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turning moment; torsional moment; torque; moment of force [listen] Drehmoment {n}; Kraftmoment {n}; Torsionsmoment {n}; Moment {n} [phys.] [techn.] [listen] [listen]

turning moments; torsional moments; torques; moments of force Drehmomente {pl}; Kraftmomente {pl}; Torsionsmomente {pl}; Momente {pl}

starting torque; breakaway torque (of engines or motors) Anfahrdrehmoment {n}; Anfahrtsdrehmoment {n}; Anfahrmoment {n}; Anlaufmoment {n} (bei Motoren)

driving torque Antriebsdrehmoment {n}; Antriebsmoment {n}; Motorendrehmoment {n}

tightening torque; tightening moment (of screws) Anziehdrehmoment {n}; Anzugsmoment {n} (bei Schrauben)

operating torque Betätigungsdrehmoment {n}; Betätigungsmoment {n}; Drehkraft {f} [ugs.]

starting torque Einschaltmoment {n}

coupling torque Kupplungsdrehmoment {n}; Kupplungsmoment {n}

breakaway torque Losbrechdrehmoment {n}; Losbrechmoment {n}; Losbrechkraft {f} [ugs.]

driving torque (measurement engineering) Messmoment {n} (Messtechnik)

turning point; hinge; watershed moment; watershed [fig.] [listen] Wendepunkt {m}; Wende {f}; Zäsur {f}; Zeitenwende {f} [listen]

turning points; hinges; watershed moments; watersheds [listen] Wendepunkte {pl}; Zäsuren {pl}

to mark a watershed einen Wendepunkt darstellen

We are at a turning point of history / at a hinge of history. Wir stehen an einem Wendepunkt der Geschichte.

page turning Blättern {n}

turning; turning-off; turn-off [listen] Abbiegen {n} [auto]

improper turning; improper turn falsches Abbiegen

turning-plate moulding machine (foundry) Wendeplatten-Formmaschine {f} (Gießerei) [techn.]

turning-plate moulding machines Wendeplatten-Formmaschinen {pl}

turning ban; turn ban Abbiegeverbot {n} [auto]

right turn ban Rechtsabbiegeverbot {n}

left turn ban Linksabbiegeverbot {n}

turning [listen] Drehen {n} [techn.]

CNC turning CNC-Drehen {n}

turning between centres [Br.] / centers [Am.] Spitzendrehen {n}

turning vehicle Abbieger {m}; Abbiegende {m,f}; Abbiegender [auto]

turning vehicles Abbieger {pl}; Abbiegenden {pl}; Abbiegende

turning behavio(u)r (of a vehicle) Abbiegeverhalten {n} (eines Fahrzeugs) [auto] [techn.]

turning traffic Abbiegeverkehr {m} [auto]

turning tool Abdreheisen {n}

turning [listen] Abdrehen {n} [techn.]

turning away Abkehr {f}

rebellion against social norms Abkehr von sozialen Normen

turning [listen] Abzweigung {f}; Abbiegung {f}; Einbiegung {f}

turnings Abzweigungen {pl}; Abbiegungen {pl}; Einbiegungen {pl}

turning radius Bahnradius {m} [techn.]

turning mandrel [Br.]; work arbor [Am.] Drehdorn {m}; Spitzendorn {m} [techn.]

turning mandrels; work arbors Drehdorne {pl}; Spitzendorne {pl}

turning knuckle Drehgelenk {n}

turning knuckles Drehgelenke {pl}

turning drive Drehgetriebe {n} [techn.]

turning drives Drehgetriebe {pl}

turning handle Drehgriff {m}

turning handles Drehgriffe {pl}

turning tool Drehstahl {m}

turning transfer station Drehumsetzstation {f} [techn.]

turning transfer stations Drehumsetzstationen {pl}

turning centre [Br.]; turning center [Am.]; centre / center for turning operations Drehzentrum {n} [techn.]

turning point Extremalpunkt {m} [math.]

turning points Extremalpunkte {pl}

turning moment; breakdown torque Kippmoment {n}

turning angle of the steering wheel; steering wheel angle Lenkradeinschlagwinkel {m}; Lenkradeinschlag {m}; Lenkradwinkel {m}

turning radius limitation Schwenkbegrenzung {f}

turning back Umkehr {f} [listen]

to force sb. to turn back jdn. zur Umkehr zwingen

turning basin (water engineering) Wendebecken {n} (Wasserbau)

turning basins Wendebecken {pl}

turning arrangement Wendeeinrichtung {f}

turning arrangements Wendeeinrichtungen {pl}

turning circle; lock [listen] Wendekreis {m} [auto]

curb-to-curb turning circle Spurkreis {m}

turning radius Wendekreishalbmesser {m}; Wendekreisradius {m}

turning [listen] Wendeplatte {f}; Spitzkehre {f} [auto]

turnings Wendeplatten {pl}; Spitzkehren {pl}

turning area; turnaround [Am.] Wendeplatz {m} [auto]

turning areas; turnarounds Wendeplätze {pl}

turning loop Wendeschleife {f}

turning loops Wendeschleifen {pl}

turning (to) [listen] Zuwendung {f}; Sichzuwenden {n} (zu) [listen]

accident involving a vehicle turning off Abbiegeunfall {m} [auto]

manually-operated turning gear Anwerfvorrichtung {f}

CNC lathe; CNC turning centre [Br.]; CNC turning center [Am.] CNC-Drehmaschine {f} [techn.]

CNC lathes; CNC turning centres; CNC turning centers CNC-Drehmaschinen {pl}

welt turning attachment; welt turner attachment (hosiery) Doppelrandeinrichtung {f} (Strumpfwaren) [textil.]

lathe work; turning operation Dreharbeit {f} (vom Dreher)

flow-forming roller (flow turning) Drückwalze {f} (Abstreckdrücken) [techn.]

flow forming; flow turning Drückwalzen {n}; Abstreckdrücken {n}; Reckdrücken {n} [techn.]

traffic turning the corner Einbiegeverkehr {m} [auto]

linkage with turning and sliding pairs Gelenkgetriebe {n} [techn.]

four-bar linkage; four-bar mechanism Gelenkviereck

flow-turning machine Glattwalzmaschine {f} [techn.]

flow-turning machines Glattwalzmaschinen {pl}

engine turning; bolt jewelling [Br.]; bolt jeweling [Am.] (metal surface finishing in watches, guns, vehicles etc.) Guillochieren {n} (Metalloberflächenveredelung bei Uhren, Schusswaffen, Fahrzeugen usw.) [techn.]

vertical boring and turning mill Karusselldrehmaschine {f}; Karusselldreher {m} (Senkrecht-Bohr- und Drehwerk) [techn.]

vertical boring and turning mills Karusselldrehmaschinen {pl}; Karusselldreher {pl}

plain turning slide; carriage of an automatic lathe Langdrehschlitten {m} [techn.]

left-turner; car/cyclist turning left Linksabbieger {m} [auto]

left-turners; cars/cyclists turning lefts Linksabbieger {pl}

metal spinning; metal turning; spin forming; spinning [listen] Metalldrücken {n}; Formdrücken {n}; Drücken {n} [techn.]

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