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armored tube; armored hose; reinforced hose [Am.] Panzerschlauch {m} [techn.]

armoured vehicle [Br.]; armored vehicle [Am.]; armoured car [Br.]; armored car [Am.] gepanzertes Fahrzeug {n}; Panzerfahrzeug {n}; Panzerwagen {m} [mil.]

armoured vehicles; armored vehicles; armoured cars; armored cars gepanzertes Fahrzeuge {pl}; Panzerfahrzeuge {pl}; Panzerwagen {pl}

Car Armoured Light Standard; Standard Beaverette leichter britischer Panzerwagen [hist.]

armoured [Br.]/armored [Am.] recovery vehicle /ARV/; recovery tank; wrecker tank [Am.]; wrecker [Am.] Bergepanzer {m} [mil.]

armoured/armored recovery vehicles; recovery tanks; wrecker tanks; wreckers Bergepanzer {pl}

gun turret; armoured [Br.]/armored [Am.] turret [listen] Geschützturm {m}; Gefechtsturm {m}; Panzerturm {m} [mil.]

gun turrets; armoured/armored turrets Geschütztürme {pl}; Gefechtstürme {pl}; Panzertürme {pl}

armoured catfishes [Br.]; armored catfishes [Am.] (zoological family) Panzer- und Schwielenwelse {pl} (Callichthyidae) (zoologische Familie) [zool.]

armoured division [Br.]; armored division [Am.] Panzerdivision {f} [mil.]

armoured divisions; armored divisions Panzerdivisionen {pl}

armoured cruiser [Br.]; armored cruiser [Am.] Panzerkreuzer {m} [mil.] [hist.]

armoured cruisers; armored cruisers Panzerkreuzer {pl}

armoured conduit [Br.]; armored conduit [Am.] Panzerrohr {n}

armoured conduits; armored conduits Panzerrohre {pl}

armoured corps [Br.]; armored corps [Am.]; tank force Panzertruppe {f}; Panzercorps {n} [mil.]

tank forces Panzertruppen {pl}

armoured medical evacuation vehicle [Br.]; armored medical evacuation vehicle [Am.] Sanitätspanzer {m} [mil.]

armoured medical evacuation vehicles; armored medical evacuation vehicles Sanitätspanzer {pl}

armoured scout vehicle [Br.]; armored scout vehicle [Am.]; armoured reconnaissance vehicle Spähpanzer {m}; Panzerspähwagen {m} [mil.]

armoured scout vehicles; armored scout vehicles; armoured reconnaissance vehicles Spähpanzer {pl}; Panzerspähwagen {pl}

armoured [Br.]; armored [Am.] gepanzert {adj}

reconnaissance; recce [Br.] [coll.]; recon [Am.] [coll.]; military scouting [rare] [listen] militärische Aufklärung {f}; Aufklärung {f} [mil.] [listen]

all-weather reconnaissance Allwetteraufklärung {f}

artillery reconnaissance Artillerieaufklärung {f}

balloon satellite; satelloon [coll.] Ballonsatellit {m}

fanwise reconnaissance Fächeraufklärung {f}

distant reconnaissance Fernaufklärung {f}

photoreconnaissance Fotoaufklärung {f}

gas reconnaissance Gasaufklärung {f}

battle reconnaissance; combat reconnaissance Gefechtsaufklärung {f}

battlefield reconnaissance Gefechtsfeldaufklärung {f}

counter-reconnaissance Gegenaufklärung {f}

infrared reconnaissance; IR reconnaissance Infrarotaufklärung {f}

fighter reconnaissance Jagdaufklärung {f}

combat reconnaissance Kampfaufklärung {f}

contact reconnaissance Kontaktaufklärung {f}

coast reconnaissance; coastal reconnaissance Küstenaufklärung {f}

air reconnaissance; aerial reconnaissance Luftaufklärung {f}

march reconnaissance Marschaufklärung {f}

close reconnaissance; local reconnaissance Nahaufklärung {f}

armoured [Br.]/armored [Am.] reconnaissance [listen] Panzeraufklärung {f}

engineer reconnaissance Pionieraufklärung {f}

satellite reconnaissance Satellitenaufklärung {f}

naval reconnaissance Seeaufklärung {f}

armed reconnaissance bewaffnete Aufklärung

electronic reconnaissance elektronische Aufklärung

daylight reconnaissance Aufklärung bei Tageslicht; Tagaufklärung {f}

night reconnaissance Aufklärung bei Nacht; Nachtaufklärung {f}

cable [listen] Kabel {n} [comp.] [electr.] [telco.] [listen]

cables Kabel {pl} [listen]

shielded cable; screened cable abgeschirmtes Kabel; geschirmtes Kabel

armoured cable [Br.]; armored cable [Am.] armiertes Kabel

data cable Datenkabel {n} [comp.]

three-pole cable dreipoliges Kabel

electric cable Elektrokabel {n}

fixed installed cable festverlegtes Kabel

mixed-core cable gemischtadriges Kabel; gemischtpaariges Kabel

high-voltage power cable; high-voltage cable; HV cable Hochspannungskabel {n}; Starkstromkabel {n}

house wiring cable Installationskabel {n}

rubber insulated cable kautschuk-isoliertes Kabel

varnished cable Lackkabel {n}

PVC insulated cable PVC-isoliertes Kabel

nitrogen-filled cable stickstoffgefülltes Kabel; Stickstoffkabel {n}

power cable; electrical cable; electricity cable [Br.] Stromkabel {n}

compound cable; composite cable; combination cable; hybrid cable Verbundkabel {n}

multicore jacketed cables vieladrig ummanteltes Kabel

quad cable vieradriges Kabel

mobile cable Kabel für Mobilgeräte

no-braiding cable Kabel ohne Geflecht

stripping of a cable Abmanteln eines Kabels

to coil-load cables; to load cables with coils Kabel bespulen; mit Spulen versehen [telco.]

to strip / skin / bare a cable ein Kabel abisolieren / abmanteln / freilegen

personnel carrier Mannschaftstransportwagen {m} [mil.]

personnel carriers Mannschaftstransportwagen {pl}

armoured [Br.]/ armored [Am.] personnel carrier gepanzerter Mannschaftstransportwagen; Mannschaftstransportpanzer {m}

troop carrier Truppentransporter {m} [mil.] [auto]

troop carriers Truppentransporter {pl}

armoured [Br.]/armored [Am.] troop carrier gepanzerter Truppentransporter

to armour-plate sth. [Br.]; to armour sth. [Br.]; to armor-plate sth. [Am.]; to armor sth. [Am.]; to plate sth. etw. panzern {vt} [mil.]

armour-plating; armouring; armor-plating; armoring; plating panzernd

armour-plated; armoured; armor-plated; armored; plated gepanzert
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