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spotted dolphins; bridled dolphins; spotted porpoises; spotters (zoological genus) Fleckendelfine {pl}; Fleckendelphine {pl} (Stenella) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

pantropical spotted dolphin; white-spotted dolphin; slender-beaked dolphin pantropischer Fleckendelfin, Schlankdelfin (Stenella attenuata)

Atlantic spotted dolphin; Gulf Stream spotted dolphin; long-snouted dolphin atlantischer Fleckendelfin; Zügeldelfin (Stenella frontalis)

short-snouted spinner dolphin; Senegal dolphin; helmet dolphin; clymene dolphin Kurzschnauzen-Spinner-Delfin; Kurzschnauzen-Spinner-Delphin; Kurzschnauzenspinner; Klymene-Delfin; Clymene-Delphin (Stenella clymene)

long-snouted spinner dolphin; spinner dolphin; longsnout; long-beaked dolphin; rollover Ostpazifischer Delfin; Langschnauzen-Spinnerdelfin; Langschnauzenspinner; Spinnerdelfin (Stenella longirostris)

striped dolphin; whitebelly dolphin; blue-white dolphin; Euphrosyne dolphin; Meyen's dolphin; Gray's dolphin; streaker porpoise Streifendelfin; Blauweißer Delfin (Stenella coeruleoalba)

spotted scat Argusfisch {m} (Scatophagus argus) [zool.]

spotted mandarin (fish) Clown-Leierfisch {m}; LSD-Mandarinfisch {m} (Synchiropus picturatus) [zool.]

spotted headstander Punktierter Kopfsteher {m} (Chilodus punctatus) [zool.]

spotted cardinal Pyjama-Kardinalbarsch {m} (Sphaeramia nematoptera) [zool.]

spotted watchman goby Schlankkopf-Symbiosegrundel {f} (Cryptocentrus leptocephalus) [zool.]

spotted featherback fish; spotted knife fish Tausenddollarfisch {m} (Notopterus chitala) [zool.]

spotted featherback fishes; spotted knife fishes Tausenddollarfische {pl}

spotted poppies (botanical genus) Tüpfelmohn {m} (Roemeria) (botanische Gattung) [bot.]

spotted with shadows; umbrageous schattig; von Schatten durchzogen {adj}

spotted sandpiper Drosseluferläufer {m} (Actitis macularia) [ornith.]

spotted redshank Dunkler Wasserläufer {m} (Tringa erythropus) [ornith.]

spotted flycatcher Grauschnäpper {m} (Muscicapa striata) [ornith.]

spotted crake Tüpfelsumpfhuhn {n} (Porzana porzana) [ornith.]

spotted nothura Fleckensteißhuhn {n} [ornith.]

spotted cormorant Tüpfelscharbe {f} [ornith.]

spotted wood quail Tropfenwachtel {f} [ornith.]

spotted button-quail Riesenlaufhühnchen {n} [ornith.]

spotted rail Fleckenralle {f} [ornith.]

spotted greenshank Tüpfelgrünschenkel {m} [ornith.]

spotted sandgrouse Tropfenflughuhn {n} [ornith.]

spotted pigeon Fleckentaube {f} [ornith.]

spotted eagle owl Fleckenuhu {m} [ornith.]

spotted hawk owl Tüpfelkauz {m} [ornith.]

spotted scops owl Fuchseule {f} [ornith.]

spotted wood owl Pagodenkauz {m} [ornith.]

spotted nightjar Argusnachtschwalbe {f} [ornith.]

spotted wood kingfisher Tropfenliest {m} [ornith.]

spotted puffbird Fleckenfaulvogel {m} [ornith.]

spotted piculet Fleckenzwergspecht {m} [ornith.]

spotted woodcreeper Sternflecken-Baumsteiger {m} [ornith.]

spotted barbtail Fleckbrust-Stachelschwanz {m} [ornith.]

spotted antpitta Rostflanken-Ameisenpitta {m} [ornith.]

spotted antbird Fleckenbrust-Waldwächter {m} [ornith.]

spotted bamboowren Trugzaunkönig {m} [ornith.]

spotted tody flycatcher Tropfenbrust-Spateltyrann {m} [ornith.]

spotted triller Südseelalage {f} [ornith.]

spotted greenbul Fleckenbülbül {m} [ornith.]

spotted wren Bartzaunkönig {m} [ornith.]

spotted nightingale thrush Tropfenbrust-Musendrossel {f} [ornith.]

spotted morning thrush Tropfenrötel {m} [ornith.]

spotted forktail Fleckenscherenschwanz {m} [ornith.]

spotted ground thrush Nataldrossel {f} [ornith.]

spotted quail thrush Fleckenflöter {m} [ornith.]

spotted sibia Fleckenwürgertimalie {f} [ornith.]

spotted babbler Streifenbrusttimalie {f} [ornith.]

spotted wren babbler Fleckenbrust-Zaunkönigstimalie {f} [ornith.]

spotted bush warbler Fleckenbuschsänger {m} [ornith.]

spotted fantail Fleckenfächerschwanz {m} [ornith.]

spotted grey creeper Stammsteiger {m} [ornith.]

spotted pardalote Fleckenpanthervogel {m} [ornith.]

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