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79 results for Blasinstrument
Word division: Blas·in·stru·ment
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Blasinstrument {n} [mus.] wind instrument

Blasinstrumente {pl} wind instruments

die Bläser (Instrumentenguppe im Orchester) the winds (instrument section in an orchestra)

Basstuba {f}; Bombardon {n} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) bombardon

Basstuba {f} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) bass tuba

Birne {f}; Wulst {f} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] [listen] barrel socket (wind instrument)

Bomhard {m}; Pommer {m} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) bombarde

Brille {f} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] [listen] ring key (wind instrument)

Clairon {n}; Signaltrompete {f} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) clarion

Dulzian {m} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) dulcian

Helikon {n} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) helicon

Kessel {m} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] [listen] cup (wind instrument) [listen]

Klappenmechanik {f} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] key work (wind instrument)

Kontrabasstuba {f} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) double-bass tuba

Kopfstück {n} mit Schnabel (Blasinstrument) [mus.] head joint with beak (wind instrument)

Liebesfuß {m} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] pear-shaped bell (wind instrument)

Ophikleide {f} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) ophicleide

Serpent {m}; Schlangenbass {m} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) serpent [listen]

Sordun {m} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) sordun

Stiefel {m}; Bogen {m}; Doppelloch {n} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] [listen] [listen] butt; double joint (wind instrument) [listen]

Wagner-Tuba {f}; Waldhorn-Tuba {f} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) Wagner tuba

Zug {m} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] [listen] slide (wind instrument) [listen]

(auf einem Blasinstrument) dudeln {vt} [mus.] to tootle (a wind instrument / on a wind instrument)

Didgeridoo {n} (traditionelles Blasinstrument der Aborigines) [mus.] didgeridoo (traditional wind instrument of the Indigenous Australians)

Altflöte {f} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) alto flute; bass flute

Altflöten {pl} alto flutes; bass flutes

Altsaxophon {n} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) alto saxophone

Altsaxophone {pl} alto saxophones

Baritonsaxophon {n} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) baritone saxophone

Baritonsaxophone {pl} baritone saxophones

Bassblockflöte {f} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) bass recorder

Bassblockflöten {pl} bass recorders

Basssaxophon {n} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) bass saxophone

Basssaxophone {pl} bass saxophones

Basstrompete {f} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) bass trumpet

Basstrompeten {pl} bass trumpets

Daumenring {m} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] thumb-hold (wind instrument)

Daumenringe {pl} thumb-holds

Deckel {m} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] [listen] plate; cup (wind instrument) [listen] [listen]

Deckel {pl} [listen] plates; cups [listen]

Doppelkegeldämpfer {m} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] double mute (wind instrument)

Doppelkegeldämpfer {pl} double mutes

Drehventil {n}; Zylinderventil {n} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] rotary valve (wind instrument)

Drehventile {pl}; Zylinderventile {pl} rotary valves

Flügelröhre {f}; Oberstück {n} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] wing; tenor joint (wind instrument) [listen]

Flügelröhren {pl}; Oberstücke {pl} wings; tenor joints [listen]

Fußstück {n}; Unterstück {n} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] lower joint (wind instrument)

Fußstücke {pl}; Unterstücke {pl} lower joints

Griffloch {n} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] finger-hole; tone-hole (wind instrument)

Grifflöcher {pl} finger-holes; tone-holes

Heckelphon {n} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) heckelphone

Heckelphone {pl} heckelphones

Hülse {f}; Stift {m} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] [listen] [listen] tube; staple (wind instrument) [listen] [listen]

Hülsen {pl}; Stifte {pl} tubes; staples [listen]

Huschdämpfer {m} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] hush mute (wind instrument)

Huschdämpfer {pl} hush mutes

Hutdämpfer {m} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] hat mute (wind instrument)

Hutdämpfer {pl} hat mutes

Jazzposaune {f} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) jazz trombone

Jazzposaunen {pl} jazz trombones

Jazztrompete {f} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) jazz trumpet

Jazztrompeten {pl} jazz trumpets

Kartondämpfer {m} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] cardboard mute (wind instrument)

Kartondämpfer {pl} cardboard mutes

Klappe {f} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] [listen] key (wind instrument) [listen]

Klappen {pl} keys

Kontrabassposaune {f} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) double bass trombone; contrabass trombone

Kontrabassposaunen {pl} double bass trombones; contrabass trombones

Krummhorn {n} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) crumhorn

Krummhörner {pl} crumhorns

Liebesoboe {f}; Oboe d'amore {f} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) oboe d'amore

Liebesoboen {pl} oboes d'amore

Metalldämpfer {m} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] metal mute (wind instrument)

Metalldämpfer {pl} metal mutes

Mittelstück {n} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] middle joint (wind instrument)

Mittelstücke {pl} middle joints

Mundloch {n}; Ansatz {m} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] [listen] mouth-hole; embouchure (wind instrument)

Mundlöcher {pl}; Ansätze {pl} mouth-holes; embouchures

Mundstück {n}; Schnabel {m} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] mouthpiece; embouchure (wind instrument)

Mundstücke {pl}; Schnäbel {pl} mouthpieces; embouchures

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