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middle (of); mid-... (time) [listen] Mitte {f} {+Gen.} (zeitlich) [listen]

in mid-year Mitte des Jahres

in the middle of last year Mitte des letzten Jahres

in the mid 90ies Mitte der 90er Jahre

in the middle of the 19th century; in the mid 19th century Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts

in the middle of November; in mid November Mitte November

middle [listen] Mitte {f}; mittlerer Teil [listen]

middles Mitten {pl}

middle ground [fig.] Mittelweg {m} [übtr.]; Kompromiss {m} [listen]

middle [listen] mittlere; mittlerer; mittleres {adj}; Mittel...; Mitten... [listen]

to be of middle age mittleren Alters sein

in the middle; in the midst (of); amid; amidst [poet.] [listen] [listen] inmitten {prp; +Gen.} (umgeben von, mitten in) [listen]

middle class; middle classes Mittelstand {m}; Mittelschicht {f}; Mittelklasse {f} [soc.]

upper middle class gehobene Mittelschicht {f}

middle classes Bürgertum {n}

middle frontal gyrus Gyrus frontalis medius {m} [anat.]

middle temporal gyrus Gyrus temporalis medius {m} [anat.]

middle of the crown Kronenmitte {f}

Middle Ages /MA/ Mittelalter {n} /MA/ [hist.]

middle finger Mittelfinger {m} [anat.]

middle fingers Mittelfinger {pl}

Middle French Mittelfranzösisch {n} [ling.]

Middle High German Mittelhochdeutsch {n}

middle course; middle reach (of a river) Mittellauf {m} (eines Flusses) [geogr.]

Middle Low German Mittelniederdeutsch {n} [ling.]

Middle Dutch Mittelniederländisch {n} [ling.]

middle ear; tympanum Mittelohr {n}; Tympanum {n} [anat.]

middle-distance race; middle-distance running Mittelstreckenlauf {m} [sport]

middle-distance races; middle-distance runnings Mittelstreckenläufe {pl}

middle-distance runner Mittelstreckenläufer {m}; Mittelstreckenläuferin {f} [sport]

middle-distance runners Mittelstreckenläufer {pl}; Mittelstreckenläuferinnen {pl}

middle joint (wind instrument) Mittelstück {n} (Blasinstrument) [mus.]

middle joints Mittelstücke {pl}

middle school [Br.]; junior high [Am.] Mittelstufe {f} (Schule)

middle part; waist [listen] Mittelteil {m}; Mittelstück {n}

middle parts; waists Mittelteile {pl}; Mittelstücke {pl}

Middle French mittelfranzösisch {adj} [ling.]

Middle High German mittelhochdeutsch {adj}

Middle Low German mittelniederdeutsch {adj} /mnd./ [ling.]

Middle Dutch mittelniederländisch {adj} [ling.]

Middle Rhine Mittelrhein {m} [geogr.]

middle class mittelklassig {adj}

mid-range mittelklassig {adj}

Middle Franconia (district in Bavaria, Germany) Mittelfranken (Bezirk in Bayern) [geogr.]

middle-order centre; middle-order center (medium-sized town) Mittelzentrum {n}

middle-order centres; middle-order centers Mittelzentren {pl}

middle reaches Mittellauf {m}; Flussmittellauf {m} [geogr.]

middle spotted woodpecker Mittelspecht {m} (Dendrocopos medius) [ornith.]

Middle Carboniferous (series; epoch) Mittelkarbon {n} [geol.]

in the middle of mitten in

in the middle of the night/winter; in the dead of night/winter mitten in der Nacht/mitten im Winter

to be in the throes of sth. mitten in etw. sein

(right) through the middle mittendurch {adv}; mitten durch; mitten hindurch

right through the town mitten durch die Stadt

through the middle of the crowd mitten durch die Menge

Monkey in the Middle; Piggy in the Middle (children's game) Affenreizen {n} (Kinderspiel)

aga; agha (title in Muslim Middle East countries) Aga {m} (Titel im muslimischen Nahen Osten) [adm.] [hist.]

educated middle-class Bildungsbürgertum {n} [soc.]

Early Middle Ages Frühmittelalter {n} [hist.]

in the middle of nowhere; out in the sticks [coll.] wo sich die Füchse gute Nacht sagen; wo sich Fuchs und Hase gute Nacht sagen; (irgendwo) im Nirgendwo; in der Pampa [ugs.] [übtr.]

heater middle /HM/ (electron tube) Heizfadenmitte {f} (Elektronenröhre) [electr.]

High Middle Ages; high-medieval period Hochmittelalter {n} [hist.]

high summer; midsummer; the middle of the summer Hochsommer {m} [meteo.]

in high summer; in midsummer; in the middle of the summer im Hochsommer

to be getting on in years; to reach middle age; to be getting long in the tooth [fig.] in die Jahre kommen {vi}

mesolithic; middle stone age Mesolithikum {n}; Mittelsteinzeit {f} [hist.]

middle-ear-muscles reflex; MEM reflex; stapedius reflex; attenuation reflex; auditory reflex; acoustic reflex Mittelohrreflex {m}; Stapediusreflex {m}; akustischer Reflex {m} [med.]

middle-ear-muscles reflex measurement; MEM reflex measurement; stapedius reflex measurement Mittelohrreflexmessung {f}; Stapediusreflexmessung {f} [med.]

inflammation of the middle ear; infection in one's middle ear Mittelohrentzündung {f} [med.]

middle-class person; member of the middle class Mittelständler {m}; Mittelständlerin {f}

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