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southern; south of [listen] südlich {adj}

more southern südlicher

most southern am südlichsten

southernmost südlichst

southern; Latin [listen] südländisch {adj}

Southern beeches (botanical genus) Scheinbuchen {pl}; Südbuchen {pl} (Nothofagus) (botanische Gattung) [bot.]

southern blot method; Southern blot test; Southern blotting; Southern blot (DNA blotting) Southern-Transfer {m}; Southern-Blot-Methode {f}; Southern-Blotten {n} (DNS-Blotten) [biochem.]

Southern California Südkalifornien {n} [geogr.]

southern exposure Südlage {f}

southern bottlenose whale; Antarctic bottlenosed whale; flat whale Südlicher Entenwal {m} (Hyperoodon planifrons) [zool.]

southern right whale; black right whale; right whale Südlicher Glattwal {m}; Südkaper {m}; Richtiger Wal (Eubalaena australis) [zool.]

Southern live oak Virginia-Eiche {f}; Lebenseiche {f} (Quercus virginiana) [bot.]

Southern German (spoken German dialects south of the river Main borderline including Austria and Switzerland) oberdeutsch {adj}

Southern Alps Neuseeländische Alpen {pl}; Südliche Alpen {pl}; Südalpen {pl} [geogr.]

Southern Bug, Southern Buh (river) südlicher Bug {m} (Fluss) [geogr.]

Southern Polar Sea; South Polar Sea; Antarctic Ocean südliches Eismeer {n}; südliches Polarmeer {n}; Südpolarmeer {n}; südlicher Ozean; antarktischer Ozean [geogr.]

southern fulmar Silbersturmvogel {m} [ornith.]

southern pochard Rotaugenente {f} [ornith.]

southern lapwing Bronzekiebitz {m} [ornith.]

southern crested Madagascar coucal Breitschopfcoua {m} [ornith.]

southern ground hornbill Kaffernhornrabe {m} [ornith.]

southern yellow-billed hornbill Südlicher Gelbschnabeltoko {m} [ornith.]

southern beardless tyrannulet Gelbkehl-Fliegenstecher {m} [ornith.]

southern bentbill Gelbkehl-Krummschnabel {m} [ornith.]

southern bristle tyrant Weißaugen-Borstentyrann {m} [ornith.]

southern rough-winged swallow Südliche Rauhflügelschwalbe {f} [ornith.]

southern boubou Flötenwürger {m} [ornith.]

southern grey shrike Mittelmeer-Raubwürger {m} [ornith.]

southern scrub robin Malleescheindrossel {f} [ornith.]

southern anteater chat Termitenschmätzer {m} [ornith.]

southern green jery Grüntimalie {f} [ornith.]

southern yellow-bellied flycatcher Maschonahyliota {f} [ornith.]

southern tit warbler Meisensänger {m} [ornith.]

southern emu wren Rotstirn-Borstenschwanz {m} [ornith.]

southern whiteface Fahlrücken-Weißstirnchen {n} [ornith.]

southern shrikebill Hebridenwürgermonarch {m} [ornith.]

southern kapok tit Kapbeutelmeise {f} [ornith.]

southern grey tit Kapmeise {f} [ornith.]

southern black tit Mohrenmeise {f} [ornith.]

southern orange-tufted sunbird Bouviernektarvogel {m} [ornith.]

southern white-bellied sunbird Weißbauch-Nektarvogel {m} [ornith.]

southern tree pie Weißbauch-Baumelster {f} [ornith.]

south/southern side of the Alps Alpensüdseite {f} [geogr.] [meteo.]

on/along the south/southern side of the Alps an/entlang der Alpensüdseite

Gray's beaked whale; scamperdown whale; southern beaked whale Gray-Schnabelwal {m} (Mesoplodon grayi) [zool.]

Crux; Southern Cross Kreuz {n} des Südens (Sternbild) [astron.]

Peales' dolphin; Peale's dolphin; blackchin dolphin; southern dolphin; Peales' porpoise; Peale's porpoise Peales-Delfin {m}; Peales-Tümmler (Lagenorhynchus australis) [zool.]

hourglass dolphin; Wilson's dolphin; southern white-sided dolphin; cross-bearing dolphins Stundenglas-Delfin {m} (Lagenorhynchus cruciger) [zool.]

Corona Australis; Southern Crown Südliche Krone {f} (Sternbild) [astron.]

Piscis Austrinus; Southern Fish Südlicher Fisch (Sternbild) [astron.]

south bank; southern bank Südufer {n}

French Southern Territories Französische Südpolar-Territorien {pl} /TF/ [geogr.]

Holstein (southern half of Schleswig-Holstein) Holstein (südl. Landesteil von Schleswig-Holstein) [geogr.]

(southern) giant petrel; giant fulmar; stinker [coll.]; stinkpot [coll.] (Südlicher) Riesensturmvogel {m}; Stinker {m} [ugs.] (Macronectes giganteus)

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