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154 results for pigeon
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pigeon-hole Ablagefach {n}

pigeon-holes Ablagefächer {pl}

pigeon [listen] (größere) Taube {f} [ornith.] [listen]

pigeons Tauben {pl}

racing pigeon Wettflugtaube {f}

wild pidgeon Wildtaube {f}

breeding pigeon Zuchttaube {f}

pigeon hole Postfach {n}; Sortierfach {n}

pigeon holes Postfächer {pl}; Sortierfächer {pl}

pigeon breeding Taubenzucht {f}

pigeon guillemot Taubenteiste {f} [ornith.]

cowardly; faint-hearted; chicken-hearted; chicken-livered; chicken; pigeon-hearted; yellow; craven [formal]; pusillanimous [formal]; gutless [coll.]; lily-livered [dated]; yellow-bellied [coll.] [dated] [listen] [listen] feige; feig; memmenhaft [geh.]; hasenfüßig [veraltet] {adj} [listen]

to be a chicken; to be yellow; to have no guts feige sein

This tour is not for the faint-hearted. Diese Tour ist nichts für Feiglinge / für schwache Nerven.

This film is not for the faint-hearted. Dieser Film ist nichts für schwache Nerven / für zarte Gemüter.

dovecote; dovecot; pigeon loft; pigeon house; pigeonnier [Am.] (rare) Taubenschlag {m}; Taubenhaus {n}; Taubenkobel {m} [Bayr.] [Ös.]

dovecotes; dovecots; pigeon lofts; pigeon houses; pigeonniers Taubenschläge {pl}; Taubenhäuser {pl}; Taubenkobel {pl}

It's like Grand Central Station in here.; It's like Piccadilly Circus in here. [Br.] Da geht es (ja) zu wie in einem Taubenschlag.

carrier pigeon; messenger pigeon; homing pigeon; homer Brieftaube {f}

carrier pigeons; messenger pigeons; homing pigeons; homers Brieftauben {pl}

pouter; pouter pigeon Kropftaube {f} [ornith.]

pouters; pouter pigeons Kropftauben {pl}

stool pigeon Lockvogel {m}

police informer; nark [Br.] [coll.] (old-fashioned); stool pigeon [Am.] [coll.] Polizeispitzel {m}; Spitzel {m}; Haderer {m} [Ös.] [ugs.]

police informers; narks; stool pigeons Polizeispitzel {pl}; Spitzel {pl}; Haderer {pl}

cock pigeon Täuberich {m}; Täuber {m}; Tauber {m} [ornith.]

cock pigeons Täuberiche {pl}; Täuber {pl}; Tauber {pl}

clay pigeon Tontaube {f}

clay pigeons Tontauben {pl}

inanimate bird shooting; clay target shooting; clay pigeon shooting Wurfscheibenschießen {n}; Wurftaubenschießen {n}; Tontaubenschießen {n} [sport]

clay pigeon Wurftaube {f}

clay pigeons Wurftauben {pl}

pigeon-breasted hohlbrüstig {adj} [anat.]

That's not my pigeon. [fig.] Das ist nicht mein Bier. [übtr.]

rock dove; feral rock pigeon Felsentaube {f} (Columba livia f. domestica) [ornith.]

stock dove; stock pigeon Hohltaube {f} (Columba oenas) [ornith.]

common wood-pigeon Ringeltaube {f} (Columba palumbus) [ornith.]

Madagascar blue pigeon Madagaskarfruchttaube {f} [ornith.]

seychelles blue pigeon Warzenfruchttaube {f} [ornith.]

comoro blue pigeon Komorenfruchttaube {f} [ornith.]

nicobar pigeon Kragentaube {f} [ornith.]

white-naped pigeon Weißgenicktaube {f} [ornith.]

white-collared pigeon Weißringtaube {f} [ornith.]

Chilean pigeon Araukanertaube {f} [ornith.]

silver pigeon Silbertaube {f} [ornith.]

olive pigeon Oliventaube {f} [ornith.]

Bolle's pigeon Bolles Lorbeertaube {f} [ornith.]

Jamaican band-tailed pigeon Karibentaube {f} [ornith.]

rufous pigeon Rotrückentaube {f} [ornith.]

bare-eyed pigeon Nacktaugentaube {f} [ornith.]

Delegorgue's pigeon Bronzehalstaube {f} [ornith.]

nilgiri wood pigeon Nilgiritaube {f} [ornith.]

yellow-eyed pigeon Gelbaugentaube {f} [ornith.]

band-tailed pigeon Bandtaube {f} [ornith.]

red-billed pigeon Rotschnabeltaube {f} [ornith.]

dusky pigeon Goodsontaube {f} [ornith.]

speckled pigeon Guineataube {f} [ornith.]

speckled wood pigeon Schwarzschnabel-Oliventaube {f} [ornith.]

plain pigeon Rosenschultertaube {f} [ornith.]

bronze-naped pigeon Glanzkopftaube {f} [ornith.]

black wood pigeon Veilchentaube {f} [ornith.]

silver-banded black pigeon Silberbandtaube {f} [ornith.]

laurel pigeon Lorbeertaube {f} [ornith.]

white-crowned pigeon Weißscheiteltaube {f} [ornith.]

white-headed pigeon Weißbrusttaube {f} [ornith.]

snow pigeon Schneetaube {f} [ornith.]

spotted pigeon Fleckentaube {f} [ornith.]

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