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mother [listen] Mutter {f} [soc.] [listen]

mothers Mütter {pl}

mother-to-be; expectant mother [listen] werdende Mutter {f}

single mother allein erziehende Mutter

mother of three Mutter von drei Kindern; Mutter dreier Kinder

mother [listen] Begründerin {f}; Mutter {f} [übtr.] [listen]

mothers Begründerinnen {pl}; Mütter {pl}

to mother [listen] bemuttern {vt}

mothering bemutternd

mothered bemuttert

mothers bemuttert

mothered bemutterte

mother's milk; breast milk (human) Muttermilch {f} [biol.]

the songs that I had (literally) been weaned on die Lieder, die ich schon mit der Muttermilch aufgesogen hatte [übtr.]

Do I know it? I was weaned on it! Ob ich das kenne? Das hab ich schon mit der Muttermilch aufgesogen!

mother; dam [listen] [listen] Muttertier {n} [zool.]

mothers; dams Muttertiere {pl}

mother-in-law [listen] Schwiegermutter {f} [soc.] [listen]

mothers-in-law Schwiegermütter {pl}

mother of vinegar Essigmutter {f}; Essigpilz {m}; Essigkahm {m} (Mycoderma aceti) [cook.]

mother lode Hauptader {f} [min.]

mother lodes Hauptadern {pl}

mother cat Katzenmutter {f}

mother cats Katzenmütter {pl}

mother fixation Mutterkomplex {m}

mother country Mutterland {n}

mother countries Mutterländer {pl}

mother ship Mutterschiff {n} [naut.]

mother ships Mutterschiffe {pl}

mother tongue; native language; native tongue; first language [listen] [listen] Muttersprache {f} [listen]

mother tongues; native languages; native tongues; first languages Muttersprachen {pl}

Mother Superior Mutter {f} Oberin; Oberin {f} (Leiterin eines Klosters / von Ordensschwesten geführten Krankenhauses) [relig.]

mother bird Vogelmutter {f}

mother lye; mother liquor; mother liquid; leach brine Mutterlauge {f} [min.] [chem.]

Mother Holle (fairy tale) Frau Holle (Märchen) [lit.]

adoptive mother Adoptivmutter {f} [soc.]

adoptive mothers Adoptivmütter {pl}

occupation child; child born of a GI and a German mother after 1945 Besatzungskind {n} [hist.]

occupation children Besatzungskinder {pl}

bowstring hemp; mother-in-law's tongue; snake plant; snake tongue (botanical genus) Bogenhanf {m}; Schwiegermutterzunge {f}; Bajonettpflanzen {pl} (Sansevieria) (botanische Gattung) [bot.]

bride's mother; mother of the bride Brautmutter {f}

bride's mothers Brautmütter {pl}

Christ's farewell to his mother; Christ taking leave of his mother (art subject) Christi Abschied von seiner Mutter; Abschied Christi von Maria (Kunstsujet) [art]

granny flat [Br.]; mother-in-law apartment [Am.] Einliegerwohnung {f} [arch.]

granny flats; mother-in-law apartments Einliegerwohnungen {pl}

earth mother Erdmutter {f} (myth.)

mother-of-all Inbegriff {m}

to have been dropped on one's head by one's mother [fig.] als Kind zu heiß gebadet worden sein {v} [übtr.]

queen mother Königinmutter {f}

surrogate mother Leihmutter {f}

surrogate mothers Leihmütter {pl}

mother's heart Mutterherz {n}

sow; mother sow [listen] Mutterschwein {n} [agr.]

sows; mother sows Mutterschweine {pl}

Mother's Day; Mothering Day [Br.] Muttertag {m}

nacre; mother-of-pearl; pearl-shell Perlmutt {n}; Perlmutter {f}

uncaring mother Rabenmutter {f}

uncaring mothers Rabenmütter {pl}

unnatural mother Rabenmutter {f}

to be tied to mother's apron strings [fig.] am Rockzipfel der Mutter hängen {vt} [übtr.]

At the moment, our cupboard is bare like old mother Hubbard's cupboard.; We are currently on short commons. [dated] Bei uns ist momentan Schmalhans Küchenmeister. [veraltend]

teenage mother Teenager-Mutter {f}

teenage mothers Teenager-Mütter {pl}

animal mother Tiermutter {f} [zool.]

maternal; on my mother's side [listen] mütterlicherseits {adv}

my grandfather on my mother's side mein Großvater mütterlicherseits

She takes after her mother. Sie hat viel von ihrer Mutter.

Like mother, like daughter. Wie die Mutter, so die Tochter.

Cape Town; Mother City [humor.]; Tavern of the Seas [humor.] (city in South Africa) Kapstadt; Mutterstadt [humor.] (Stadt in Südafrika) [geogr.]

foster mother Pflegemutter {f}

Agrippina the Younger; Agrippina Minor (mother of Roman emperor Nero) Agrippina die Jüngere; Agrippina minor (Mutter des röm. Kaisers Nero) [hist.]

Agrippina the Elder; Agrippina Major (mother of Roman emperor Caligula) Agrippina die Ältere; Agrippina maior (Mutter des röm. Kaisers Caligula) [hist.]

longing for an absent mother Muttersehnsucht {f}

Eurydice (of Troy, daughter of Adrastus, wife of Ilus, and mother of King Laomedon) Eurydike (Tochter des Adrastos, Gemahlin des Ilos und Mutter des Laomedon in der griech. Mythologie)

'Mother Courage' (by Brecht / work title) 'Mutter Courage' (von Brecht / Werktitel) [lit.]

'Most holy Mother of God' (by Pärt / work title) 'Hochheilige Gottesmutter' (von Pärt / Werktitel) [mus.]

bond [listen] Bindung {f} [soc.] [listen]

bonds [listen] Bindungen {pl}

a close bond eine enge Bindung

the bond between mother and child die Bindung zwischen Mutter und Kind

family bonds Familienbande {pl}

the bonds of marriage das Band der Ehe

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