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range of models Modellreihe {f}

ranges of models Modellreihen {pl}

to follow certain models sich an bestimmten Leitbildern orientieren {vr}

anatomy models Anatomiemodelle {pl} [anat.]

fitting model (person) Anprobemodell {n} (Person) [textil.]

fitting models Anprobemodelle {pl}

working time model; working arrangement Arbeitszeitmodell {n} [adm.]

working time models; working arrangements Arbeitszeitmodelle {pl}

model of the atom; atomic model Atommodell {n} [chem.] [phys.]

models of the atom; atomic models Atommodelle {pl}

Rutherford atomic model; Rutherford's atomic model Rutherford'sches Atommodell

Sommerfeld atomic model; Sommerfeld's atomic model Sommerfeld'sches Atommodell

dispersion model Ausbreitungsmodell {n}

dispersion models Ausbreitungsmodelle {pl}

discontinued model; obsolescent model Auslaufmodell {n}

discontinued models; obsolescent models Auslaufmodelle {pl}

car model Automodell {n} [auto]

car models Automodelle {pl}

autoregression model Autoregressionsmodell {n} [statist.]

autoregression models Autoregressionsmodelle {pl}

illumination model Beleuchtungsmodell {n}

illumination models Beleuchtungsmodelle {pl}

global illumination model globales Beleuchtungsmodell

balance model Bilanzierungsmodell {n}

balance models Bilanzierungsmodelle {pl}

database model Datenbankmodell {n} [comp.]

database models Datenbankmodelle {pl}

data model Datenmodell {n}

data models Datenmodelle {pl}

thinking model; thought model; model of thought Denkmodell {n} [phil.]

thinking models; thought models; models of thought Denkmodelle {pl}

derivatives pricing model Derivatebewertungsmodell {n} [fin.]

derivatives pricing models Derivatebewertungsmodelle {pl}

wire frame model Drahtmodell {n}

wire frame models Drahtmodelle {pl}

embryo model (for the training of perinatologists) Embryomodell {n} (zur Schulung von Geburtshelfern) [med.]

embryo models Embryomodelle {pl}

colour model [Br.]; color model [Am.] Farbmodell {n}

colour models; color models Farbmodelle {pl}

cyan, magenta, yellow, black /CMYK/ CMYK-Farbmodell

error prediction model Fehlervorhersagemodell {n} [comp.]

error prediction models Fehlervorhersagemodelle {pl}

flight model; model aircraft Flugmodell {n}

flight models; model aircraft Flugmodelle {pl}

model of aircraft Flugzeugtyp {m} [aviat.]

models of aircraft Flugzeugtypen {pl}

photographic model; model [listen] Fotomodell {n}; Modell {n} [listen]

models; photographic models Fotomodelle {pl}; Modelle {n}

free-flight model Freiflugmodell {n} [aviat.]

free-flight models Freiflugmodelle {pl}

alternative model (to sth.) Gegenentwurf {m}; Alternativmodell {n} (zu etw.)

alternative models Gegenentwürfe {pl}; Alternativmodelle {pl}

to develop an alternative model einen Gegenentwurf entwickeln

to propose an alternative model einen Gegenentwurf vorlegen

relief model Geländehöhenmodell {n}

relief models Geländehöhenmodelle {pl}

terrain model; relief model Geländemodell {n}

terrain models; relief models Geländemodelle {pl}

digital terrain model digitates Geländemodell

geoid model Geoidmodell {n}

geoid models Geoidmodelle {pl}

basic model Grundausführung {f}; Basisausführung {f}

basic models Grundausführungen {pl}; Basisausführungen {pl}

dumbbell model Hantelmodell {n} [phys.]

dumbbell models Hantelmodelle {pl}

elevation model Höhenmodell {n}

elevation models Höhenmodelle {pl}

digital elevation model /DEM/ digitales Höhenmodell

hybrid model Hybridmodell {n}

hybrid models Hybridmodelle {pl}

integration model; model of integration Integrationsmodell {n}

integration models; models of integration Integrationsmodelle {pl}

field model; field grade (of a shotgun) Jagdmodell {n} (einer Flinte) [mil.]

field models; field grades Jagdmodelle {pl}

catalogue model [Br.]; catalog model [Am.] (person) Katalogmodell {n}; Katalogmodel {n} (Person)

catalogue models; catalog models Katalogmodelle {pl}; Katalogmodels {pl}

nuclear model Kernmodell {n}

nuclear models Kernmodelle {pl}

communication model Kommunikationsmodell {n}

communication models Kommunikationsmodelle {pl}

artist's model; sitter; poser Künstlermodell {n}; Modell {n} (für einen Künstler) [art] [listen]

artist's models; sitters; posers Künstlermodelle {pl}; Modelle {pl}

to pose (for sb.) [listen] (für jdn.) Modell stehen; Modell sitzen

landscape model Landschaftsmodell {n}

landscape models Landschaftsmodelle {pl}

fashion model; model; mannequin [dated] [listen] Laufstegmodell {n}; Modell {n}; Model {n} [ugs.]; Mannequin {n} [veraltend]; Vorführdame {f} [veraltet] [listen]

fashion models; models; mannequins Laufstegmodelle {pl}; Modelle {pl}; Models {pl}; Mannequins {pl}; Vorführdamen {pl}

supermodel; top model Topmodel {n}

role model; lodestar [fig.] (of a person) Leitfigur {f}; Leitbild {n}; Identifikationsfigur {f} (Person)

role models; lodestars Leitfiguren {pl}; Leitbilder {pl}; Identifikationsfiguren {pl}

learning model Lernmodell {n}

learning models Lernmodelle {pl}

multisectoral model Mehrsektorenmodell {n} [econ.]

multisectoral models Mehrsektorenmodelle {pl}

meta-model Meta-Modell {n}

meta-models Meta-Modelle {pl}

model [listen] Modell {n} [listen]

models Modelle {pl}

mathematical model mathematisches Modell

physical model physikalisches Modell

distorted model verzerrtes Modell

model (three-dimensional scale representation) [listen] Modell {n} (maßstabgetreue, dreidimensionale Reproduktion) [listen]

models Modelle {pl}

architectural model Architekturmodell {n}

filigree model Filigranmodell {n}

model; perfect example [listen] Modellfall {m}

models; perfect examples Modellfälle {pl}

ecosystem model; ecosystem idea Ökosystemmodell {n} [envir.]

ecosystem models; ecosystem ideas Ökosystemmodelle {pl}

paper model; card model Papiermodell {n}

paper models; card models Papiermodelle {pl}

product model; standard model; model [listen] Produktmodell {n}; Serienmodell {n}; in Serie gefertigtes Modell {n}; Modell {n} [econ.] [listen]

product models; standard models; models Produktmodelle {pl}; Serienmodelle {pl}; in Serie gefertigtes Modelle {pl}; Modelle {pl}

previous model Vorgängermodell {n}

follow-up model; successor model Nachfolgemodell {n}

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