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crowned; spherical ballig {adj} [techn.]

crowned cranes (zoological genus) Kronenkraniche {pl} (Balearica) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]

grey crowned crane Grauhals-Kronenkranich {m}; Heller Kronenkranich {m} (Balearica regulorum)

East African crested crane Ostafrikanischer Kronenkranich {m} (Balearica regulorum subsp. gibbericeps)

South-African crowned crane Südafrikanischer Kronenkranich {m} (Balearica regulorum subsp. regulorum)

crowned pigeons (zoological genus) Krontauben {pl} (Goura) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]

common crowned pigeon; blue crowned pigeon; Western crowned pigeon Gewöhnliche Krontaube {f} (Goura cristata)

maroon-breasted crowned pigeon; Southern crowned Pigeon Rotbrust-Krontaube {f}; Maronenbrust-Krontaube {f} (Goura scheepmakeri)

Victoria crowned pigeon Victoria-Krontaube {f}; Fächertaube {f} (Goura victoria)

crowned grinding; convex grinding; camber grinding (of a blade) Balligschleifen {n}; Balligschliff {f} (einer Klinge)

crowned grinding; convex grinding; camber grinding (of a blade) Balligschliff {f} (einer Klinge) (Resultat)

crowned head Regent {m}; gekröntes Haupt {n} [pol.]

crowned with success von Erfolg gekrönt

crowned cormorant Kronenscharbe {f} [ornith.]

crowned solitary eagle Zaunadler {m} [ornith.]

crowned eagle Kronenadler {m} [ornith.]

crowned plover Kronenkiebitz {m} [ornith.]

crowned sandgrouse Kronenflughuhn {n} [ornith.]

crowned woodnymph Kronennymphe {f} [ornith.]

crowned slaty flycatcher Inkatyrann {m} [ornith.]

crowned chat tyrant Braunscheiteltyrann {m} [ornith.]

laureate; crowned with laurel lorbeergekrönt; lorbeerbekränzt; lorbeergeschmückt {adj}

Eastern crowned leaf-warbler; temminck's crowned willow warbler Kronenlaubsänger {m} (Phylloscopus coronatus) [ornith.]

yellow-crowned night heron Krabbenreiher {m} [ornith.]

buffy-crowned tree quail Guatemalawachtel {f} [ornith.]

russet-crowned crake Indioralle {f} [ornith.]

white-crowned wattled plover Weißscheitelkiebitz {m} [ornith.]

white-crowned pigeon Weißscheiteltaube {f} [ornith.]

russet-crowned quail dove Goldmantaube {f} [ornith.]

Solomon Islands crowned-pigeon; Solomons crested pigeon; Choiseul pigeon (probably extinct) Salomonen-Kronentaube {f}; Salomonen-Erdtaube {f}; Salomonentaube {f} (wahrscheinlich ausgestorben) [ornith.] [hist.]

purple-crowned lorikeet Blauscheitellori {m} [ornith.]

blue-crowned lory Blaukäppchen {n} [ornith.]

lilac-crowned amazon; lilac-crowned parrot Blaukappenamazone {f} (Amazona finschi) [ornith.]

yellow-crowned amazon; yellow-crowned parrot Gelbscheitelamazone {f}; Surinam-Amazone {f} (Amazona ochrocephala) [ornith.]

red-crowned amazon; green-cheeked amazon; Mexican red-headed parrot Grünwangenamazone {f} (Amazona viridigenalis) [ornith.]

blue-crowned conure Spitzschwanzsittich {m} [ornith.]

blue-crowned hanging parrot Blaukrönchen {n} [ornith.]

plum-crowned parrot Purpurstirnpapagei {m} [ornith.]

blue-crowned racket-tailed parrot Philippinen-Spatelschwanzpapagei {m} [ornith.]

rose-crowned conure Rotkopfsittich {m} [ornith.]

white-crowned koel Weißscheitelkoel {m} [ornith.]

violet-crowned hummingbird Veilchenscheitelamazilie {f} [ornith.]

green-crowned brilliant Grünscheitelbrillant {m} [ornith.]

purple-crowned fairy Purpurkopfelfe {f} [ornith.]

blue-crowned trogon Blauscheiteltrogon {m} [ornith.]

russet-crowned motmot Braunscheitelmotmot {m} [ornith.]

blue-crowned motmot Blauscheitelmotmot {m} [ornith.]

rufous-crowned roller Strichelracke {f} [ornith.]

scarlet-crowned barbet Olivrücken-Bartvogel {m} [ornith.]

spot-crowned barbet Tropfenbartvogel {m} [ornith.]

blue-crowned barbet Temminckbartvogel {m} [ornith.]

yellow-crowned barbet Gelbscheitel-Bartvogel {m} [ornith.]

red-crowned woodpecker Rotkappenspecht {m} [ornith.]

yellow-crowned woodpecker Gelbscheitelspecht {m} [ornith.]

grey-crowned woodpecker Graukappenspecht {m} [ornith.]

spot-crowned woodcreeper Fleckscheitel-Baumsteiger {m} [ornith.]

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