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80 results for Straftatbestand
Word division: Straf·tat·be·stand
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(gesetzlicher) Straftatbestand {m}; strafbarer Tatbestand {m}; Tatbestand {m}; Tatbild {n} [Ös.] [jur.] statutory definition of the (criminal) offence; criminal offence

ein strafbarer Tatbestand sein; als Straftatbestand gelten to constitute a criminal offence

einen neuen Straftatbestand "Suizidbeihilfe" schaffen to create a new offence of "abetting suicide"

Teil des Tatbestands sein to be included in the statutory definition of the offence

In diesem Tatbestand ist ein breites Spektrum kriminellen Verhaltens zusammengefasst. The statutory definition the offense captures a wide spectrum of criminal conduct.

Abgabenüberhebung {f} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] tax overcharging; levying of excessive taxes/taxation/charges (criminal offence)

Amtsanmaßung {f} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] false assumption of (public) authority; impersonating a public servant [Am.] (criminal offence)

Amtsmissbrauch {m}; Amtsmißbrauch {m} [alt]; Missbrauch {m} der Amtsgewalt (Straftatbestand) [jur.] abuse of official authority; abuse of official position (criminal offence)

Anstiftung {f} zu einer Straftat (Straftatbestand) [jur.] incitement to a criminal offence/to commit an offence (criminal offence)

Öffentliche Aufforderung {f} zu Straftaten [Dt.] (Straftatbestand) [jur.] incitement to crimes [Br.] [Austr.] (criminal offence)

Bestechlichkeit {f} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] passive bribery (criminal offence)

Bestechung {f} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] active bribery; bribery (criminal offence) [listen]

Computerbetrug {m} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] computer fraud (criminal offence)

Datenfälschung {f} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] [comp.] data falsification (criminal offence)

(betrügerischer) Datenmissbrauch {m} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] data abuse (criminal offence)

betrügerischer Datenverarbeitungsmissbrauch {m} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] fraudulent misuse of a data processing system (criminal offence)

erpresserische Entführung {f}; Menschenraub {m} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] kidnapping (criminal offence)

räuberische Erpressung {f} (Straftatbestand) extortionate assault; extortion accompanied by violence (criminal offence)

Freiheitsberaubung {f}; Freiheitsentzug {m}; Freiheitsentziehung {f} [jur.] (Straftatbestand) deprivation of liberty; unlawful detention; false imprisonment (criminal offence)

Führen [Dt.]/Lenken [Ös.] {n} eines Fahrzeuges in fahruntüchtigem Zustand (Straftatbestand) [jur.] operating a vehicle impaired /OVI/; driving while impaired /DWI/; driving under the influence /DUI/ (criminal offence)

Gemeingefährdung {f} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] public endangerment (criminal offence)

körperliche Gewaltanwendung {f}; körperliche Übergriffe {pl}; Tätlichkeiten {pl} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] criminal battery; battery (criminal offence) [listen]

Hehlerei {f} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] receiving of stolen property; handling of stolen goods [Br.] (criminal offence)

Herabwürdigung {f} religiöser Symbole (Straftatbestand) degradation of religious symbols (criminal offence)

Kindesentziehung {f} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] parental abduction (criminal offence)

Kreditgefährdung {f} [Dt.]; Kreditschädigung {f} [Ös.] (Straftatbestand) [jur.] malicious falsehood (criminal offence)

Kuppelei {f} (Verleitung von Schutzbefohlenen zur Unzucht) (Straftatbestand) [jur.] pandering (criminal offence)

Kurpfuscherei {f} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] quackery (criminal offence)

Menschenhandel {m} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] human trafficking; trafficking in persons/human beings (criminal offence)

NS-Wiederbetätigung {f}; Wiederbetätigung {f} (Straftatbestand) [Ös.] revitalising/promotion of nazi-era ideas (and paraphernalia); promotion of Nazi ideology (criminal offence)

Rauschgifthandel {m}; Drogenhandel {m}; Suchtmittelhandel {m}; Suchtgifthandel [Ös.] (Straftatbestand) (narcotic) drug trafficking; trafficking in narcotic/illicit drugs (criminal offence)

Rechtsbeugung {f} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] perversion of justice; perverting the course of justice (criminal offence)

Rowdytum {n} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] rowdyism; hooliganism (criminal offence)

(mutwillige) Sachbeschädigung {f} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] (wilful) damage to property; criminal damage [Br.]; criminal mischief [Am.]; malicious damage/mischief [Am.] (criminal offence) [listen]

Sachwucher {m} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] usurious dealings (criminal offence)

Schleppertätigkeit {f}; Schleusertätigkeit {f}; Schleusung {f} von Migranten [Dt.]; Einschleusung {f} (von Ausländern) [Dt.]; Schlepperei {f} [Ös.]; Förderung {f} der rechtswidrigen Ein- und Ausreise [Schw.]; Menschenschmuggel {m} [ugs.] (Straftatbestand) smuggling of migrants; migrant smuggling; immigrant smuggling; people smuggling; facilitating illegal entry/immigration [Br.]; facilitating of illegal entry/immigration [Br.]; alien smuggling [Am.] (criminal offence)

Schutzgelderpressung {f} (Straftatbestand) protection racketeering (criminal offence)

Sozialbetrug {m} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] social security fraud; social welfare fraud; benefit fraud (criminal offence)

Steuerhehlerei {f}; Abgabenhehlerei {f} [Ös.] (Straftatbestand) [jur.] handling of goods on which tax or duty has been evaded (criminal offence)

Störung {f} der Totenruhe (Straftatbestand) [jur.] disturbing the peace of the dead (criminal offence)

Störung {f} der öffentlichen Ordnung; Störung {f} des öffentlichen Friedens [Dt.] (Straftatbestand); Erregung {f} öffentlichen Ärgernisses [jur.] disturbance of the public order; public disturbance; public disorder (criminal offence)

Tankbetrug {m}; Tankdiebstahl {m} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] non-payment of a fuel bill (criminal offence)

Untreue {f} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] breach of trust; breach of fuduciary duty (criminal offence)

Urkundenunterdrückung {f} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] suppression of documents (criminal offence)

falsche Verdächtigung {f} [Dt.]; Verleumdung {f} [Ös.] (falsche Bezichtigung einer Straftat in der Öffentlichkeit) (Straftatbestand) [jur.] calumny; calumnia [obs.] (false accusation of an offence in public) (criminal offence)

Verunglimpfung {f} des Andenkens Verstorbener [Dt.] (Straftatbestand) [jur.] marring the memory of a desceased person (criminal offence)

Volksverhetzung {f} [Dt.]; Verhetzung {f} [Ös.] (Straftatbestand) [jur.] incitement to ethnic or racial hatred [Br.]; incitement to hatred [Irl.]; public incitement of hatred [Can.]; racial and religious vilification [Austr.] (criminal offence)

Vorteilsannahme {f}; Vorteilsnahme {f} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] acceptance of an advantage (criminal offence)

Widerstand {m} gegen die Staatsgewalt [jur.] (Straftatbestand) resistance/opposition to public authority; obstructing police (criminal offence)

Zuhälterei {f} (Straftatbestand) [jur.] procuration; procuring (of women for prostitution); pimping; poncing [Br.] [coll.] (criminal offence)

tätlicher Angriff {m}; Überfall {m}; körperlicher Übergriff {m} (auf jdn.); (versuchte) Gewaltanwendung {f} assault (on sb.) [listen]

Angriff auf die Privatsphäre [übtr.] assault on privacy [fig.]

vorsätzliche Körperverletzung assault and battery; assault occasioning bodily harm [Am.]

(versuchte) Gewaltanwendung/Körperverletzung mit einer tödlichen Waffe felonious assault [Am.]

sexueller Übergriff {m}; sexueller Missbrauch {m}; Missbrauchshandlungen {pl} sexual assault

sexuelle Nötigung {f}; geschlechtlich Nötigung {f} [Ös.] (Straftatbestand) [jur.] indecent assault (criminal offence)

Anstiftung/Verleitung {f} zu einer Straftat (bes. zur Falschaussage) (Straftatbestand) [jur.] subornation of a criminal act (esp. of false testimony) (criminal offence)

Anstiftung zum Meineid subornation of perjury

Aussage {f} [jur.] [listen] statement; testimony; evidence [listen] [listen] [listen]

Aussagen {pl} statements; testimonies; evidences [listen]

Zeugenaussage {f} witness's statement; witness's testimony; witness's evidence

Falschaussage {f} (Straftatbestand) false statement; false testimony (criminal offence)

bei der Polizei eine Aussage machen to give a statement to the police

die Aussage verweigern to refuse to give evidence

eine Aussage machen (für; gegen) to give evidence (for; against)

Zeugenaussagen aufnehmen to take statements from witnesses

vor Gericht aussagen to give evidence in court

Ich bleibe bei meiner Aussage. I stand by my prior statement.

Beleidigung {f} [Dt.] [Ös.]; Beschimpfung {f} [Schw.]; Ehrenbeleidigung {f} [ugs.] (Straftatbestand) [jur.] [listen] abusive behaviour [Br.]; abusive behavior [Am.] (criminal offence)

verbale Beleidigung [Dt.] [Ös.]; verbale Beschimpfung [Schw.] verbally abusive behaviour [Br.]/behavior [Am.]; use of abusive language; use of abusive words; verbal abuse

tätliche Beleidigung [Dt.] [Ös.]; tätliche Beschimpfung [Schw.] physically abusive behaviour; minor physical abuse

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