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booth [listen] Bude {f}; Stand {m}; Zelle {f} [listen] [listen]

booths; boothes Buden {pl}; Stände {pl}; Zellen {pl}

market stand; market stall; market booth Marktstand {m}; Stand {m}; Marktbude {f} [econ.] [listen]

market stands; market stalls; market booths Marktstände {pl}; Stände {pl}; Marktbuden {pl}

bookstall [Br.] Bücherstand {m}

to install a stand einen Stand aufbauen

to remove a stand einen Stand abbauen

interpreting booth Dolmetscherkabine {f}; Dolmetschkabine {f}

interpreting booths Dolmetscherkabinen {pl}; Dolmetschkabinen {pl}

dummy booth stumme Kabine {f}

fair booth; booth; fair stand [Br.]; stand [Br.] [listen] [listen] Messestand {m}; Stand {m} [listen] [listen]

fair booths; booths; fair stands; stands [listen] Messestände {pl}; Stände {pl}

trade-fair booth; trade-fair stand [Br.]; trade-show booth; trade-show stand [Br.] Stand auf einer Handelsmesse

listening booth Abhörkabine {f}

listening booths Abhörkabinen {pl}

carrel; booth; carrel desk [listen] Arbeitskabine {f}; Lesekabine {f}; Carrel {n}

carrels; booths; carrel desks Arbeitskabinen {pl}; Lesekabinen {pl}; Carrel {pl}

exhibition booth; exhibition stand [Br.] Ausstellungsstand {m}

exhibition booths; exhibition stands Ausstellungsstände {pl}

confessional; confessional stall; confessional booth; confessional box Beichtstuhl {m} [relig.]

confessionals; confessional stalls; confessional booths; confessional boxes Beichtstühle {pl}

spray booth Beschichtungskabine {f}

spray booths Beschichtungskabinen {pl}

island stand; island booth [Am.] Blockstand {m}

corner stand; corner booth [Am.] Eckstand {m}

photo booth Fotoautomat {m}

photo booths Fotoautomaten {pl}

snack stand; snack kiosk; snack stall [Br.]; concession stand [Am.]; food booth [Am.] Imbissstand {m}; Imbissbude {f} [Dt.]; Imbiss {m} [Dt.] [Ös.]; Stehbeisl {n} [Ös.] [cook.]

snack stands; snack kiosks; snack stalls; concession stands; food booths Imbissstände {pl}; Imbissbuden {pl}; Imbisse {pl}; Stehbeisl {pl}

information stand; information booth Informationsstand {m}; Infostand {m} [ugs.]

information stands; information booths Informationsstände {pl}; Infostände {pl}

peninsula stand; peninsula booth [Am.]; front stand; front booth [Am.] Kopfstand {m}

toll gate; toll station; toll booth(s); toll plaza [Am.] Mautstelle {f} [auto]

toll gates; toll stations; toll booths; toll plazas Mautstellen {pl}

control booth; control box (radio, film) Mischkabine {f} (Radio, Film)

control booths; control boxes Mischkabinen {pl}

mixing booth (audio, video) Mischraum {m} (Audio, Video)

mixing booths Mischräume {pl}

inline stand; inline booth [Am.] Reihenstand {m}

clean booth Reinraumkabine {f}

show booth Schaubude {f}

show booths Schaubuden {pl}

show booth operator Schaubudenbesitzer {m}

show booth operators Schaubudenbesitzer {pl}

sentry box; guard booth Schilderhaus {n} [mil.]

sentry boxes; guard booths Schilderhäuser {pl}

telephone box; phone box [Br.]; call box [Br.]; telephone booth (US); phone booth [Am.]; telephone kiosk [Br.] [dated] Telefonzelle {f}; Telefonkabine {f} [Schw.] [Lux.] [Südtirol]; Fernsprechzelle {f} [veraltet] [telco.]

telephone boxes; phone boxes; call boxes; telephone booths; phone booths; telephone kiosks Telefonzellen {pl}; Telefonkabinen {pl}; Fernsprechzellen {pl}

selling booth Verkaufskoje {f}

selling booths Verkaufskojen {pl}

polling booth Wahlkabine {f}

polling booths Wahlkabinen {pl}

voting booth Wahlzelle {f}; Abstimmungszelle {f} [pol.]

voting booths Wahlzellen {pl}; Abstimmungszellen {pl}

promotion booth Werbestand {m}

promotion booths Werbestände {pl}

booth [listen] Chambre séparée {n}; Séparée {n}; Separee {n}

trade fair appearance; trade show appearance; trade fair presentation; trade show presentation Messeauftritt {m} [econ.]

trade fair appearances; trade show appearances; trade fair presentations; trade show presentations Messeauftritte {pl}

to man the company's booth at the trade fair den Messeauftritt der Firma betreuen

stand signboard; fascia board [Br.] (booth) Standblende {f} (Marktstand)

stand signboards; fascia boards Standblenden {pl}

eight-shaped curve; figure-eight curve; lemniscate achterförmige Kurve {f}; Achterkurve {f}; Lemniskate {f} [math.]

lemniscate of Bernoulli; Bernoulli's lemniscate Bernoulli'sche Achterkurve; Bernoulli-Lemniskate

lemniscate of Booth; Booth's lemniscate Achterkurve nach Booth; Lemniskate nach Booth

lemniscate of Gerono; Gerono's lemniscate Achterkurve nach Gerono; Lemniskate nach Gerono

soundproof schalldicht {adj}

sound booth schalldichte Kabine {f}
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