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reflector wedge filters Aufsichtsgraukeile {pl} [techn.]

smoothing filter Abflachschaltung {f}; Abflacher {m} [electr.]

smoothing filters Abflachschaltungen {pl}; Abflacher {pl}

exhaust filter Abgasfilter {m}

exhaust filters Abgasfilter {pl}

absorption filter Absorptionsfilter {m}

absorption filters Absorptionsfilter {pl}

ladder filter Abzweigfilter {m}

ladder filters Abzweigfilter {pl}

charcoal absorber; activated carbon filter Aktivkohlefilter {m}

charcoal absorbers; activated carbon filters Aktivkohlefilter {pl}

anion filter Anionenfilter {m} [chem.]

anion filters Anionenfilter {pl}

air inlet filter Ansaugfilter {m} [techn.]

air inlet filters Ansaugfilter {pl}

suction filter Ansaugfilter {m} [techn.]

suction filters Ansaugfilter {pl}

precoat filter Anschwemmfilter {n} [mach.]

precoat filters Anschwemmfilter {pl}

respiratory filter; respirator filter Atemschutzfilter {m}

respiratory filters; respirator filters Atemschutzfilter {pl}

upflow filter Aufströmfilter {m} [mach.]

upflow filters Aufströmfilter {pl}

outlet filter Austrittsfilter {m}

outlet filters Austrittsfilter {pl}

bacterial filter Bakterienfilter {m} [med.]

bacterial filters Bakterienfilter {pl}

bandwidth filter Bandbreitenfilter {m}

bandwidth filters Bandbreitenfilter {pl}

bandpass filter Bandfilter {m}

bandpass filters Bandfilter {pl}

band-pass filter Bandpassfilter {m}; Bandpass {m} [electr.] (Audio)

band-pass filters Bandpassfilter {pl}; Bandpässe {pl}

ventilation filter Belüftungsfilter {m}

ventilation filters Belüftungsfilter {pl}

petrol filter Benzinfilter {m}

petrol filters Benzinfilter {pl}

bag filter Beutelfilter {m}

bag filters Beutelfilter {pl}

bio filter Biofilter {m}

bio filters Biofilter {pl}

blue filter Blaufilter {m} [photo.] [techn.]

blue filters Blaufilter {pl}

anti-dazzle filter Blendschutzfilter {m}

anti-dazzle filters Blendschutzfilter {pl}

wide-range filter Breitbandfilter {m}

wide-range filters Breitbandfilter {pl}

fuel filter Brennstofffilter {m}

fuel filters Brennstofffilter {pl}

ripple filter Brummfilter {m}; Glättungssiebkette {f} [electr.]

ripple filters Brummfilter {pl}; Glättungssiebketten {pl}

diesel particulate filter Dieselrußfilter {m} [auto]

diesel particulate filters Dieselrußfilter {pl}

constant-k filter Doppelfilter {m}; Doppelsieb {n} [electr.]

constant-k filters Doppelfilter {pl}; Doppelsiebe {pl}

compressed air filter Druckluftfilter {m}

compressed air filters Druckluftfilter {pl}

darkroom filter Dunkelkammerfilter {f} [photo.]

darkroom filters Dunkelkammerfilter {pl}

colour filter [Br.]; color filter [Am.] Farbfilter {m}

colour filters; color filters Farbfilter {pl}

fine material filter Feinfilter {m}

fine material filters Feinfilter {pl}

fine particulate air filter Feinstaubfilter {m}

fine particulate air filters Feinstaubfilter {pl}

filter [listen] Filter {m}

filters Filter {pl}

tuned filter abgestimmter Filter

active filter aktiver Filter

digital filter digitaler Filter

dispersive filter dispersiver Filter

folded filter Faltenfilter {m}

inverse filter inverser Filter

combination filter Kombinationsfilter {m}

red-abstracting filter rotarmer Filter

prefilter; preliminary filter Vorfilter {m}

cigarette filter Zigarettenfilter {m}

filter with centre bar Filter mit Steg

filter paper; cone filter (for coffee) Filterpapier {n}; Filtertüte {f}; Kaffeefiltereinsatz {m}; Kaffeefilter {m} [ugs.] [cook.]

filter papers; cone filters Filtertüten {pl}; Kaffeefiltereinsätze {pl}; Kaffeefilter {pl}

gold cone filter Goldfilter {m} (Filtereinsatz mit Goldbeschichtung)

panel filter Flächenfilter {m}

panel filters Flächenfilter {pl}

fluidized bed filter Fließbettfilter {m}

fluidized bed filters Fließbettfilter {pl}

lint trap; lint filter Flusensieb {n} [techn.]

lint traps; lint filters Flusensiebe {pl}

frequency-separating filter; diplexer; crossover network; crossover Frequenzweiche {f} [electr.]

frequency-separating filters; diplexers; crossover networks Frequenzweichen {pl}

fabric filter Gewebefilter {m} [techn.]

fabric filters Gewebefilter {pl}

grey value filter [Br.]; gray value filter [Am.] Grauwertfilter {m}

grey value filters; gray value filters Grauwertfilter {pl}

rough material filter Grobfilter {m}

rough material filters Grobfilter {pl}

coarse particulate air filter Grobstaubfilter {m}

coarse particulate air filters Grobstaubfilter {pl}

interference-type filter; interference filter (optics) Interferenzlichtfilter {m}; Interferenzfilter {m} (Optik)

interference-type filters; interference filters Interferenzlichtfilter {pl}; Interferenzfilter {pl}

coffee filter Kaffeefilter {m} [cook.]

coffee filters Kaffeefilter {pl}

camera filter; filter (in compounds) (film, photography) [listen] Kamerafilter {m}; Filter {m} (in Zusammensetzungen) (Film, Fotografie) [photo.]

camera filters; filters Kamerafilter {pl}; Filter {pl}

haze filter; fog filter Dunstfilter {m}

photography filter; photo filter Fotofilter {m}

gelatin filter; gelatine filter Gelatinefilter {m}

ultraviolet filter; UV filter Ultraviolettfilter {m}; UV-Filter {m}

front-lens filter Vorsatzfilter {m}

soft-focus filter Weichzeichnerfilter {m}; Weichzeichner {m}

duct filter Kanalfilter {m}

duct filters Kanalfilter {pl}

gravel filter Kiesbettfilter {m} [mach.]

gravel filters Kiesbettfilter {pl}

gravel-packed filter; gravel filter; gravel packing Kiesfilter {m}

gravel-packed filters; gravel filters Kiesfilter {pl}

charcoal filter; carbon filter Kohlefilter {m}

charcoal filters; carbon filters Kohlefilter {pl}

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