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Word division: Fil·ter
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to filter; to filtrate filtern; filtrieren {vt}

filtering; filtrating filternd; filtrierend

filtered; filtrated gefiltert; filtriert

filters; filtrates filtert; filtriert

filtered; filtrated filterte; filtrierte

unfiltered ungefiltert; unfiltriert; nicht gefiltert; nicht filtriert

to filter; to split lanes [Am.]; to share lanes [Am.] (of motorcyclists) zwischen den Autos / Spuren durchfahren; sich zwischen den Autos durchschlängeln (Motorradfahrer) {v} [auto]

filter [listen] Filter {m}

filters Filter {pl}

tuned filter abgestimmter Filter

active filter aktiver Filter

digital filter digitaler Filter

dispersive filter dispersiver Filter

folded filter Faltenfilter {m}

inverse filter inverser Filter

combination filter Kombinationsfilter {m}

red-abstracting filter rotarmer Filter

filter with centre bar Filter mit Steg

filter circuit Filterkreis {m}; Siebkreis {m} [electr.]

filter circuits Filterkreise {pl}; Siebkreise {pl}

multisection filter circuit mehrgliedriger Filterkreis

filter paper; cone filter (for coffee) Filterpapier {n}; Filtertüte {f}; Kaffeefiltereinsatz {m}; Kaffeefilter {m} [ugs.] [cook.]

filter papers; cone filters Filtertüten {pl}; Kaffeefiltereinsätze {pl}; Kaffeefilter {pl}

gold cone filter Goldfilter {m} (Filtereinsatz mit Goldbeschichtung)

to filter out sth. etw. ausfiltern {vt}

filtering out ausfilternd

filtered out ausgefiltert

filter equipment Filteranlage {f} [mach.]

filter arrangement Filteranordnung {f}

filter arrangements Filteranordnungen {pl}

filter removal Filterausbau {m}

filter bank Filterbank {f}

filter attachment Filterbefestigung {f} [photo.]

filter attachments Filterbefestigungen {pl}

filter bubble; informational bubble Filterblase {f}; Informationsblase {f} [comp.] [soc.]

filter bubbles; informational bubbles Filterblasen {pl}; Informationsblasen {pl}

filter well Filterbrunnen {m}

filter wells Filterbrunnen {pl}

filter ceiling grid Filterdeckenraster {n}

filter element; filter cartridge Filtereinsatz {m}

filter elements; filter cartridges Filtereinsätze {pl}

filter area Filterfläche {f}

filter grille (vacuum cleaner component) Filtergitter {n} (Teil eines Staubsaugers)

filter grilles Filtergitter {pl}

filter pack height Filterhöhe {f}

filter integrity test Filterintegritätstest {m}

filter integrity tests Filterintegritätstests {pl}

filter gravel Filterkies {m} [min.]

filter gravelbed Filterkiespackung {f}

filter gravelbeds Filterkiespackungen {pl}

filter grade Filterklasse {f}

filter grades Filterklassen {pl}

filter contact Filterkontakt {m}

filter contacts Filterkontakte {pl}

filter coffee; filtered coffee; drip coffee [Am.]; drip brew [Am.] Filterkaffee {m} [cook.]

filter coffee maker; drip coffee maker [Am.] Filterkaffeemaschine {f} [cook.]

filter coffee makers; drip coffee makers Filterkaffeemaschinen {pl}

filter ladder Filterkette {f}

filter ladders Filterketten {pl}

filter cake Filterkuchen {m}

filter material Filtermaterial {n}

filter press Filterpresse {f}

filter presses Filterpressen {pl}

filter frame Filterrahmen {m}; Filterzarge {f}

filter frames Filterrahmen {pl}; Filterzargen {pl}

filter frame material Filterrahmenmaterial {n}

filter array Filterreihe {f}

filter arrays Filterreihen {pl}

filter wheel (optics) Filterrevolver {m} (Optik)

filter wheels Filterrevolver {pl}

filter designator Filterscheibe {f}

filter designators Filterscheiben {pl}

filter layer Filterschicht {f}

filter layers Filterschichten {pl}

filter separator (oil and gas production) Filterseparator {m} (Öl- und Gasförderung) [techn.]

filter separators Filterseparatoren {pl}

filter tension part Filterspanner {m}

filter tension parts Filterspanner {pl}

filter stone; dripstone Filterstein {m}; Filterkalkstein {m}; Filtersandstein {m} [geol.]

filter cloth Filtertuch {n}; Filtermatte {f} [textil.] [techn.]

filter cloths Filtertücher {pl}; Filtermatten {pl}

filter fabric; press cloth Filtertuch {n}

filter control Filterüberwachung {f}

filter loss Filterverlust {m} [techn.]

filter cotton; floss cotton; polymer wool Filterwatte {f}

filter tipped cigarette; filter-tip Filterzigarette {f}

filter tipped cigarettes; filter-tips Filterzigaretten {pl}

filter cone (for coffee) (trichterförmiger) Kaffeefilterhalter {m}; Kaffeefilter {m} [cook.]

filter cones Kaffeefilterhalter {pl}; Kaffeefilter {pl}

filter feeding (of baleen whales) Nahrungsaufnahme {f} durch Herausfiltern (bei Bartenwalen) [zool.]

to filter sth. by means of suction/vacuum etw. mit der Nutsche filtrieren; etw. nutschen; etw. abnutschen {vt} [chem.]

filter basket Siebträger {m}; Siebhalter {m} [techn.]

filter baskets Siebträger {pl}; Siebhalter {pl}

filter stack Filterstack {m} [techn.]

to filter out ausfiltern {vt}

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