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plated through-hole /PTH/; plated thruhole [Am.]; throughplated hole (on a printed circuit board) durchkontaktiertes Loch {n}; durchplattiertes Loch {n}; Durchkontaktierung {f} [ugs.] (auf einer Leiterplatte) [electr.]

coated; plated [listen] beschichtet {adj}

coated film beschichtete Folie {f}

coated fabric beschichtetes Gewebe {n}

plated-wire memory Drahtspeicher {m} [comp.] [hist.]

plated-through durchplattiert; durchkontaktiert {adj}

hard chrome-plated hartverchromt {adj}

flash plated hauchvergoldet {adj}

plated plattiert {adj}

gold-plated vergoldet {adj}

silver-plated versilbert {adj}

zinc-coated; zinc-plated verzinkt {adj}

tinned; tin-plated; pre-tinned verzinnt {adj}

cable tail Kabelende {n}; Anschluss {m} [listen]

tin-plated tails verzinnte Anschlüsse

jewellery [Br.]; jewelry [Am.] [listen] Schmuck {m} [listen]

precious jewellery kostbarer Schmuck {m}; Juwelen {pl}; Geschmeide {n} [geh.]

wedding jewellery/jewelry [listen] Brautschmuck {m}

folk jewellery; jewellery worn with a folk/national costume Trachtenschmuck {m}

gold-filled jewellery goldgefüllter Schmuck

gold-plated jewellery vergoldeter Schmuck

to through-hole plate sth. (on a printed circuit board) etw. durchplattieren; etw. durchkontaktieren; durchführen {vt} (auf einer Leiterplatte) [electr.] [listen]

through-holing plating durchplattierend; durchkontaktierend; durchführend

through-holed plated durchplattiert; durchkontaktiert; durchgeführt [listen]

by electroplating galvanisch {adv} [techn.]

to electrogild sth. etw. galvanisch vergolden

to electrocopper sth. etw. galvanisch verkupfern

to electrogalvanize sth. etw. galvanisch verzinken

to electroplate sth. with nickel etw. galvanisch vernickeln

to electroplate sth. with tin etw. galvanisch verzinnen

plated; electroplated galvantisch behandelt

electro-deposited; electrolytic(al) galvantisch gefällt

electrically isolated galvanisch isoliert

electrically connected galvanisch verbunden

gold-plated metal galvanisch vergoldetes Metall

to cadmium-plate sth. (electroplating) etw. kadmieren {vt} (Galvanisieren)

cadmium-plating kadmierend

cadmium-plated kadmiert

to armour-plate sth. [Br.]; to armour sth. [Br.]; to armor-plate sth. [Am.]; to armor sth. [Am.]; to plate sth. etw. panzern {vt} [mil.]

armour-plating; armouring; armor-plating; armoring; plating panzernd

armour-plated; armoured; armor-plated; armored; plated gepanzert

to parcel outbuilding ground; to plat construction ground [Am.] (spatial planning) Bauland parzellieren {vt} (Raumplanung) [adm.]

parceling out building ground; plating construction ground Bauland parzellierend

parceled out building ground; plated construction ground Bauland parzelliert

parcelled land; platted land [Am.] parzellierte Fläche(n)

to chrome; to chromium-plate verchromen {vt}

chromeing; chromium-plating verchromend

chromed; chromium-plated verchromt

chromes; chromium-plates verchromt

chromed; chromium-plated verchromte

to copper-plate verkupfern {vt}

copper-plating verkupfernd

copper-plated verkupfert

to nickel-plate vernickeln {vt}

nickel-plating vernickelnd

nickel-plated vernickelt

to silver; to silver-plate [listen] versilbern {vt}

silvering; silver-plating versilbernd

silvered; silver-plated versilbert

silvers versilbert

silvered versilberte

to tin; to tin-plate sth. etw. verzinnen {vt}

tinning; tin-plating verzinnend

tinned; tin-plated verzinnt

tins; tin-plates verzinnt

tinned; tin-plated verzinnte
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