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57 results for gymnastics
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vault gymnastics; vault [listen] Sprungturnen {n}; Sprung {m}; Pferdsprung {m} [sport] [listen]

gymnastics; gym [listen] Gymnastik {f} [sport]

gymnastics Turnen {n} [sport]

artistic gymnastics Kunstturnen {n}

gymnastics vault; vault (apparatus gymnastics) [listen] Stützsprung {m} (Geräteturnen) [sport]

handspring vault Handstützüberschlag {m}

squat vault Hocksprung {m}; Sprunghocke {f}

gymnastics apparatus; (item of) gym apparatus; apparatus [listen] Turngerät {n}; Gerät {n} [sport] [listen]

gymnastics apparatuses; gym apparatuses; apparatuses Turngeräte {pl}; Geräte {pl} [listen]

the work on the apparatus die Arbeit am Gerät

gymnastics apparatus circuit; apparatus circuit Geräteparcours {m}; Gerätelandschaft {f} [sport]

gymnastics apparatus circuits; apparatus circuits Geräteparcours {pl}; Gerätelandschaften {pl}

gymnastics teacher; gymnastics inspector Gymnastiklehrer {m}; Gymnastiklehrerin {f} [sport]

gymnastics teachers; gymnastics inspectors Gymnastiklehrer {pl}; Gymnastiklehrerinnen {pl}

gymnastics wheel; gym wheel; German wheel; aero wheel Rhönrad {n} [sport]

gymnastics wheels; gym wheels; German wheels; aero wheels Rhönräder {pl}

gymnastics exercise Turnübung {f}

gymnastics exercises Turnübungen {pl}

gymnastics club Turnverein {m}

gymnastics clubs Turnvereine {pl}

gymnastics competition Turnwettkampf {m}

gymnastics competitions Turnwettkämpfe {pl}

gymnastics bag Turnbeutel {m} [sport] [school]

gymnastics bags Turnbeutel {pl}

to do gymnastics; to practise gymnastics turnen {vi}

doing gymnastics turnend

done gymnastics geturnt

he/she does gymnastics er/sie turnt

I/he/she did gymnastics ich/er/sie turnte

he/she has/had done gymnastics er/sie hat/hatte geturnt

dismount (gymnastics) Abgang {m} (Turnen) [sport]

mount (gymnastics) [listen] Aufgang {m} (Turnen) [sport]

standing scale (gymnastics exercise) Beinwaage {f}; Standwaage {f}; rumänisches Kreuzheben {n} (Turnübung) [sport]

floor work (gymnastics) Bodenarbeit {f} (Gymnastik) [sport]

walkover (gymnastics) Bogengang {m} (Turnen) [sport]

circle (apparatus gymnastics) [listen] Felgumschwung {m}; Felge {f}; Hüftumschwung {m} (Geräteturnen) [sport]

back handspring (gymnastics exercise) Flick-Flack {m} (Turnübung) [sport]

ankle pumps (gymnastics exercise) Fußschaukeln {n} (Turnübung) [sport]

apparatus gymnastics Geräteturnen {n} [sport]

straddle vault (apparatus gymnastics) Grätschsprung {m} (Geräteturnen) [sport]

star jump [Br.]; jumping jack [Am.] (gymnastics exercise) Hampelmann {m} (Turnübung) [sport]

handspring (gymnastics exercise) Handstandüberschlag {m}; Überschlag {m} (Turnübung) [sport]

barbell gymnastics Hantelgymnastik {f} [sport]

therapeutic gymnastics; kinesiotherapy; inesitherapy; kinesiatrics Heilgymnastik {f}; medizinische Gymnastik {f}; Kinesitherapie {f} [med.]

front vault (in tuck position) (apparatus gymnastics) Hockwende {f} (Geräteturnen) [sport]

front vault dismount; face vault dismount (apparatus gymnastics) Hockwende {f} als Abgang (Geräteturnen) [sport]

headspring (gymnastics exercise) Kopfkippe {f} (Turnübung) [sport]

remedial gymnastics; medical gymnastics; physiotherapy; physical therapy; physio [Br.] [coll.]; physiatrics; therapeutic exercise Krankengymnastik {f}; Physiotherapie {f}; Physio {f} [ugs.] [med.]

crouched, rotating dismount; crouched, 180° dismount (apparatus gymnastics) Kreishockwende {f} als Abgang (Geräteturnen) [sport]

all-around (gymnastics) Mehrkampf {m} (Turnen) [sport]

cartwheel (gymnastics exercise) Rad {n} (Turnübung) [sport] [listen]

Reuther board; beatboard (apparatus gymnastics) Reutherbrett {n} (Geräteturnen) [sport]

wheel gymnastics Rhönradturnen {n} [sport]

overhand grip (apparatus gymnastics) Ristgriff {m} (Geräteturnen) [sport]

side plank (gymnastics exercise) Seitarmstütz {m} (Turnübung) [sport]

side lying position (gymnastics) Seitenenlage {f}; Seitlage {f} (Gymnastik) [sport]

acrobatic gymnastics Sportakrobatik {f} [sport]

asymmetric bars [Br.]; uneven bars [Am.] (gymnastics apparatus) Stufenbarren {m} (Turngerät) [sport]

plank (gymnastics exercise) Unterarmstütz {m} (Turnübung) [sport]

reverse grip (apparatus gymnastics) Untergriff {m} (Geräteturnen) [sport]

muscle-up (gymnastics exercise) Zugstemme {f} (Turnübung) [sport]

rhythmic gymnastics rhythmische Sportgymnastik {f} /RSG/; rhythmische Gymnastik {f} /RG/ [sport]

progenitor; originator; founder; father; begetter [humor.] (of a development) [fig.] [listen] [listen] Begründer {m}; Gründungsvater {m}; Vater {m}; Architekt {m} (einer Entwicklung) [übtr.] [listen] [listen]

progenitors; originators; founders; fathers; begetters Begründer {pl}; Gründungsväter {pl}; Väter {pl}; Architekten {pl}

foundress Gründerin {f}

co-founder Mitbegründer {m}; Mitgründer {m}

He was the father of Swedish gymnastics. Er war der Begründer der schwedischen Gymnastik.

handstand (gymnastics exercise) Handstand {m} (Turnübung) [sport]

handstands Handstände {pl}

spotter (in gymnastics) Hilfesteller {f} (beim Turnen) [sport]

to act as a spotter jdm. Hilfestellung geben

crouch position; crouch (gymnastics) [listen] Hockstellung {f}; Hockstand {m} (Turnen) [sport]

forward roll from crouch (position) Rolle vorwärts aus dem Hockstand

the squat (gymnastics exercise) Kniebeugen {pl} (bis in Hockstellung) (Turnübung) [sport]

to do squats Kniebeugen machen

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