operation alternatives Betriebsvarianten {pl}

translation alternative Übersetzungsvariante {f}

alternative; alt- (non-standard) [listen] alternativ {adj} (normabweichend) [pol.] [soc.] [listen]

alternative form of energy alternative Energieform

alternative lifestyles alternativer Lebensstil

alternative medicine alternative Medizin

alternative rock; alt-rock alternativer Rock [mus.]

alternative newspaper; alternative paper Alternativblatt {n}

alternative; fall-back possibility; another possibility [listen] Ausweichmöglichkeit {f}

alternative model (to sth.) Gegenentwurf {m}; Alternativmodell {n} (zu etw.)

alternative models Gegenentwürfe {pl}; Alternativmodelle {pl}

to develop an alternative model einen Gegenentwurf entwickeln

to propose an alternative model einen Gegenentwurf vorlegen

alternative medicine practitioner; alternative therapy practitioner; alternative practitioner; alternative therapist; CAM practitioner Heilpraktiker {m}; Heilpraktikerin {f} /HP/ [Dt.] [Schw.]

alternative medicine practitioners; alternative therapy practitioners; alternative practitioners; alternative therapists; CAM practitioners Heilpraktiker {pl}; Heilpraktikerinnen {pl}

natural health professional; natural health practitioner; naturopathic practitioner; naturopath Naturheilpraktiker {m}; Naturheilkundler {m} [ugs.]

alternative question Alternativfrage {f}

alternative questions Alternativfragen {pl}

alternative offer Alternativangebot {n}

alternative hypothesis Alternativhypothese {f} [statist.]

alternative hypotheses Alternativhypothesen {pl}

alternative costs Alternativkosten {pl}; Opportunitätskosten {pl} [econ.]

alternative culture Alternativkultur {f}

alternative solution Alternativlösung {f}

alternative solutions Alternativlösungen {pl}

alternative method; alternative procedure Alternativmethode {f}; Alternativverfahren {n}

alternative methods; alternative procedures Alternativmethoden {pl}; Alternativverfahren {pl}

alternative mode Alternativmodus {m}

alternative path Alternativpfad {m}

alternative paths Alternativpfade {pl}

alternative plan Alternativplan {m}

alternative plans Alternativpläne {pl}

alternative planning Alternativplanung {f}

alternative plannings Alternativplanungen {pl}

alternative forecast Alternativprognose {f}

alternative forecasts Alternativprognosen {pl}

alternative language Alternativsprache {f}

alternative proposal; alternative suggestion Alternativvorschlag {m}

alternative proposals; alternative suggestions Alternativvorschläge {pl}

alternative route Alternativweg {m}

alternative routes Alternativwege {pl}

alternative airport; alternate airport Ausweichflughafen {m} [aviat.]

alternative airports; alternate airports Ausweichflughäfen {pl}

alternative route; alternate route Ausweichflugstrecke {f}; Ausweichroute {f} [aviat.]

alternative routes; alternate routes Ausweichflugstrecken {pl}; Ausweichrouten {pl}

alternative route Ausweichstrecke {f}; Ausweichroute {f} [transp.]

alternative routes Ausweichstrecken {pl}; Ausweichrouten {pl}

alternative date; auxiliary date Ausweichtermin {m}

alternative dates; auxiliary dates Ausweichtermine {pl}

alternative instruction Ersatzbefehl {m} [comp.]

alternative instructions Ersatzbefehle {pl}

alternative service [listen] Ersatzdienst {m}

alternative channel Ersatzkanal {m}

alternative channels Ersatzkanäle {pl}

alternative solution; replacement solution; fallback solution; workaround [listen] Ersatzlösung {f}; Alternativlösung {f}; Ausweichlösung {f}

alternative solutions; replacement solutions; fallback solutions; workarounds Ersatzlösungen {pl}; Alternativlösungen {pl}; Ausweichlösungen {pl}

alternative for action; action alternative Handlungsalternative {f}

alternatives for action; action alternatives Handlungsalternativen {pl}

alternative [listen] Mehrfachmöglichkeit {f}; andere Wahl {f}

alternatives Mehrfachmöglichkeiten {pl}

alternative denial Unverträglichkeit {f}

alternative (civilian) service; alternative (national) service Wehrersatzdienst {m}

alternative civilian service; civil alternative service; civilian public service [Am.] (in lieu of military service) Zivildienst {m} [adm.] [listen]

alternative [listen] (einzig) andere {adj} [listen]

the alternative America das andere Amerika

line routing; traffic routing; automatic routing; alternative routing; alternate routing; routing; route selection; route administration (assignment of the best transfer route) [listen] Leitweglenkung {f}; Wegelenkung {f}; Verkehrslenkung {f}; Wegeauswahl {f}; Wegesuche {f}; Routing {n} (Ansteuern des besten Übermittlungsweges) [telco.] [comp.]

conditional route selection; conjugate routing bedingte Wegelenkung; bedingte Wegesuche

installation of line routing Einrichtung der Leitweglenkung

imprisonment in default of payment (of a fine); alternative sentence [Am.] Ersatzfreiheitsstrafe {f} [jur.]

meat analogue; plant-based meat; vegan meat; meat substitute; mock meat; meat alternative; imitation meat; vegetarian meat Fleischersatz {m}; Fleischimitat {n} [cook.]

meat substitute products; meat alternatives Fleischersatzprodukte {pl}

counterculture; alternative cultur Gegenkultur {f}

subsidiary motion (civil action); alternative claim (patent law) Hilfsantrag {m}; Eventualantrag {m} [jur.]

subsidiary motions; alternative claims Hilfsanträge {pl}; Eventualanträge {pl}

salt substitute; salt replacer; table salt alternative Salzersatzprodukt {n}; Salzersatz {m}; Kochsalzalternative {f} [cook.]

sugar substitute; sugar replacer; sugar alternative Zuckerersatzprodukt {n}; Zuckerersatz {m}; Zuckeralternative {f} [cook.]

sugar substitutes; sugar replacers; sugar alternatives Zuckerersatzprodukte {pl}; Zuckeralternativen {pl}

hypothetically and in the alternative hilfsweise {adv} [jur.]

replacement material; alternative material Ersatzmaterial {n}

replacement materials; alternative materials Ersatzmaterialien {pl}

routing [listen] Arbeitsgang {m} [listen]

alternative routing alternativer Arbeitsgang

procedure [listen] Arbeitsweise {f}; Verfahren {n} [adm.] [listen] [listen]

procedures [listen] Arbeitsweisen {pl}; Verfahren {pl} [listen]

alternative procedures alternative Verfahren

application procedure; application process Antragsverfahren {n}

written procedure schriftliches Verfahren

site [listen] Aufstellungsort {m}; Standort {m} [listen]

sites [listen] Aufstellungsorte {pl}; Standorte {pl}

alternative site Alternativstandort {m}

source of energy; energy source; energy carrier Energiequelle {f}; Energieträger {m}; Energielieferant {m}

sources of energy; energy sources; energy carrier Energiequellen {pl}; Energieträger {pl}; Energielieferanten {pl}

alternative energy sources alternative Energiequellen

welding energy source Schweißenergiequelle {f}

energy carriers like water, gas or electricity Energieträger wie Wasser, Gas oder Strom

draft; draft version; draft copy; outline (of sth.) [listen] [listen] Entwurf {m}; Textentwurf {m} {+Gen.} [listen]

drafts; draft versions; draft copies; outlines [listen] Entwürfe {pl}; Textentwürfe {pl}

final draft endgültiger Entwurf

redraft Neuentwurf {m}; überarbeiteter Entwurf

rough draft Rohentwurf {m}

preliminary draft Vorentwurf {m}

alternative draft Gegenentwurf {m}

amended draft abgeänderter Entwurf

draft of a letter Entwurf eines Briefes

to make a draft of sth. etw. entwerfen

to work out a draft einen Entwurf ausarbeiten

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