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29 results for goby
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goby Grundel {f} (Gobiidae) [zool.]

gobies Grundeln {pl}

catalina goby Blaustreifengrundel {f} (Lythrypnus dalli) [zool.]

banded sleeper goby Braunstreifen-Sandgrundel {f}; Braunstreifen-Grundel {f} (Amblygobius phalaena) [zool.]

yellow clown goby Gelbe Korallengrundel {f} (Gobiodon okinawae) [zool.]

yellow watchman goby Gelbe Symbiosegrundel {f} (Cryptocentrus cinctus) [zool.]

orange spot watchman goby Gepunktete Partnergrundel {f} (Amblyeleotris guttata) [zool.]

banded torpedo goby Gestreifter Torpedobarsch {m} (Malacanthus brevirostris) [zool.]

golden headed sleeper goby Goldkopf-Sandgrundel {f}; Wimpernsegler-Schläfergrundel {f} (Valenciennea strigata) [zool.]

striped sleeper goby Helsdingenis Schläfergrundel {f} (Valenciennea helsdingenii) [zool.]

bumblebee goby Hummelgrundel {f} (Hypogymnogobius xanthozona) [zool.]

two-spot goby Krabbenaugengrundel {f} (Signigobius biocellatus) [zool.]

diamond watchman goby Maiden-Schläfergrundel {f} (Valenciennea puellaris) [zool.]

neon blue goby Neongrundel {f} (Gobiosoma oceanops) [zool.]

watchman goby Partnergrundel {f} (Amblyeleotris spp.); Symbiosegrundel {f} (Cryptocentrus spp.; Stonogobiops spp.) [zool.]

orange marked goby Querstreifen-Grundel {f} (Amblygobius decussatus) [zool.]

court jester goby Rainfords Grundel {f} (Amblygobius rainfordi) [zool.]

orange stripe watchman goby Randalls Partnergrundel {f} (Amblyeleotris randalli) [zool.]

pinkbar watchman goby Rosastreifen-Partnergrundel {f} (Amblyeleotris aurora) [zool.]

blue torpedo goby Sand-Torpedobarsch {m}; Band-Torpedobarsch {m} (Malacanthus latovittatus) [zool.]

sleeper goby Sandgrundel {f}; Schläfergrundel {f} [zool.]

sleeper gobbies Sandgrundeln {pl}; Schläfergrundeln {pl}

scissortail goby Scherenschwanz-Torpedogrundel {f} (Ptereleotris evides) [zool.]

spotted watchman goby Schlankkopf-Symbiosegrundel {f} (Cryptocentrus leptocephalus) [zool.]

checkerboard goby Schmuckgrundel {f} (Istigobius ornatus) [zool.]

blue dot sleeper goby Sechspunkt-Schläfergrundel {f} (Valenciennea sexguttata) [zool.]

engineer goby Weißstreifen-Aalgrundel {f} (Pholidichthys leucotaenia) [zool.]

Wheeler's watchman goby Wheelers Partnergrundel {f} (Amblyeleotris wheeleri) [zool.]

bar goby Zebra-Torpedogrundel {f} (Ptereleotris zebra) [zool.]

bar gobies Zebra-Torpedogrundel {pl}

red head goby (Gobiosoma puncticulatus) [zool.]

orbicular velvetfishes (zoological genus) Pelzgroppen {pl} (Caracanthus) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

gumdrop goby Gefleckte Pelzgroppe {f} (Caracanthus maculatus)

Hawaiian orbicular velvetfish Hawaii-Pelzgroppe {f} (Caracanthus typicus)
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