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capsule Kapsel {f}

capsules Kapseln {pl}

capsule fruit Kapselfrucht {f} [bot.]

ventricidal capsule bauchspaltige Kapsel; ventrizide Kapsel

pyxis Deckelkapsel {f}; Pyxidium {n}

loculicidal capsule fachspaltige/rückenspaltige Kapsel; lokulizide/dorsizide Kapsel

poricide capsule porizide Kapsel; Porenkapsel {f}; Lochkapsel {f}

septifragous capsule scheidewandbrüchige Kapsel; septifrage Kapsel

septicidal capsule scheidewandspaltige Kapsel; septizide Kapsel

capsule espresso machine Kapsel-Espressomaschine {f} [cook.]

capsule espresso machines Kapsel-Espressomaschinen {pl}

capsule endoscopy Kapselendoskopie {f} [med.]

capsule filling machine Kapselfüllmaschine {f}

drug capsule; medicine capsule; capsule Medikamentenkapsel {f}; Arzeimittelkapsel {f}; Kapsel {f} [pharm]

drug capsules; medicine capsules; capsules Medikamentenkapseln {pl}; Arzeimittelkapseln {pl}; Kapseln {pl}

gelatin capsule; gelatine capsule Gelatinekapsel {f}

hard-shelled capsule Hartkapsel {f}

soft-shelled capsule Weichkapsel {f}

to encapsulate sth.; to enclose sth. in a capsule etw. einkapseln {vt}

encapsulating; enclosing in a capsule einkapselnd

encapsulated; enclosed in a capsule eingekapselt

amulet capsule Amulettkapsel {f}

amulet capsules Amulettkapseln {pl}

bacterial capsule Bakterienkapsel {f} [biol.]

bacterial capsules Bakterienkapseln {pl}

pressurized capsule Druckkapsel {f} [aviat.]

pressurized capsules Druckkapseln {pl}

manometric capsule Drucksonde {f} [meteo.]

manometric capsules Drucksonden {pl}

advance capsule; vacuum advance unit Frühdose {f}; Unterdruckdose der Zündzeitverstellung {f} [auto]

joint capsule Gelenkkapsel {f} [anat.]

joint capsules Gelenkkapseln {pl}

earpiece capsule; receiver capsule; receiver inset (of a landline telephone) Hörkapsel {f} (eines Festnetztelefons) [telco.]

earpiece capsules; receiver capsules; receiver insets Hörkapseln {pl}

in capsule form; in capsules in Kapselform [pharm.]

cartilage capsule Knorpelkapsel {f}

cartilage capsules Knorpelkapseln {pl}

dynamometer; pressure capsule Messdose {f}; Meßdose {f} [alt] [techn.]

dynamometers; pressure capsules Messdosen {pl}; Meßdosen {pl}

poppy straw; poppy chaff; poppy husk; crushed poppy capsule Mohnstroh {n} [agr.]

nasal capsule Nasenkapsel {f} [anat.]

space capsule (astronautics) Raumkapsel {f} (Raumfahrt)

space capsules Raumkapsel {pl}

relic capsule Reliquienkapsel {f} [relig.]

relic capsules Reliquienkapseln {pl}

rescue capsule (aerospace) Rettungskapsel {f} (Luft- und Raumfahrt)

rescue capsules Rettungskapseln {pl}

ejection capsule (astronautics) absprengbare Rettungskapsel {f} (Raumfahrt)

seed capsule; seed case Samenkapsel {f}; Samenbehälter {m} [bot.]

seed capsules; seed cases Samenkapseln {pl}; Samenbehälter {pl}

pressure capsule; sylphone bellows Wellrohrfeder {f} [techn.]

time capsule Zeitkapsel {f}

time capsules Zeitkapseln {pl}

cell capsule Zellkapsel {f} [biol.]

cell capsules Zellkapseln {pl}

laceration of the capsule Kapselriss {m} [med.]

load cell; pressure cell; pressure capsule Druckdose {f}; Druckmessdose {f} [mach.] [techn.]

load cells; pressure cells; pressure capsules Druckdosen {pl}; Druckmessdosen {pl}

hydaulic capsule; hydaulic load cell Flüssigkeitsdruckmessdose {f} [mach.] [techn.]

sb.'s wardrobe (collection of outer clothes) jds. Garderobe {f} (Bestand an Oberbekleidung) [textil.]

capsule wardrobe Universalgarderobe {f} (untereinander kombinierbare Stücke)

coffee pod Kaffeekapsel {f} [cook.]

coffee pods Kaffeekapseln {pl}

flat coffee pod; coffee pad flache Kaffeekapsel {f}; Kaffeepad {n}

cup coffee pod; coffee capsule hohe Kaffeekapsel; feste Kaffeekapsel

coffee making machine; coffee maker; coffee machine Kaffeemaschine {f} [cook.]

coffee making machines; coffee makers; coffee machines Kaffeemaschinen {pl}

espresso machine Espressomaschine {f}

filter coffee machine Filterkaffeemaschine {f}

pod coffee machine; coffee pod machine; coffee pad machine Kaffeepad-Maschine {f}

capsule coffee machine; coffee capsule machine Kapselkaffeemaschine {f}

fully automated coffee machine; fully automatic coffee machine; bean-to-cup coffee machine Kaffeevollautomat {m}

ejection seat; ejector seat Schleudersitz {m} [aviat.]

ejection seats; ejector seats Schleudersitze {pl}

ejection capsule geschlossener Schleudersitz

adipose fettreich; verfettet; Fett...; adipös {adj} [med.]

adipose capsule of the kidney Fettkapsel {f} der Niere

adipose tissue Fettgewebe {n} (Tela adiposa) [anat.]
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