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eagle [listen] Adler {m}; Aar {m} [poet.] [ornith.] [listen]

eagles Adler {pl}; Aare {pl} [listen]

eagle's nest Adlerhorst {m} [zool.]

eagle's nests Adlerhorste {pl}

eagle-eyes Argusaugen {pl}

to watch sb./sth. like a hawk jdn. mit Argusaugen beobachten / etw. mit Argusaugen bewachen

eagle owls and horned owls (zoological genus) Uhus {pl} (Bubo) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]

European eagle owl; Eurasian eagle owl; Northern eagle owl Europäischer Uhu {m} (Bubo bubo)

snowy owl Schnee-Eule {f} (Bubo scandiacus/Nyctea scandiaca)

pharaoh eagle-owl Wüstenuhu {m}; Pharaonenuhu {m} (Bubo ascalaphus)

eagle eye Adlerauge {n}

eagle eyes Adleraugen {pl}

eagle rays (zoological family) Adlerrochen {pl} (Myliobatidae) (zoologische Familie) [zool.]

eagle's eye Adlerblick {m}

Orlické Mountains; Eagle Mountains Adlergebirge {n} [geogr.]

federal eagle (heraldry) Bundesadler {m} (Wappenkunde)

spread eagle jump (floor exercises) Grätschsprung {m} (Bodenturnen) [sport]

legal eagle Rechtsverdreher {m}; Rechtsverdreherin {f} [humor.] [jur.]

imperial eagle Reichsadler {m} [hist.]

When you hear hoofbeats, think (of) horses, not zebras.; If you look out of the window, you are more likly to see a sparrow than an eagle. Seltenes ist selten, häufiges ist häufig.; Wenn draußen ein Vogel vorbeifliegt, ist es wahrscheinlich ein Spatz, kein Kolibri. [med.]

bald eagle Weißköpfiger Seeadler {m} [ornith.]

pallas' sea eagle Bindenseeadler {m} [ornith.]

wedge-tailed eagle Keilschwanzadler {m} [ornith.]

Gurney's eagle Molukkenadler {m} [ornith.]

tawny eagle Raubadler {m} [ornith.]

Verreaux's eagle Kaffernadler {m} [ornith.]

grey-faced buzzard eagle Kiefernteesa {m} [ornith.]

grasshopper buzzard eagle Heuschreckenteesa {m} [ornith.]

smaller banded snake eagle Bandschlangenadler {m} [ornith.]

brown snake eagle Einfarb-Schlangenadler {m} [ornith.]

fasciated snake-eagle; southern banded snake eagle Graubrust-Schlangenadler {m} (Circaetus fasciolatus) [ornith.]

black-chested snake eagle Braunbrust-Schlangenadler {m} (Circaetus pectoralis) [ornith.]

congo serpent eagle Schlangenbussard {m} (Circaëtus gallicus) [ornith.]

Madagascar serpent eagle Schlangenhabicht {m}; Madagaskar-Schlangenhabicht {m} (Eutriorchis astur) [ornith.]

black-chested buzzard eagle Agula {m} [ornith.]

palm-nut vulture; vulturine fish eagle [rare] Palmgeier {m}; Geierseeadler {m} [selten] (Gypohierax angolensis) [ornith.]

American bald eagle Weißkopf-Seeadler {m} [ornith.]

white-bellied sea eagle Weißbauch-Seeadler {m} [ornith.]

Steller's sea eagle Riesenseeadler {m} [ornith.]

Sanford's sea eagle Salomonenseeadler {m} [ornith.]

African fish eagle Schreiseeadler {m} [ornith.]

Madagascar fish eagle Madagaskarseeadler {m} [ornith.]

harpy eagle; American harpy eagle Harpyie {f} (Harpia harpyja) [ornith.]

crowned solitary eagle Zaunadler {m} [ornith.]

black solitary eagle Einsiedleradler {m} [ornith.]

New Guinea harpy eagle Papuaadler {m} [ornith.]

ayres' hawk eagle Fleckenadler {m} [ornith.]

martial eagle Kampfadler {m} [ornith.]

chestnut-bellied hawk eagle Rotbauchadler {m} [ornith.]

little eagle Kaninchenadler {m} [ornith.]

African hawk eagle Afrikanischer Habichtsadler {m} [ornith.]

Wahlberg's eagle Silberadler {m} [ornith.]

lesser fishing eagle Braunschwanz-Seeadler {m} [ornith.]

grey-headed fishing eagle Graukopf-Seeadler {m} [ornith.]

Indian black eagle Malaienadler {m} [ornith.]

guiana crested eagle Würgadler {m} [ornith.]

Philippine eagle Affenadler {m} [ornith.]

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