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162 results for woodpecker
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woodpecker Specht {m} [ornith.]

woodpeckers Spechte {pl}

woodpecker finch Spechtfink {m} [ornith.]

syrian woodpecker Blutspecht {m} (Dendrocopos syriacus) [ornith.]

great spotted woodpecker Buntspecht {m} (Dendrocopos major) [ornith.]

(Eurasian) three-toed woodpecker Dreizehenspecht {m} (Picoides tridactylus) [ornith.]

grey-faced woodpecker; grey-headed woodpecker Grauspecht {m} (Picus canus) [ornith.]

green woodpecker Grünspecht {m} (Picus viridis) [ornith.]

lesser spotted woodpecker Kleinspecht {m} (Dendrocopos minor) [ornith.]

middle spotted woodpecker Mittelspecht {m} (Dendrocopos medius) [ornith.]

black woodpecker Schwarzspecht {m} (Dryocopus martius) [ornith.]

white-backed woodpecker Weißrückenspecht {m} (Dendrocopos leucotos) [ornith.]

bay woodpecker Rotohrspecht {m} [ornith.]

maroon woodpecker Maronenspecht {m} [ornith.]

guayaquil woodpecker Guayaquilspecht {m} [ornith.]

pale-billed woodpecker Königsspecht {m} [ornith.]

crimson-bellied woodpecker Blutbauchspecht {m} [ornith.]

imperial woodpecker Kaiserspecht {m} [ornith.]

cream-backed woodpecker Weißmantelspecht {m} [ornith.]

magellanic woodpecker Magellanspecht {m} [ornith.]

crimson-crested woodpecker Schwarzkehlspecht {m} [ornith.]

powerful woodpecker Zimtbindenspecht {m} [ornith.]

ivory-billed woodpecker Elfenbeinspecht {m} [ornith.]

robust woodpecker; redheaded woodpecker Scharlachkopfspecht {m} [ornith.]

red-necked woodpecker Rothalsspecht {m} [ornith.]

golden-tailed woodpecker Goldschwanzspecht {m} [ornith.]

Bennett's woodpecker Bennettspecht {m} [ornith.]

green-backed woodpecker Tüpfelspecht {m} [ornith.]

brown-eared woodpecker Braunohrspecht {m} [ornith.]

little green woodpecker Goldmantelspecht {m} [ornith.]

buff-spotted woodpecker Termitenspecht {m} [ornith.]

knysna woodpecker Knysnaspecht {m} [ornith.]

nubian woodpecker Nubierspecht {m} [ornith.]

fine-spotted woodpecker Pünktchenspecht {m} [ornith.]

Tullberg's woodpecker Kehlbindenspecht {m} [ornith.]

rufous woodpecker Rötelspecht {m} [ornith.]

chestnut-coloured woodpecker Kastanienspecht {m} [ornith.]

chestnut woodpecker Fahlkopfspecht {m} [ornith.]

blond-crested woodpecker Blondschopfspecht {m} [ornith.]

cream-coloured woodpecker Strohspecht {m} [ornith.]

scale-breasted woodpecker Gelbflankenspecht {m} [ornith.]

cinnamon woodpecker Rotkehlspecht {m} [ornith.]

pale-crested woodpecker Blaßschopfspecht {m} [ornith.]

rufous-headed woodpecker Zimtkopfspecht {m} [ornith.]

ringed woodpecker Schwarzbrustspecht {m} [ornith.]

waved woodpecker Olivbürzelspecht {m} [ornith.]

black-rumped woodpecker Goldschulterspecht {m} [ornith.]

greater flame-backed woodpecker Sultanspecht {m} [ornith.]

golden-mantled woodpecker Wacholderspecht {m} [ornith.]

little grey woodpecker Wüstenspecht {m} [ornith.]

Elliot's woodpecker Elliotspecht {m} [ornith.]

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