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medical treatment; remedial treatment; treatment (of sb.); therapy (for sth.) [listen] [listen] Heilbehandlung {f}; medizinische Behandlung {f}; Krankenbehandlung {f}; Behandlung {f} (von jdm.); Heilverfahren {n}; Therapie {f}; Kur {f} (bei etw.) [med.] [listen] [listen]

medical treatments; remedial treatments; treatments; therapies Heilbehandlungen {pl}; medizinische Behandlungen {pl}; Krankenbehandlungen {pl}; Behandlungen {pl}; Heilverfahren {pl}; Therapien {pl}; Kuren {pl}

aerosol therapy Aerosoltherapie {f}

follow-up treatment Anschlussheilbehandlung {f} [Dt.]

chelation therapy Chelat-Therapie {f} (gegen Schwermetallvergiftung)

surgical treatment chirurgische Behandlung

medical treatment without consent (criminal offence) eigenmächtige Heilbehandlung (Straftatbestand) [jur.]

electrotherapy Elektrotherapie {f}

treatment for obesity Entfettungskur {f}

false treatment; false therapy Fehlbehandlung {f}

follow-on therapy Folgebehandlung {f}; Folgetherapie {f}

photodynamic therapy /PDT/ fotodynamische Therapie

fresh cell therapy; living cell therapy; therapy with living cells; Niehan's treatment; Niehan's therapy Frischzellenkur {f}; Frischzellentherapie {f}; Organotherapie {f}

long-term treatment; long-term therapy Langzeitbehandlung {f}; Langzeittherapie {f}

alpine climatotherapy Luftkur {f}; Luftliegekur {f}; Freiluftkur {f}; Freiluftliegekur {f}

single treatment regimen; single drug therapy; monodrug therapy; monotherapy Monotherapie {f}

standby emergency treatment /SBET/; stand-by therapy notfallmäßige Selbstbehandlung; Notfallbehandlung / Notfalltherapie durch den Patienten

palliative treatment Palliativbehandlung {f}

pharmacologic treatment pharmakologische Behandlung

anti-arrhythmic (drug) therapy rhythmisierende Therapie {f} (mit Medikamenten)

placebo treatment Scheinbehandlung {f}

stationary treatment stationäre Behandlung

step-care therapy Stufentherapie {f}

symptom treatment; treatment of symptoms [rare] Symptombehandlung {f}

immediate therapy Sofortbehandlung {f}

treatments accompanied by therapy therapiebegleitende Maßnahmen

preventive treatment; preventive therapy vorbeugende Behandlung; präventive Behandlung

previous therapy; prior therapy Vortherapie {f}

hydrotherapy Wasserbehandlung {f}; Wasseranwendungen {pl}

therapy instead of punishment (for drug addicts) Therapie statt Strafe (für Drogensüchtige)

to be under medical treatment in ärztlicher Behandlung sein

the treatment of cancer, cancer treatment die Behandlung von Krebs; die Krebsbehandlung

a new treatment for depression eine neue Behandlung von/bei Depressionen

to undergo treatment for kidney stones sich wegen Nierensteinen behandeln lassen

The best treatment for a cold is to rest and drink lots of fluids. Die beste Behandlung bei einer Erkältung ist Ruhe und viel Flüssigkeitszufuhr.

vaccination; vaccinization; inoculation; vaccine therapy; vaccinotherapy; immunization with a vaccine; immunization shot [Am.] [coll.]; jab [Br.] [coll.]; jag [Sc.] [coll.]; vax [Am.] [coll.] [listen] [listen] Schutzimpfung {f}; Impfung {f}; Vakzination {f} [med.]; Impfstich {m} [ugs.]; Stich {m} [ugs.]; Pieks {m} [Dt.] [ugs.]; Jauckerl {n} [Ös.] [slang] [med.] [listen]

active vaccination aktive Impfung

active serovaccination aktive Impfung und Serumbehandlung

containment vaccination (for infection control) Abriegelungsimpfung {f}; Riegelungsimpfung {f} (zur Infektionsbekämpfung)

booster inoculation; booster; revaccination [listen] Auffrischungsimpfung {f}; Auffrischimpfung {f}; Wiederholungsimpfung {f}; Nachimpfung {f}; Wiederimpfung {f}; Revakzination {f}

primary vaccination Basisimpfung {f}

bacterial vaccination; bacterination bakterielle Impfung; Bakterienvakzination {f}

enteric inoculation; peroral inoculation enterale Impfung; perorale Impfung

epicutaneous vaccination epikutane Impfung

original vaccination; first inoculation; first jab (of the vaccine) [Br.]; first shot (of the vaccine) [Am.] Erstimpfung {f}; erster Stich [ugs.]

influenza vaccination; influenza immunization; influenza immunisation [Br.]; flu immunization [coll.]; flu shot [coll.]; flu jab [Br.]; flu vax [Am.] Grippeschutzimpfung {f}; Grippeimpfung {f}; Grippejauckerl {n} [Ös.] [slang]

vaccination for specific populations Indikationsimpfung {f}

vaccination during the incubation stage Inkubationsimpfung {f}

intradermal vaccination; intradermal inoculation; intracutaneous vaccination Intrakutanimpfung {f}; Intradermalinokulation {f}

conjunctival inoculation konjunktivale Impfung

catch-up vaccination Nachholimpfung {f}

emergency vaccination Notimpfung {f}

passive vaccination passive Impfung

pre-exposure vaccination präexpositionelle Impfung

post-exposure vaccination postexpositionelle Impfung

routine vaccination; standard vaccination Regelimpfung {f}; Standardimpfung {f}

mass vaccination Reihenimpfung {f}; Massenimpfung {f}

travel vaccination Reiseimpfung {f}

ring vaccination Ringimpfung {f}

oral vaccination; endovaccination Schluckimpfung {f}

simultaneous vaccination; simultaneous immunization Synchronimpfung {f}; Simultanimpfung {f}

second vaccination; second jab (of the vaccine) [Br.] [coll.]; second shot (of the vaccine) [Am.] [coll.] Zweitimpfung {f}; zweiter Stich [ugs.]

childhood vaccination Impfung im Kindesalter

malleinization Impfung mit Rotzbakterienextrakt

officially recommended vaccination amtlich empfohlene Schutzimpfung

therapy for stuttering Stottertherapie {f} [med.]

therapy dog (working dog) Therapiehund {m} (Arbeitshund) [zool.]

therapy dogs Therapiehunde {pl}

irradiation/radiation therapy; radiotherapy; ray therapy; irradiation; radiation [listen] [listen] Bestrahlungstherapie {f}; Bestrahlung {f} [med.]

contact radiation Nahbestrahlung {f}

multifraction irradiation multifraktionierte Bestahlung

palliative radiation Palliativbestrahlung {f}

postoperative radiation postoperative Bestrahlung

instantaneous irradiation Sofortbestrahlung {f}

cellular therapy; cell therapy Zelltherapie {f} [med.]

CAR T cell therapy CAR-T-Zelltherapie

dendritic cell therapy; immunotherapy with dendritic cells dendritische Zelltherapie; Immuntherapie mit dendritischen Zellen

stem-cell therapy Stammzelltherapie {f}; Stammzellentherapie {f}

method of treatment; type of treatment; treatment type; form of treatment; treatment form; therapeutic method; therapy method; form of therapy; therapy [listen] Behandlungsmethode {f}; Behandlungsart {f}; Therapiemethode {f}; Therapieverfahren {n}; Therapieform {f} [med.]

methods of treatment; types of treatment; treatment types; forms of treatment; treatment forms; therapeutic methods; therapy methods; forms of therapy; therapies Behandlungsmethoden {pl}; Behandlungsarten {pl}; Therapiemethoden {pl}; Therapieverfahren {pl}; Therapieformen {pl}

gentle treatment method schonendes Behandlungsverfahren

alternative medicine practitioner; alternative therapy practitioner; alternative practitioner; alternative therapist; CAM practitioner Heilpraktiker {m}; Heilpraktikerin {f} /HP/ [Dt.] [Schw.]

alternative medicine practitioners; alternative therapy practitioners; alternative practitioners; alternative therapists; CAM practitioners Heilpraktiker {pl}; Heilpraktikerinnen {pl}

natural health professional; natural health practitioner; naturopathic practitioner; naturopath Naturheilpraktiker {m}; Naturheilkundler {m} [ugs.]

radio-iodine treatment; radio-iodine therapy Radiojodbehandlung {f}; Radiojodtherapie {f} [med.]

radio-iodine treatments; radio-iodine therapies Radiojodbehandlungen {pl}; Radiojodtherapien {pl}

to radiothyroidectomize eine Radiojodbehandlung der Schilddrüse durchführen; die Schilddrüse durch Radiojod ausschalten

duration of reponse (of a therapy) Ansprechdauer {f}; Ansprechzeit {f} (einer Therapie) [med.]

antibiotic treatment; antimicrobic treatment; antibiotic therapy; treatment with antibiotics; antibiotherapy Antibiotikabehandlung {f}; Antibiotikatherapie {f} [med.]

high-dose antibiotic treatment hochdosierte Antibiotikabehandlung

antibody therapy; immune body therapy Antikörperbehandlung {f}; Immunkörpertherapie {f} [med.]

aroma therapy; aromatherapy Aromatherapie {f}

balneation; balnear therapy; balneotherapy; balneological treatment; balneotherapeutics Badekur {f}; Bäderbehandlung {f}; Bäderanwendung {f} [med.]

digitalis treatment; digitalis therapy; cardiac glycoside treatment Behandlung {f} mit Digitalis; Digitalisbehandlung {f}; Digitalistherapie {f}; Herzglykosidtherapie {f} [med.]

discontinuation of therapy Behandlungsabbruch {m}; Therapieabbruch {m} [med.]

discontinuations of therapy Behandlungsabbrüche {pl}; Therapieabbrüche {pl}

desire for therapy Behandlungsbedürfnis {n} [med.] [psych.]

start of therapy Behandlungsbeginn {m} [med.]

duration of therapy Behandlungsdauer {f} [med.]

therapeutical success; success of therapy Behandlungserfolg {m}; Therapieerfolg {m} [med.]

therapeutical successes; successes of therapy Behandlungserfolge {pl}; Therapieerfolge {pl}

therapeutical trial; trial of therapy Behandlungsversuch {m} [med.]

therapeutical trials; trials of therapy Behandlungsversuche {pl}

exercise therapy Bewegungstherapie {f}

connective tissue massage; subcutaneous reflex therapy /SRT/ Bindegewebsmassage {f}; subkutane Reflextherapie {f} /SRT/ [med.]

dolphin therapy Delfintherapie {f}; Delfin-Kur {f}

drug replacement therapy; drug substitution therapy Drogenersatztherapie {f}; Substitutionstherapie {f} [med.]

to be receiving a drug replacement therapy eine Drogenersatztherapie machen

eclampsia treatment; eclampsia therapy Eklampsiebehandlung {f}; Eklampsietherapie {f} [med.]

combination of conservative and surgical eclampsia treatment Eklampsietherapie der mittleren Linie

electroconvulsive therapy /ECT/; electroshock Elektrokrampftherapie {f} /EKT/; Elektrokonvulsionstherapie {f}; Elektroschocktherapie {f}

ergotherapy; occupational therapy; work therapy Ergotherapie {f}; Arbeitstherapie {f}; Beschäftigungstherapie {f} [med.]

dilatation of a (constricted) bronchus; bronchodilatation (therapy) Erweiterung {f} verengter Bronchien; Bronchusaufdehnung {f}; Bronchodilatation {f}; Bronchospasmolyse {f} [selten]; Broncholyse {f} [selten] (Therapie) [med.]

gene therapy Gentherapie {f}

total costs of therapy Gesamttherapiekosten {pl}

glaucoma treatment; antiglaucomatous therapy Glaukombehandlung {f} [med.]

group therapy Gruppentherapie {f}

group therapies Gruppentherapien {pl}

hormone therapy Hormontherapie {f} [med.]

contrahormonal therapy paradoxe Hormontherapie

immunization therapy Immunisierungsbehandlung {f} [med.]

vaccine therapy; vaccinotherapy; vaccine immunoprophylaxis Impfstoffbehandlung {f}; Impfstofftherapie {f}; Vakzinetherapie {f} [med.]

autogenous vaccinotherapy autogene Impfstofftherapie

infusion therapy; parenteral fluid therapy; drip treatment Infusionsbehandlung {f}; Infusionstherapie {f} [med.]

cold water therapy Kaltwasserheilkunde {f} [med.]

body work; body therapy Körperarbeit {f}

coma treatment; coma therapy Komabehandlung {f}; Komatherapie {f} [med.]

coma treatments; coma therapies Komabehandlungen {pl}; Komatherapien {pl}

artemisinin(-based) combination therapy /ACT/ Kombinationstherapie {f} auf Artemisiningrundlage [med.]

convergence-beam therapy; convergence irradiation; convergence radiation [coll.] Konvergenzbestrahlung {f} [med.]

conversion therapy Konversionstherapie {f}

remedial gymnastics; medical gymnastics; physiotherapy; physical therapy; physio [Br.] [coll.]; physiatrics; therapeutic exercise Krankengymnastik {f}; Physiotherapie {f}; Physio {f} [ugs.] [med.]

art therapy Kunsttherapie {f}

light exposure session (light therapy) Lichtdusche {f} (Vorgang bei der Lichttherapie)

light therapy; phototherapy Lichttherapie {f}; Phototherapie {f}; Fototherapie {f} [med.]

light therapy device; light therapy box [coll.] Lichttherapiegerät {n}; Lichtdusche {f} [ugs.]

light therapy devices; light therapy boxes Lichttherapiegeräte {pl}; Lichtduschen {pl}

speech-language pathology; speech therapy; logopaedics; phoniatrics Logopädie {f}; Sprachheilkunde {f}; Stimmheilkunde {f}

speech and language therapy /SLT/ [Br.]; speech-language pathology /SLP/ [Am.]; speech pathology [Austr.] Logopädie {f}; Logopädiepraxis {f}

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