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5 results for catch-up
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catch-up effect Aufholeffekt {m}

catch-up effects Aufholeffekte {pl}

catch-up development (of a country) Aufholentwicklung {f}; nachholende Entwicklung {f} (eines Landes) [pol.]

catch-up allowance Ausgleichsvergütung {f}

vaccination campaign; catch-up campaign; immunization programme Impfaktion {f} [med.]

vaccination campaigns; catch-up campaigns; immunization programmes Impfaktionen {pl}

vaccination; vaccinization; inoculation; vaccine therapy; vaccinotherapy; immunization with a vaccine; immunization shot [Am.] [coll.]; jab [Br.] [coll.]; jag [Sc.] [coll.]; vax [Am.] [coll.] [listen] [listen] Schutzimpfung {f}; Impfung {f}; Vakzination {f} [med.]; Impfstich {m} [ugs.]; Stich {m} [ugs.]; Pieks {m} [Dt.] [ugs.]; Jauckerl {n} [Ös.] [slang] [med.] [listen]

active vaccination aktive Impfung

active serovaccination aktive Impfung und Serumbehandlung

containment vaccination (for infection control) Abriegelungsimpfung {f}; Riegelungsimpfung {f} (zur Infektionsbekämpfung)

booster inoculation; booster; revaccination [listen] Auffrischungsimpfung {f}; Auffrischimpfung {f}; Wiederholungsimpfung {f}; Nachimpfung {f}; Wiederimpfung {f}; Revakzination {f}

primary vaccination Basisimpfung {f}

bacterial vaccination; bacterination bakterielle Impfung; Bakterienvakzination {f}

enteric inoculation; peroral inoculation enterale Impfung; perorale Impfung

epicutaneous vaccination epikutane Impfung

original vaccination; first inoculation; first jab (of the vaccine) [Br.]; first shot (of the vaccine) [Am.] Erstimpfung {f}; erster Stich [ugs.]

influenza vaccination; influenza immunization; influenza immunisation [Br.]; flu immunization [coll.]; flu shot [coll.]; flu jab [Br.]; flu vax [Am.] Grippeschutzimpfung {f}; Grippeimpfung {f}; Grippejauckerl {n} [Ös.] [slang]

vaccination for specific populations Indikationsimpfung {f}

vaccination during the incubation stage Inkubationsimpfung {f}

intradermal vaccination; intradermal inoculation; intracutaneous vaccination Intrakutanimpfung {f}; Intradermalinokulation {f}

conjunctival inoculation konjunktivale Impfung

catch-up vaccination Nachholimpfung {f}

emergency vaccination Notimpfung {f}

passive vaccination passive Impfung

pre-exposure vaccination präexpositionelle Impfung

post-exposure vaccination postexpositionelle Impfung

routine vaccination; standard vaccination Regelimpfung {f}; Standardimpfung {f}

mass vaccination Reihenimpfung {f}; Massenimpfung {f}

travel vaccination Reiseimpfung {f}

ring vaccination Ringimpfung {f}

oral vaccination; endovaccination Schluckimpfung {f}

simultaneous vaccination; simultaneous immunization Synchronimpfung {f}; Simultanimpfung {f}

second vaccination; second jab (of the vaccine) [Br.] [coll.]; second shot (of the vaccine) [Am.] [coll.] Zweitimpfung {f}; zweiter Stich [ugs.]

childhood vaccination Impfung im Kindesalter

malleinization Impfung mit Rotzbakterienextrakt

officially recommended vaccination amtlich empfohlene Schutzimpfung
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