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bacterial flora; flora (in compounds) Keimbesiedlung {f}; Bakterienflora {f}; Flora {f} (in Zusammensetzungen) [biol.]

transient flora Anflugflora {f}; transiente Flora

intestinal flora; gut microbiome Darmflora {f}; Darmmikrobiom {n}

colonic flora Dickdarmflora {f}

faecal flora Fäkalflora {f}

microbial flora of skin; skin flora; cutaneous flora Keimbesiedlung der Haut; Hautflora {f}

bacterial/microbial flora of the body Keimbesiedlung des Körpers; Körperflora {f}

bacterial flora of the oral cavity; oral flora Keimbesidlung des Mundes; Mundflora {f}

oropharyngeal bacterial flora oropharyngeale Bakterienflora

vaginal flora Scheidenflora {f}; Vaginalflora {f}

resident flora Standortflora {f}; residente Flora

bacterial culture; bacteriological culture; microbic culture Bakterienzüchtung {f}; Bakterienkultur {f}

bacterial cultures; bacteriological cultures; microbic cultures Bakterienzüchtungen {pl}; Bakterienkulturen {pl}

bacterial culture in a liquid growth medium; broth culture Bakterienkultur im flüssigen Nährmedium; Bouillonkultur

hanging drop culture Bakterienkultur im hängenden Tropfen

bacterial colony Bakterienkolonie {f} [biol.]

bacterial colonies Bakterienkolonien {pl}

small bacterial colony; microcolony kleine Bakterienkolonie

bacterial count; germination number Keimzahl {f} [med.]

bacterial counts; germination numbers Keimzahlen {pl}

total bacteria count; bioburden Gesamtkeimzahl {f}; Keimbelastung {f}

bacterial inoculation Bakterienüberimpfung {f} [biol.]

bacterial inoculations Bakterienüberimpfungen {pl}

bacterial agglutination Bakterienagglutination {f} [med.]

bacterial activity Bakterienaktivität {f}

bacterial settling Bakterienansiedlung {f} [biol.]

bacterial settlings Bakterienansiedlungen {pl}

bacterial antagonism Bakterienantagonismus {m} [biol.]

bacterial species Bakterienart {f} [biol.]

bacterial spreading; spreading of bacteria Bakterienausbreitung {f} [med.]

bacterial carrier; vector Bakterienausscheider {m} [med.]

bacterial invasion Bakterienbefall {m} [med.]

bacterial dissociation Bakteriendissoziation {f} [biol.]

bacterial embolism; infective embolism Bakterienembolie {f} [med.]

bacterial enzyme Bakterienenzym {n} [biol.]

bacterial enzymes Bakterienenzyme {pl}

bacterial disease; bacteriosis Bakterienerkrankung {f}; Bakterienkrankheit {f}; bakterielle Krankheit {f}; Bakteriose {f} [med.]

bacterial diseases; bacterioses Bakterienerkrankungen {pl}; Bakterienkrankheiten {pl}; bakterielle Krankheiten {pl}; Bakteriosen {pl}

bacterial staining Bakterienfärbung {f} [med.]

bacterial thread Bakterienfaden {m} [biol.]

bacterial threads Bakterienfäden {pl}

bacterial filter Bakterienfilter {m} [med.]

bacterial filters Bakterienfilter {pl}

bacterial content Bakteriengehalt {m} [med.]

bacterial capsule Bakterienkapsel {f} [biol.]

bacterial capsules Bakterienkapseln {pl}

bacterial chain Bakterienkette {f} [biol.]

bacterial chains Bakterienketten {pl}

bacterial conjugation Bakterienkonjugation {f} [biol.]

bacterial convolution; clump of bacteria Bakterienkonvolut {n} [biol.]

bacterial leaching Bakterienlaugung {f} [min.]

bacterial plaque Bakterienplaque {f} [biol.]

bacterial polysaccharide Bakterienpolysaccharid {n} [med.]

bacterial protein; bacterioprotein Bakterienprotein {n} [biol.]

bacterial lawn; bacterial layer Bakterienrasen {m} [biol.]

bacterial resistance Bakterienresistenz {f} [med.]

bacterial ribosome Bakterienribosom {n} [biol.]

bacterial ribosomes Bakterienribosomen {pl}

bacterial injury Bakterienschädigung {f} [med.]

bacterial injuries Bakterienschädigungen {pl}

bacterial spectrum Bakterienspektrum {n} [med.]

bacterial transformation Bakterientransformation {f}; Bakterienkonversion {f} [med.]

bacterial transformations Bakterientransformationen {pl}; Bakterienkonversionen {pl}

bacterial variation Bakterienvariation {f} [biol.]

bacterial variations Bakterienvariationen {pl}

bacterial destruction; bacteriolysis; bacteriophagia Bakterienvernichtung {f}; Bakterienabtötung {f}; Bakterienauflösung {f}; Bakteriolyse {f} [med.]

bacterial contamination; bacterial invasion Bakterienverseuchung {f}; Bakterieneinschleppung {f}; bakterielle Kontamination {f} [med.]

bacterial virus; bacteriophage; phage [coll.] Bakterienvirus {n}; Bakteriophage {m}; Phage {m} (Virus, das Bakterien infiziert) [biol.]

bacterial viruses; bacteriophages; phages Bakterienviren {pl}; Bakteriophagen {pl}; Phagen {pl}

bacterial growth Bakterienwachstum {n} [biol.]

bacterial counting Bakterienzählung {f} [med.]

bacterial count (in the water) Bakterienzahl {f} (im Wasser)

bacterial cell Bakterienzelle {f} [biol.]

bacterial cells Bakterienzellen {pl}

bacterial cytoplasma Bakterienzellplasma {n} [biol.]

bacterial cell wall Bakterienzellwand {f} [biol.]

bacterial cell walls Bakterienzellwände {pl}

bacterial cast Bakterienzylinder {m} (krankhafter Harnbestandteil) [med.]

bacterial overgrowth bakterielle Fehlbesiedelung {f} [med.]

small intestinal bacterial overgrowth /SIBO/ Dünndarmfehlbesiedlung {f}

bacterial bakteriell {adj}

bacteriostatic spectrum; bacterial spectrum Bakterienhemmungsbereich {m} [med.]

pathotype; pathovar (pathogenically distinct variety of a bacterial strain) Pathotyp {m}; Pathovar {m} (Bakterienstamm mit charakteristischer Pathogenität) [biol.]

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